Chocolate wrap at home: use for weight loss and feedback on performance

Tender, flavorful chocolate for a long time considered the main destroyer of female beauty. He ruthlessly excluded from the diet. He attributed not only to cause obesity but also the appearance of cellulite. Today, thanks to the numerous studies relevant to sweet brown tiles has changed dramatically. The product has gained popularity as a cosmetic product. And to combat cellulite and excess weight began to practice chocolate wrap at home.

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    • 3.2 algae
    • 3.3 With honey
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    • 3.6 For hair
  • 4 Reviews: “What a cool thing!”

The ancient Aztecs called chocolate “food of the Gods”. It’s hard to disagree, if you remember how fragrant the piece slowly melts in your mouth. However, the product is not only delicious, but also has a number of useful properties. Chocolate has anti-stress, firming, anti-cellulite effect. To correctly use this power, you need to understand some of the intricacies.

Chocolate body wrap: how it works

In any beauty salon today will gladly offer delicious wrap. However, the experts claim that understanding how to make chocolate wrapping procedure can be easily done at home, independently.


Popular confectionery treat loved both by children and adults, is very different from the chocolate that is used in cosmetics. Therefore, it is not necessary to taste. Meanwhile, chocolate cosmetics, as well as the normal tile, has many valuable components, including minerals, vitamins, and vegetable proteins. What they are useful, is evident from the table.

Table — Basic components of chocolate and their effects on the body

The component nameBeneficial effects
Cocoa beans— Saturate mineral salts, calcium, iron;
— serve as a source of protein;
— stimulate blood circulation;
— smooth cellulite;
— strengthen the vascular wall
Theophylline, theobromine— Contribute to the expansion of blood vessels;
— have a lifting effect;
— stimulate the flow of biochemical processes
Cocoa butter— Nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids;
— moisturizes the skin;
— activates the regeneration of tissues;
— revitalizes the cells;
— prevents the formation of wrinkles;
— gives the dermis elasticity;
— rejuvenates
Caffeine— Serves as a natural Energizer;
— increases the breakdown of subcutaneous fat;
— helps smooth the appearance of cellulite;
— stimulates lymphatic flow and circulation;
— gives the dermis elasticity;
— prevents swelling

7 useful properties

Chocolate wraps have a complex effect on the body. They provide General health, give a fresh appearance to the skin. And thanks to the content of a particular component, phenylethylamine, improve emotional state and improve mood. Use chocolate wrapping is enclosed in the following seven influences.

  • Food. The epidermis is saturated with mineral components and vitamins.
  • Production of collagen. In the body aktiviziruyutsya collagen synthesis. This substance gives the skin elasticity and smoothes wrinkles.
  • Purification. Chocolate wrap gently cleanses the skin from dead skin layers, stimulates the removal of toxins and impurities. A useful tool eliminates acne, lightens dark spots.
  • The increased metabolism. The product accelerates the flow of metabolic processes. Due to this improves blood flow, accelerating the movement of lymph. In the result, the tissues get more oxygen.
  • The breakdown of fat. Chocolate wrapping affects the subcutaneous tissue and starts the fat burning process. This promotes weight loss and elimination of cellulite.
  • The reduction of swelling. The product stimulates the elimination of excess fluid. Due to this eliminated the swelling.
  • Lift. Chocolate has a lifting effect. Therefore, it is often recommended for sagging, Mature skin.
  • The effectiveness of chocolate wrapping lies in the expression of lymphatic drainage. This reduces the cellulite. And the ability to break down subcutaneous fat, made this wrap popular procedure for weight loss.Contraindications

    Despite all the advantages of chocolate wrappings, they are able to cause the body harm. Because these activities are not only useful and very effective, but quite aggressive. That is why start off with a consultation with a doctor. And only after eliminating all restrictions go to fragrant treatments. For chocolate wraps doctors point out these contraindications:

    • individual sensitivity, allergic to chocolate;
    • heart disease;
    • varicose veins (heating process);
    • vascular disorders;
    • thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
    • hypertension;
    • monthly;
    • kidney disease;
    • the presence of tumors (any);
    • liver;
    • gynecological (e.g., uterine fibroids);
    • trauma, abrasions, scratches on the skin.

    It is forbidden to resort to wrapping procedure during pregnancy. It can harm the baby and even cause miscarriage. Should not be exposed to the body chocolate treatments and lactation. Harmful substances can easily penetrate into breast milk and become the source of serious complications in the baby.6 rules of effective procedure

    Like any cosmetic procedure, chocolate wrapping requires a few simple rules. When it is respected, enhanced efficiency, and the body is protected from negative consequences. Analyzing the responses of women and results of treatments, beauticians have compiled a list of six recommendations.

