Chiromassage of the face at home: how to do?

Today’s article is on the website will tell you more about chiromassage of the face. This unique technology was the result of a merge of many different practices.

It is well-proven as anti-aging agents, fighting not only wrinkles, but also with many other problems that overtake our face with age. So, find out what is this technique, and learning how to do skeleton face themselves in the home.

The essence and history of

“Hiro” is translated as “arm” in the ancient Latin language. That is, the skeleton is produced using machines or special tools, and hands. That is why the procedure is suitable not only salons, but also in a home setting.

The technique involves elements of many systems of manipulative treatment, for example, chiropractors (treatment of problems of our body by acting on the musculoskeletal system and the spine), and kinesiology (the science that studies muscular movement).

But below we will talk about the steps that affects our face, not the body.

Chiromassage of the face or in Spanish the skeleton, as it is often called, has the classical scheme. Each individual case and the problem that needs to be addressed, involve the use of a variety of techniques and equipment there will also be different. And even if you want to take a course of these massages, the next will not be similar to previous — conditions will always be different. This produces a good effect, as the person gets used to the same movements.

Chiromassage of the face is often called “Spanish” — at the place of its origin. Previously, such a technique is not affected in the face and the body, and the first time it registered in the end of the 10-ies of the 20 century Spanish naturopath doctor Fernandez. Technology has been able to evolve and develop in only 30 years, but the greatest prosperity it has achieved in the 80-ies thanks to Enrique Castells Garcia — Fernandez student, who later created the Institute of manual therapy INMASTER.

Chiromassage of the face: indications

It is believed that the depth of impact on the face of Spanish massage is unmatched. This technique can deal with many skin problems and, first and foremost, the signs of aging. Agree, this is a great alternative to plastic surgery and injection therapy.

Indications for chiromassage will be the following problems:

  • the lowering of the tone of the face and the appearance of sagging skin;
  • “sagging” of the face, deformation of the oval, drooping cheeks, nasolabial folds, eyelids, eyebrows;
  • severe swelling of the face, puffiness and bags under the eyes;
  • rosacea is the location of the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin and their appearance of spider veins, capillary meshes, redness or posinenie;
  • wrinkles at an early age;
  • age wrinkles in adulthood;
  • violation of the outflow of lymph or blood circulation.

It is believed that the skeleton can not only “pull” the face without surgery, and even to relieve stress and to beneficially affect brain activity.

But if you have the violations of the integrity of skin injuries, wounds, scrapes, burns that cover the face, Spanish chiromassage better not to do.

Chiromassage of the face: how and how much to do at home

If you have the ability to make a skeleton from an experienced master, it is better to use this, since the effect will be noticeable already after a few treatments. But check for that too.

So, here are the basic steps of chiromassage of the face of the house.

  • Completely clean the face. All makeup products must be washed. Ideally you should use a scrub to remove dead cells, then all the processes in the skin will go at an accelerated pace.
  • Thoroughly clean hands, you can even treat them with an antiseptic to avoid an infection if the skin is suddenly invisible to the eye microtrauma, scratches or cracks.
  • The face is then covered in a special massage cream. If the massage cream is not at hand, you can use natural vegetable oil, preferably unrefined (olive, corn, almond, etc.) for the oil to make the massage even easier.
  • Now is actually the Spanish skeleton. What it includes, see below.
  • After the massage, the skin is removed the remnants of the oils, you can cleanse it with micellar water and apply a regular moisturizer.
  • Experts advise to go at least 5-7 treatments, but if you chose to chiromassage check and you do it yourself, then 8-10. Then you’ll see a really impressive effect.

    Home appliances chiromassage of the face

    Session duration can range from 20 to 60 minutes how you have the patience. It is advisable to do the Spanish skeleton in front of a mirror (so you can see your reflection), smooth movements, focusing on just the muscles. After all, if the facial muscles are toned, it will increase the skin tone.

    The skeleton should be included such movements:

    • stroking massaging the entire face oval;
    • more intense massage of the area around the lips and nose: pay attention nosogubnye folds, but move in the direction of the nose and lips outside;
    • massage school: here the skin should be pressing movement, because the dermis is thinner here, and there is a possibility directly to massage blood vessels to increase the flow of lymph and blood flow;
    • massage the eye area: then the motion should be as light along the upper eyelid under the eyebrow move from the nose to the temple, along the lower eyelid (on the bone) — back, inside;
    • massage chin and neck, then all movement should be from the bottom up, from the center of the chin to the cheeks and cheekbones, from the clavicles to the neck up to face;
    • home massage treatments end with rhythmic taps around the oval (again, massaging) and again with light soothing strokes that you began to relax the muscles.

    Using this technique, you can resolve many problems with the face, and most importantly — the majority of those that occur with age. Try it and you Spanish hiromassazh person’s home!

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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