Classic cut pedicure: video instruction and feedback

What foot care is the most available? Of course, classic cut pedicure. To learn his “tricks” is not difficult. It is important to observe the technology and not to forget about safety. So, let’s start!

To have the skills of a classic pedicure, it is important to every girl. It will be a lifesaver if you need to quickly allow the feet in order, and visiting beautician, neither the money nor the time. The advantage of this method is its simplicity and the opportunity to buy all necessary in the free market. But she has flaws. Consider what.

The dangers of procedure

  • Manicures and pedicures classic is not accidentally referred to as obraznymi. They mean ruthless cutting of all the excess. Rough skin, corns, calluses repair it using special blades and scrapers. Be careful! It is a little overzealous or too aggressively press the new scraper, and not to avoid the painful wounds. For this reason, even more preferably cut pedicure alone, than in the cabin. After all, you can really feel your legs, and the professional master no.
  • During edging pedicure is impossible to maintain the integrity of the skin. On the feet will appear the wound, even if apparently they will not be visible. Be sure to disinfect the feet after you polished them with a scraper or grater! To do this, use a broad-spectrum septic tanks in the form of sprays or gels. And then spend further procedures.
  • Do not perform the pedicure in the presence of a foot lesion with fungus. Its particles will remain on the instruments, and during the following procedure, the infection will happen again. It is preferable in this case to contact the salon where you will be performed in a professional medical pedicure.
  • Do not use this technique in diabetes. You cannot create the risk of infection stop.

What you need for the procedure

For your procedure home use:

  • water tank — fit a plastic basin with a volume of 5 liters;
  • mitigating and disinfectants;
  • tools — grater or laser nail file, polishing nail (surface and tip), nail file for the feet, a scraper or razor for pedicure, cuticle clippers, “clippers” nail;
  • the basis under the lacquer, the varnish and a top coat.

Tools for the procedure must be new, acute, if we are talking about sharp objects. For example, a scraper for pedicure, called razor for the feet, equipped with the blades in use become dull. Classic pedicure with “dumb” accessories are more traumatic, so carefully evaluate their condition before use.

When choosing a grater for feet don’t use the usual pumice, a much more delicately and effectively operate a laser nail file. Conventional grinding for the feet should be two-sided: one side with coarse grit (150 units), the other with small (<80 units). In this tool you will be able to Polish the leather until soft, using first krupnopanelnoye surface, and then with a fine abrasive.

Do not forget about polishing the surface of the nails themselves. Special soft nail file allow you to delete the relief, clean off unnecessary cells. So the nail plate looks well-groomed, more accurate.

Step-by-step technique

For a classic pedicure technology is as follows.

  • Remove the old varnish. Treat foot scrub.
  • Fill a bowl with warm water (not hot!). Add to it sea salt, ammonia, or soap remedy. Dip your feet in a container for 20 minutes.
  • Until the legs “soak”, treat each brushing coarse sanding. Then use the side with fine abrasive, loop through all of the rough areas.
  • In the area of the heels can use a special grater or laser blade: it will help remove the layers of dry skin. In the presence of corns in the area of the pads of the feet cut off their pedicure scraper.
  • Treat nail gradually (in 3 admission), cut them the length of the forceps, grind with a nail file. Do not use metal, preferably diamond, which is not stratifies the nail plate. Hold it at an angle of 30 ° and grind clearly in one direction. Then take a buffing brush and go over the surface of nails.
  • Treat cuticles — gently cut it off with sharp scissors.
  • Re-soak the feet in water, remove, wipe dry, apply disinfectant, and then a moisturizer.
  • Cover the nail varnish to complete a classic cut pedicure.
  • As shown by reviews, at all events takes about 1 hour. Therefore, the procedure can safely be considered a solution for the weekend when you can afford to relax and also allow the feet in order. The frequency of classic pedicure is determined individually: you will notice when you need to start handling the feet. But even in winter, when feet are not visible, experts recommend to hold it at least 1 time per month.

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