  • Choose the right time. Chocolate wrap is not recommended on a full stomach. If you have recently had a meal, then you need to wait two or three hours, and then move on to procedures.
  • To prepare the skin. To improve the effects of chocolate on the epidermis, you need to efficiently clean it. To do this, take a shower using the scrub. The latter can be prepared on the basis of the gel by adding a pinch of ground coffee. Light exfoliation helps not only cleanse the skin from dead layer but also provides an opening of the pores.
  • Correctly apply the mixture. Fragrant chocolate spread over the surface of the skin smooth layer approximately 2-3 mm. To enhance absorption, making light massage movements. In problem areas it is recommended to apply a thicker layer of chocolate.
  • To create a “greenhouse effect”. This recommendation applies only to hot wraps. To create this effect, you need to wrap parts of the body coated with chocolate, a food film. Top with the warm blanket, woolen scarf. This “greenhouse” speeds up the breakdown of subcutaneous fat and increases the process of smoothing cellulite. If you use cold packs, by using cellophane not running. The body must be fully open and in contact with the air.
  • Stick to the recommended duration. Chocolate wrap keep it for about 30-40 minutes. The appearance of discomfort, wash off the mixture prematurely. If the body can tolerate chocolate, then you can increase the time of impact, but it should not exceed one and a half hours.
  • Observe the correct frequency. In severe cellulite chocolate body wrap can be done two to three times a week. If orange peel just outlined, it is enough one procedure a week. In order to prevent you can indulge in an aromatic body wrap two or three times a month. One course usually consists of 8-12 procedures.
  • 6 recipes

    Cosmetologists have created a variety of recipes for chocolate wraps. The main components of these procedures is natural chocolate or cocoa powder. It should be remembered that you can only use natural products. If the recommended cocoa, then take the powder, not containing added. In the case of chocolate, stop the choice on black. No white, no milk will not bring the desired result.


    Features. This is the easiest option hot wrap. It can easily be mastered by even a beginner. Based on the classic recipe, you can practice cold treatments. This wrap beauticians are allowed to do in a day, if there is a pronounced cellulitis or acute problem of weight loss.


    • cocoa (powder) — 160 g;
    • water — two cups.

    How to do:

  • Pour cocoa boiled water.
  • Stir the mixture until smooth.
  • Wait until cool mask, approximately 37-39°C.
  • Now you can place the chocolate on the problem areas under the film.
  • Algae

    Features. The marine product is a strong fat burner. Therefore, algae are often used to fight obesity and eliminate cellulite. A unique gift of the sea saturates the body with minerals, vitamins. In disorders of the thyroid gland, which are accompanied by excess iodine in the body, weed is strictly prohibited.


    • spirulina — 150 g;
    • cocoa — 150 g;
    • water — one liter.

    How to do:

  • Spirulina soak in cold water for approximately two to three hours.
  • When it swells, it is necessary to grind it in a blender.
  • To spirulina weight add cocoa and mix well.
  • The resulting mixture was thoroughly impregnated with a thick bandage or piece of gauze.
  • They wrapped the body in problem areas, and the top cover with polyethylene and insulated.
  • With honey

    Features. The combination of chocolate with honey is a useful mixture for the skin. This mask will help to heal the dermis provide it with adequate moisture, will saturate the nutrients. Honey chocolate is recommended for Mature skin. It increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Additionally, the tool starts the fat burning process.


    • cacao — one tablespoon;
    • water — 100 ml;
    • liquid honey — 100 g

    How to do:

  • Pour in water, cocoa.
  • Brown liquid to put in a water bath.
  • When the mass is heated, put in the honey and mix well the whole.
  • To strengthen anti-cellulite effect of such masks, it is recommended to enter into it five to six drops of essential oil of lemon, cypress, orange or rosemary.Coffee

    Features. This is one of those chocolate anti-cellulite body wraps that provides excellent results. Ground coffee starts the process of burning fat, enhances the discharge of excess water. After chocolate and coffee treatments there has been a dramatic reduction of cellulite and reduce the volume of the figure.


    • cocoa — 150 g;
    • water — 400 ml;
    • coffee natural two tablespoons.

    How to do:

  • Cocoa pour hot water.
  • In a fragrant brown mass to introduce ground coffee.
  • The latter ingredient can be replaced with grounds left after drinking beverage.
  • Pepper

    Features. Wrap with burning red pepper stimulates blood circulation. Such a mixture effectively breaks up cellulite and breaks down fatty deposits. However, it has an extremely burning effects and can cause a number of side effects, such as irritation, redness, rash. So before you use pepper-chocolate wrap be sure to perform an Allergy test.


    • dark chocolate (the composition of the cocoa beans is at least 60%) — 100 g;
    • milk — two glasses;
    • red pepper — half teaspoon.

