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Buying a crib for your new family member should be paid a lot of attention. How equipped sleeper, depends on the health and mood of the baby.

A time when the market offered one of the standard models of wooden Cribs are long gone. Currently, we have a huge selection of Cribs of various models and design, as well as accessories.

Choosing a crib for the child, parents are often inexperience pay attention only to the appearance, color. However, remember that the most important thing in a child’s cot / crib is safety. This applies to the materials from which made sleeping place, stability, the height of the bumpers, as well as the regulation and transformation.

The most popular material for the classic cot is tree. The most strong and high quality include birch, oak, alder. Bed pine is a little cheaper, because pine is softer, it is easy to form dents and scratches.

So, consider some of the types of beds, their pros and cons.

1. Cot-rocking (a cradle). This is a small bed designed for your baby from birth to about six months. Cradle usually made of wood, metal, chipboard. Has two legs with skids for rocking, sometimes removable wheels.

  • The advantages of such a model in compactness. It is small in size, so the baby feels comfortable. After mommy’s tummy the limited space of the cradle and the possibility of motion sickness positive impact on the mental state of the baby and helps to adapt to the outside world.
  • Cons of cradle — to impracticality. The period of use of such a cradle — to six months. Soon the baby grows up, he will be closely. In addition, the carrycot is dangerous for a child who has learned to roll over, as its design is initially unstable. Beautiful design of the canopy initially so attractive (valance, ruffles, bows). can be rather a disadvantage, as the drive is dust.

2. Wooden cot with two adjustable provisions of the bottom. A great option for parents who refused the bassinet. Due to the high position of the bottom parents don’t need to bend down low to the baby. And when the child grows up, the bottom goes lower. For example, the model Nylga Cat 3 has wheels, which is very convenient to move around the room, skids to motion sickness (can be changed depending on need). Very convenient moment — falling to the front wall. This model is very comfortable, functional and virtually no drawbacks. Some models are equipped with bottom pull-out Cabinet for linens. The price of this crib will be a little higher.

3. Wooden bed-transformer. A bed of this type is equipped with side drawers, pull out cupboards and changing table. It is very convenient as all the necessary care the baby under the mom’s hand. For example, a bed of Island Comfort Umka — just such an option. Initially, berth length is 120 cm. Later, when the child grew up, removed the side stand, whereby the length of the bed is increased by 50 cm, and the bed turns into a teenage version. The design of this model involves the transformation of a changing table and child tables in a table with borders, which is comfortable to draw, or a table-a table for the computer. Bed-transformer — very convenient and economical option designed for long-term use.

4. Cot. Typically, these models are made of bright high-quality materials. Sometimes the walls of the crib tight grid, that leaves the kid a good review, because this bed is fit for sleeping and waking. For example, the model H004 Geoby is a mini-centre for the care of the baby. This model is relevant for children up to two years. The bed is equipped with changing table, mobile with toys, made of high quality fabric, with excellent ventilation. Plus this bed is soft, the safety, as possible impacts on a hard surface. The cot is easy to fold, Packed in a special carrying case (included) and essential travel. Of the minuses can be noted the fact that the kid has no opportunity to learn to get up, as the sides of the beds are soft and not serve as a support for hands.

We reviewed the most interesting and popular models of baby cots. As can be seen from the overview, the market offers many options. Parents will choose suitable option according to their own wishes and financial possibilities. However, remember that the most important selection criterion is the safety and comfort of baby and parents.

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