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To choose a stroller for newborn easy. The modern market presents a variety of models, and the parents eyes run from a variety of purchase options. Because the stroller is baby transport, a place for sleep and play from birth to three years. Therefore, many parents prefer to purchase a stroller, which is due to functionality, removable parts, the transformations will satisfy the needs of the child for a few years.

Currently there are 2 models: universal strollers: convertible and modular. Not all know the differences between models from each other, as evidenced by numerous questions for future mothers in the forums dedicated to baby goods.

Stroller convertible than a decade is popular with parents, due to the mechanism of transformation of pushchairs in a stroller. This model consists of an adjustable multi-position bases and cradles for a newborn that installs from the top. The disadvantages of this model are considered to be bulky (the weight of the transformer about 20 kg) and the Lite carrycot. Her bottom is not sufficiently rigid, and the side pieces of fabric. If the baby was born in the winter, the option of transformer stuff and reliable.

Modular stroller

Appeared on the market not so long ago. The stroller is called modular, because it consists of several blocks (2 in 1 or 3 in 1). This is usually a carrycot, seat unit and car seat (can be installed on the stroller and in the car). Unlike modular stroller from the transformer is that different blocks are mounted on a single frame. The frame is made of lightweight durable material. Blocks differ in convenience and quality: the cradle insulated, upholstered inside natural Takano, and the top waterproof. Well, if the basket is attached to a special removable seat, or headrest for the six-month-old toddlers which stroller to sit before, but to be bored already. Seat unit must be equipped with safety belts and footrest to be fixed in several positions. The main advantage of modular stroller is economical (don’t have to buy the car seat), as well as the quality of the blocks. However, it is worth remembering that the removable blocks are kept at home, and take up much space. Therefore, if the housing is modest in size, this option is not very convenient.

What to look for when buying prams

  • If You decide to stop buying a universal stroller, when you buy should work out to remove and install the units, check the mechanisms of folding-unfolding, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • The handle must be suitable parents in terms of growth. Well, if it is adjustable.
  • Wheel. Important if the roads You plan to take a walk, leave much to be desired, should pay attention to large wheels. The bigger they are, the better the permeability. But with a smaller diameter wheel is easier to control the stroller. The attachment of the wheels should be of high quality. Very frustrating when the wheels fall off on the walk, and it happens. Default number of wheels is four, but the last time there was a three-wheeled models: two back and one forward. This stroller more maneuverable and comfortable in crowded places.
  • Dimensions. Before buying a stroller a good idea to measure the doorways and the width of the stroller. Otherwise it is possible that the wheelchair can not go in the doorway.
  • Accessories for strollers. To the stroller may be supplied with rain cover, mosquito net, carrying bag, removable covers. Nice opportunity to save money, again, things in the kit fit exactly for Your model, and harmonize in color and design.

I hope that through the review of the models, You will get a universal stroller, which will last a baby for several years as a house on wheels, will delight the comfort and high quality.

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