Choose hand mixer: 5 key criteria

Kneading dough, whisking cream and eggs, the cocktails — having a good mixer, you can handle these and many other tasks easily and quickly. Let’s find out what settings you should pay attention when choosing this important kitchen appliance.

If you want to buy a good mixer and don’t want to overpay, use the site E-Katalog. Using the popular price aggregator can compare prices online stores on the mixers, to see the characteristics of different models and study the user reviews. And function of selection parameters to quickly find the instruments that meet your requirements. To avoid mistakes when choosing a mixer, it is enough to consider only 5 of the criteria.


Every third visitor E-Katalog choosing mixers, prefers the products of the German brand Bosch. 2nd place in the ranking of the most sought after producers held by the company Braun (10% preference), 3-m located Scarlett (5%). The following brands Philips, Zelmer (4%), Polaris, Redmond, Clatronic, Supra, Philips and Sinbo (3%). Indicators of other manufacturers do not exceed 2%.


The higher the power the hand mixer is, the faster it will cope with the task of whisking and mixing and the greater amount of products will be able to work. Most of the catalogue descriptions and prices E-Katalog ( models consume 150 to 300 watts of power, however, there are high performance mixers with a capacity of 700-800 watts.

If you plan to use the mixer for whipping proteins, eggs, cream or batter for pancakes, it will be enough and 150-200 watts of power. With the task of kneading stiff dough can handle device with a capacity greater than 250 watts. The device with 250 watts of power can at a time, knead no more than 1 kg of dough, and 500 watts up to 3-4 kg.

Number of speeds

The more high-speed modes are supported by your chosen mixer, the more accurate you can adjust it to fit your needs. Budget hand mixers usually have 2-3 speed, advanced models can be 5 or more.


Turbo — programme of work of the mixer at maximum power, activated by pressing a special button. The turbo mode allows to get rid of lumps in batter and quickly whisk in the bowl loaded products. However, to activate the turbo mode preferably not longer than 5 seconds, otherwise the motor of the mixer may overheat.


Complete with almost all mixers are supplied standard accessories: beaters and hooks. The first is used for whisking and mixing liquid products, the other for kneading the heavy dough.

The kit also may include such attachments, like a blender (in a separate bowl with a fixed blade on the bottom knife), foot-a blender or chopper. They greatly expand the field of applications, in some cases eliminating the need to purchase additional kitchen appliance.

The most advanced mixers also provided with a nozzle for mashing. It allows you to evenly grind the vegetables and fruits, ensuring smooth.

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