Chromotherapy – how to treat color

The positive impact of the colors of the rainbow yet know our ancestors. Modern equipment has allowed scientists of our days to measure the wavelength of each individual color, as well as to further study the influence of colors of the rainbow on the human body.

Today women’s site “” we talk about what properties have some of the colorsobtained by mixing primary colors of the rainbow.

Colour therapy (or chromotherapy is the study of the influence of color) was widely used for the treatment of many diseases in the countries of Europe, Asia and America. The patient is often bathed in the water accumulated in the tank that were painted in different colors.

To calm the nervous system used in the blue or green color to give feelings of ease and happiness used yellow, while the red increased pressure and accelerated heart muscle.

Lemon color and chromotherapy: stimulate the brain and taking waste products

Lemon color is obtained by mixing green and yellow, so consultants, chroma ascribe to him the properties of these two colors of the rainbow. Lemon has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and the work of the left hemisphere of the brain.

Last property in lemon yellow is given special attention, because of coordinated work of the left hemisphere of the brain depends on the degree of development of creative thinking and creativity of any person.

Thus, by acting on the human body with lemon yellow it is possible to improve the imagination and creativity of the individual.

Important the color and treatment of some diseases of the nervous system, for example, in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, partial memory loss of the elderly.

Overall, lemon helps to stimulate the natural ability of the brain, which is why its use in therapy is highly desirable.

Besides, lemon helps to eliminate toxins from the body. In this case we are talking about toxins and the blockages, both physical and emotional. Experts in the field of chromotherapy claim that lemon color became the property of cleansing the body of toxins with a green color.

Turquoise and red color: clear, calm, relax

Turquoise color has the effect of purification (with a green) and has the properties of relaxation and sedation (due to the blue color, along with green is part of turquoise). Thus, turquoise cleanses, soothes and alleviates pain or other negative feelings and experiences. Often used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and for strengthening the immune system.

Science chromotherapy recommends that the joint use of turquoise along with red (red color is used in the treatment of fatigue, lethargy, low pressure and total loss of strength).

And finally, Magenta (contains a combination of red and blue colors) helps to eliminate toxins from the body, that is, has excellent cleaning properties. This color has an impact on the cardiovascular system. Promotes vasodilation, causing the blood pressure is lowered.

You should be very careful when using bright red, because, compared to the purple color, rich red color has the opposite effect on blood vessels. This color constricts blood vessels and increases the pressure.

The use of black and white colors in chromotherapy

White color combination of 7 basic colors of the rainbow, at the same time has effect on all the vital systems of the body.

This color plays the role of amplifier in any color. The main property of white color is to cleanse the entire energy system of the body.

White saturates the body with energy, reduces fever, cures infections and alleviates pain and spasms, has a sedative effect on the nervous system, emotions and brain function in General. Contributes to the fact that thoughts become more vivid and interesting.

Often used in the initial stages of the use of elixirs made from flowers when there is no serious malfunction of the body.

Note — the black color!

And finally, the black color in chromotherapy – color protection. Has a strong soothing effect, especially to people sensitive and receptive.

Strengthens vitality and stamina, resistance to adverse factors. Can provoke hostility and excessive persistence in achieving their goals.

It is not recommended the use of only black color in the treatment elixirs color and recalls that it is undesirable to abuse the black color in clothing.

The most beneficial usage of black color in combination with his complete opposite – white. Particularly important is the combination of white and black in cases where a person loses control over his own behavior, words and actions.

Black color often contributes to the activation of our subconscious. This contributes to a better understanding of the behavior that borders on aggression, disobedience, protest, etc.

It is not recommended to use black color for a long time. In combination with other colors, the black color should be much less.

Violet fights viruses and bacteria

Science chromotherapy argues that the magical properties and UV color.

This color actively fights bacteria and helps the white bodies in the blood to resist infections.Besides, it helps strengthen the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Ultraviolet light plays an important role in the formation of antibodies and significantly strengthens the immune system of the individual. And, finally, relieves pain and soothes discomfort in the muscles of the legs, arms and abdomen, has a beneficial effect on the heart and lungs.

Author – Julia Kagadi, site

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