Chronophage: what is it and how to get rid of them?

The word “chronophage” refers to any actions and events that force you to spend your time useless, to the detriment of some of the planned cases. For example, you used “sticks” in the social network – congratulations, here is the first chronophage!

Or you every day at least half an hour standing in traffic jams – and here’s another “thief of time”! How to deal with chronofile – knows female site

Chronophage: classification

Depending on whether you as-that to affect a factor in consuming your time, ChronoPay are:

  • Controlled.
  • Uncontrolled.

For example, sitting in a computer game is obviously controlled by action: people can actually just stop playing and do something right. But the same transport tube – you uncontrolled phenomenon: no matter how you were motivated, traffic congestion will not disappear.

Fortunately, the majority of chronophages treat controlled – it is not necessary to dissemble, supposedly you can not influence what happens to you. Of course, you will need willpower and self-organization, but everything is possible!

Uncontrolled chronology generally fall into unpredictable and predictable: for example, you can expect that at a certain part of the track in the morning traffic because of the narrowness of the street, but accidents and blocked traffic on the other site of the road you really can’t predict.

How to deal with household chronotherapy?

“Time-eaters” in life is the things that you’re supposed to do, but… they take up too much time, they accumulate, you are forced to do them instead of something more interesting… It’s dirty dishes, unwashed clothes, scattered things… What to do with all this?

Set yourself a rule not to dirty extra.

Well, for example, if you want a clean Cup, and in the sink stacks of dirty dishes – do not take a clean Cup and wash dirty and drink tea out of it, and then immediately clean it and put clean dishes. If it’ll make each family member – you will receive all of the net cups, but if we each take a Cup of the “clean locker” — the mountain of dirty just double to be for someone chronopia.

The same is true about things – for example, if you have a tidy room, but one chair you and the household have already begun to throw different things – don’t let the “epidemic of crumpled clothes” to spread to other furniture was to be only this chair.

More about how to save time on household chores, you can read the article about fly-lady.

A very common chronophage – finding the right items (especially before leaving the house). We should do like always have a ready bag with those little things that take always, try not to remove from her those things and not putting the very handbag at an unusual place for it. Also don’t create multiple different stores for cosmetics, accessories, jewelry, etc. – not to look for something throughout the apartment, you can put any makeup in one drawer, all the jewelry in the same box or on a shelf (if they are in separate boxes), etc.

Generally less time looking for something it takes the people who have less things so that the direct harm of “materialism” — the amount of time needed on a quest unfolding in places and maintaining cleanliness and order large quantities of items.

Very strong chronophage – kitchen and cooking. Of course, the temptation to go for ready meals, but this is not always helpful…

Output: in the morning to cook in the evening, learn to cook quick recipes (really fast, not “in a hurry you can bake the chicken in the oven…”) and get used to the snacking of raw fruits, vegetables, dairy products. Eating an Apple is always faster than cut a sandwich.

It chronophage: how to beat them?

Yes, the scourge of our time – scroll through the news feeds of social networks, games in smartphones, tablets and computers… It is very addictive (the site “” already wrote about dependence on social networks) and it takes really lot of time. What to do?

In social networks it is possible to track only the news really important people and communities, and in the other to go only occasionally, when really there is extra time or need something to watch on those pages.

Set yourself priorities, and the order in which you can do in social networks, depending on the allotted time for this:

  • Have 10 minutes – read posts, the most important answer right away.
  • Have 20 minutes replying to messages, browsing the latest news.
  • Have half an hour to see the news you are interested in, enter into correspondence.
  • Have 40 minutes… and you really want to spend 40 minutes scrolling tape?!

You can make up some rules, for example:

  • Leave the tab with your page open in a browser only when you have maintained an active dialogue. Once you and the interviewee said goodbye and no one says, come at once!
  • To spend on the scrolling news feed no more than 20 minutes and do it a maximum of twice a day.
  • Polyhalite from communities where there is no useful information, just “jokes” and “memes.” Even if you like these funny images, usually you have them in abundance will see in Riposto friends, and to be in the public there is no need.

Dependence on computer games – strong “magnet”, and pretty hard to beat. Tip – very rare gamers become careerists, very passionate about work or studies people. Find something that will give you passion in real life, and you will be just a pity to waste time on toys.

Communication that is stealing time: how to minimize?

The communication with other people is definitely an important part of life, and not any useless chatter – we’re not robots, to have a talk about something serious and businesslike. But there is communication, which becomes chronopia. This:

  • When you have to entertain conversations and jokes of the interlocutor, which is just boring. No matter, this happens in correspondence or in reality – any colleague, asking you about the details of your life or require your opinions about the plot twists and turns of the series, in the same way steals time, as the girlfriend or would-be gentleman, writing to you in the social network: “Hey, how you doing, tell me something?”.
  • When you have to listen to someone who found in your face free ears.

In both cases, is simply to say that you have no time to talk – do not let people steal your time!

And you need to factor in uncontrollable, but predictable of chronophages: simply include them in your schedule as an inevitable of time and you will be a little late, to stay on schedule and get into force majeure.

For example, you leave the house 15 minutes early, because with a high probability of falling in the tube, go to lunch break from the diner, because there probably turn allot on a business lunch for 10 minutes more, because this time you have to wait for the ordered dishes, etc.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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