    How to do:

  • Grate chocolate on a grater.
  • Milk bring to a boil.
  • To the hot liquid add the chopped chocolate.
  • Mixture and mix well.
  • Add the red pepper.
  • When the mixture has cooled slightly, soak her bandages or gauze.
  • Wrap the problem areas such bandages, cover them with plastic and insulate with a blanket.
  • Pepper-chocolate body wrap causes burning sensation. Therefore, the procedure time be reduced to 15-25 minutes. I always follow your feelings. To suffer from severe burning is not necessary. This can lead to skin burns. Therefore, the appearance of discomfort from the mixture of wash.Hair

    Features. Chocolate body wraps are not only useful for the body. They have a real charge of vitamins for hair. After this procedure, the strands acquire the density, volume, become smooth and manageable.


    • cocoa butter — 100 g;
    • hot water — about a tablespoon;
    • milk — 50 ml.

    How to do:

  • Melt cocoa butter using water bath.
  • Milk is pre-warmed.
  • In viscous cocoa pour in milk and stir.
    4. To get a cosmetic desired consistency, add a little hot water.
  • The mask is applied to clean, damp hair under a plastic cap.
  • Top insulated with a towel.
  • Wash the tool in 20 minutes.
  • To enhance therapeutic effect and achieve more pronounced results, you can add essential oils. Suitable means selected depending on the problems that are listed in the table.

    Table — Essential oils for chocolate wrapping hair

    The problemEssential oils
    Massive hair loss— Rosemary;
    — incense;
    — thyme;
    — ylang-ylang;
    — cypress
    Dandruff— Tea tree;
    — eucalyptus;
    — thyme;
    — grapefruit;
    — rosemary
    The oiliness of the hair— Lemon;
    — eucalyptus;
    — cypress;
    — carnation;
    — cedar;
    — juniper
    Split ends— Geranium;
    — the sandal;
    — ylang-ylang
    Itchy skin— Mint;
    — eucalyptus;
    — lavender
    The high sensitivity of the skin— Lavender;
    — chamomile;
    — patchouli;

    Practicing chocolate wrap for weight loss, you can experiment with products. But we must consider contraindications to them and to conduct an Allergy test. Strong fat burning properties has cinnamon, ginger, grapefruit. And if you want to ensure that the lifting, you should pay attention to the egg or paraffin.

    Reviews: “What a cool thing!”

    Chocolate wrapping decided to try when I saw a recipe online for its preparation and positive feedback about this procedure. In the salons of this procedure is quite expensive, but at home you can treat yourself to almost nothing. You need to take the cocoa powder, but without additives! Without sugar, cream and the like! 200 grams is poured into a pot, add about 250 ml water, mix well, will be a fairly tight consistency, like Nutella about. Add a spoonful of olive oil (you can add a special anti-cellulite or any essential, essential important not to overdo it, it only needs a few drops), also sometimes adds a spoonful of honey, all mix well. Kostryulku wrapped in a towel, carry you to the shower. Before the procedure to cleanse the skin well rhythmically pokerpirate, rinse, dry off, then apply the chocolate with your hands on the problem areas, you can all the body. Distribute evenly and wrap with cling film. After that, I was wearing thermal shorts, then turned around in a sheet, you do not mind, went and took refuge with a warm blanket. In such a mask was about 40 minutes — 1 hour. After the procedure the skin becomes a nice shade of tan, becomes moist and delicious smell. I like it. The skin is transformed, becomes radiant, firmer and tan by the way. Pronounced cellulite certainly not fully disappear, but will become less noticeable. And noticed that the chocolate works, even on the body as an antidepressant, the mood rises. But if such a wrap to use in combination treatments or to combine with sports, diet, the result will be definitely better.


    I have a lot of wraps I tried, constantly lose weight, and I can say what really help. Chocolate helped. Result: the skin very smooth and supple after the first application, cellulite is reduced, until, if he gets crayons at all, no sagging. The skin is very taut. Another plus, skin is darker, not light and smooth and beautiful. The volume has gone after 3 times. I like it very much, I alternate it with coffee and honey. All these methods are very good.


    I also make wraps with chocolate. The flavor is the bomb! Every Sunday I get lost in the bathroom for hours at a time favorite TV shows. The effect is, the skin is moisturized and saturated, and then to the touch as a baby. Once even my husband did, he went mad.

    Guest Natalie

    Chocolate body wraps good for cellulite. Once I had a talk with the beautician about this, she said that after all, it’s more relax than the visible benefits. But the thing is pleasant, it smells good. If you have a sweet tooth, then do cyponate.


    Recently went with a friend in the SPA salon, at first he went reluctantly, the cabin is not cheap and money is unfortunately running out there. Friend it scared her a ticket, and my face to fall did not want. 😀 so I chose something cheaper “chocolate wrapping”. What a cool thing I want to tell you! After this “shock therapy” feel that cellulite is “melted”, body cleansed, my skin had a smoother tone, and, therefore, the mood has improved. In addition, metabolism and metabolic processes. In General, the “shock therapy” — is our way!


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