Circumcision and sex

“Hello! I’d like to ask You, is the technique of Blowjob with a man who has been circumcisedfrom the usual? Thank you!”

To answer this question, we must first understand what constitutes circumcision. Then to sex and circumcision can make it. And to do this, you will women’s website ““.

Circumcision: pros and cons

Circumcision involves removing the foreskin of men. Someone is doing for ethical reasons, some for religious, some for hygiene, and there are those who, for medical reasons.

However, the operation of circumcision can bring both benefit and some disadvantages.

Studies show that circumcised men are much less likely to suffer from urinary tract infection. Furthermore, circumcision offers some protection against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV (because the foreskin does not accumulate bacteria), and significantly reduces the likelihood of cancer of the foreskin.

But, like any surgery, circumcision has some risks. The main side effects of such surgery are: some bleeding after the operation, the likelihood of catching infections, pain, narrowing hole foreskin (if it was not removed until the end).

If the operation of circumcision performed in adulthood, a man may lose the sensitivity of your penis!

Discussion regarding having to cut the foreskin or not, are actually still. In the West, organized the whole movement, who defend a particular point of view. In any case, to decide it is exclusively male. By the way, polls have shown that most women prefer uncircumcised men.

What is the impact of circumcision on sex?

Most men and women are interested in the question, is sex with a circumcised man from sex with uncircumcised. According to the latest research, Yes. However, strong differences, depends on how much skin was left after surgery. The fact that circumcision does not necessarily imply the complete absence of the foreskin – sometimes something remains (we are talking about partial circumcision).

As for a Blowjob, circumcised men respond better to oral sex, especially with the back side of the penis. For uncircumcised men, sexologists suggest the woman during a Blowjob to use not only language, but and light biting. For circumcised men, this behavior is not always acceptable.

In addition, circumcised men need more time to reach the finish. The same thing happens, and when it comes to standard sex. This is a big plus, as male circumcision usually does not suffer from premature ejaculation. Circumcised men sexologists recommend to frequently change posture, and to prefer a pose “doggie-style”.

So, as you can see, the difference is small. Importantly, the right technique sex and the ability to listen to your partner.

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