Chocolate bath – how to create Paradise in the bathroom

Almost each of us have a whole Arsenal of tools for the bath, for example, foam, salt, butter, natural remedies, and so forth. A bath with the addition of specific substances suitable for recreational purposes. For example, are quite popular and effective bath with soda and salt for weight loss. A very pleasant and relaxing properties of chocolate bath. That’s about it and will tell the site ““.

Recipes chocolate bath

Ways to cook chocolate bath at home, there are several. You may want to try them all.

But not very often! Optimal – 1 session per 1-2 weeks.

For cooking basics take pure cocoa, without sugar and additives. And the best chocolate bath – bitter, with cocoa at least 50%.

If you want any bath, you can add the essential oil, preferably with floral or fruit flavors. For example, perfect 2-3 drops of lemon oil or geranium (read more about the use in cosmetic purposes, essential oils of geranium, our website wrote).

Before the chocolate bath be sure to take a shower and make peeling with massage, for example, sea salt. The skin should be cleaned from dead cells and prepared for the beneficial effects of cocoa.

Also do not take bath immediately after eating. Better in 2-3 hours.

Classic chocolate bath

The recipe is quite simple. 200 grams of cocoa powder must be thoroughly mixed into 1 litre of warm water, then pour the contents into the prepared water.

Then you can take this great procedure and feel literally in heaven.

However, the website not recommended to enjoy a chocolate bath at home more than 20 minutes. Otherwise your nervous system may be slightly falter.

Chocolate bath with milk and cinnamon

For variety you can make chocolate milk bath at home. Mix cocoa and milk powder (100 grams). Add 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon, 1 Cup warm water and leave it for 10-15 minutes in a water bath. In cooked chocolate you can add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Finally comes the time to enjoy this wonderful procedure. Pour the contents into the prepared water and immerse your body in a heavenly tub.

It is worth noting that this chocolate bath is especially suitable for women with dry skin. Because lactic acid has great moisturizing effect, while olive oil nourishes the cells with vitamins and minerals.

Royal chocolate bath with surprise

Yes, it is a surprise. Effervescent with a pleasant surprise, which will have a tonic effect on your skin and will give an excellent mood.

Need a dark chocolate bar to grate, heat in a water bath, then add the ground ginger and cinnamon (1 teaspoon). Further, it is necessary to dissolve the resulting mass in a glass of warm milk.

Now do effervescent surprise. Pour the chocolate into the bath and immediately add citric acid (1 tablespoon) and baking soda (100 grams).

After a few moments in a chocolate bath produced a lot of magic bubbles. And the water literally comes alive.

Consequently, you will definitely get a boost.

What to do after a bath?

  • First, after the chocolate bath at home again take a contrast shower and Pat your body with a towel.
  • Secondly, massage into your belly, arms and legs any moisturizer. Next, be sure to soak for 15-20 minutes with your eyes closed, dreaming about something wonderful.

Use chocolate bath

The main results chocolate bath are:

  • silky, supple and hydrated skin;
  • food skin minerals and vitamins;
  • prevention of various skin diseases such as acne;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • the breakdown of fat in the body;
  • the excretion of excess fluid;
  • the fight against obesity and cellulite;
  • the prevention of aging.

Particularly pleased that after a few treatments may slightly change the skin tone. And produces the effect of chocolate tan. Tempting, isn’t it?

It is worth noting the favourable effects of chocolate bath home on emotional state. For example, this procedure helps:

  • relax after a busy day or difficult work;
  • to lighten the mood;
  • to say goodbye to stress;
  • easier to overcome any crisis situation;
  • to actively produce the hormone of happiness.

Of course, itself bathing in chocolate is an incomparable pleasure. Especially if you are a real fan of this product.

Why a chocolate bath so useful?

For the beneficial effects of bathing on the body responds part of cocoa. In the famous beans contains many elements, for example, sodium, iron, potassium. Cocoa is rich in protein and vitamins, including rare groups E, F.

Together all these components great tone the body. And the cocoa flavor mentally takes us to heaven.

Don’t forget contra!

As you know, the chocolate – is a strong allergen. Therefore, in no case do not take a bath at the slightest hint of allergies, during pregnancy and in the critical days.

A bath is contraindicated for people suffering from heart diseases, various tumors, blood diseases, mental disorders.

So, you can see that the chocolate bath at home is a luxury procedure that is able to give a truly heavenly delight! Just remember to complement the pleasure of a drink, fruit and a piece of chocolate!

And romantic ambience in adopting this bath promotes awakening of the senses.

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