Cleaning your face in the salon: what processes lead a person in order

Cleansing can be performed independently at home or in specialized shops and clinics. About which ways you prefer professional beauticians and what different methods of cleaning the face, will talk today on the women’s website ““.

Caring about beauty, not everyone thinks about what to monitor the condition of the skin, primarily because it performs a respiratory function, regulates metabolism, protects the body from ingress of infections.

You should also not forget that during the procedure in the home no such sterility, as in the salons: independent cleaning can worsen the skin condition.

So today one of the most popular services is the cleaning person in the cabin, where you will help to cope with skin problems on a professional level.

The cleaning person in the cabin is carried out using the following methods:

  • Mechanical cleaning of the face in the cabin – all of my skin the esthetician removes manually as well as using special tools.
  • Hardware methods:
  • Brushing
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Galvanization (current bass)
    • Cleaning your face in the cabin of the acid – peeling
    • The cleansing facial with special masks

    Pre-preparing the face for cleansing

    Before proceeding directly to the procedure of cleaning the skin, it opens pores: face steam using a steam bath, vaporizer (a machine that produces steam, falling on the face) or cause a warming creams/gels.

    Can also use teploye compresses, paraffin mask , etc.

    Skin steaming is carried out to all types of cleaning, in addition to ultrasonic. Such training increases blood circulation, well opens the pores, stimulates the sebaceous glands, which will allow easier and more effective to remove the dirt.

    Mechanical cleaning of the face

    Many of us, especially those who have had problematic skin as a teenager, remembers, steam the skin with hot steam, we proceeded to the facial. Those who are versed in the intricacies of, knew what to do this procedure in the days when no appearances are going to face a couple more days left in red spots and points, but then the result could not fail to please. The skin is hot, thus expanded pores.

    And what do you need to remove different jirovecci, black spots, acne, which even today fall under the attention when cleaning the face?

    If hand (manual) cleaning in the cabin (you can meet this name) the skin is cleansed hands of a master cosmetologist using a variety of sterile instruments: spoons, needles, strainers, etc. Is done in several stages:

  • With the help of a strainer remove dead skin cells and remove the fat.
  • Cosmetologist moves to the cleansing manually, using sterile napkins and tools. The procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes – so much the pores will remain open. The wizard then typically conducts a re-expansion procedure then, otherwise the cleaning will be less effective and more painful.
  • Disinfect the face with the help of convenient method: infrared rays, masks, etc.
  • Soothing for skin treatments: cryomassage, darsonvalization or mask – effect on the skin with high-frequency current.
  • After mechanical cleaning of the face in the cabin not 12 hours to wash, within 3 days you can not sunbathe and to wipe the face lotion containing alcohol.

    Hardware methods of cleaning the face in the cabin

    Any way a professional cleaning person in the cabin will be more effective that you can do at home on their own, if you stick to one important condition: to apply to a master of his craft.

    The cleaning person in the cabin with the help of modern machines is considered a good alternative to manual cleaning.

    The essence of the method lies in the fact that the skin is cleansed using special nozzles, which are connected to a specific machine: used brushes, ultrasound, vacuum space, the current of low frequency.

    Can only use hardware methods (if the skin is not very problematic), but most often in the salons practice a combined method: perform cleaning using the apparatus and “finish” the remains of manual cleaning. This approach gives the best result.


    Brush-peeling (brushing, brush, bomassa) is carried out using the apparatus, which is connected to the nozzle brush. Beautician conducts a face and performs cleaning of the top layer of the skin epithelium.

    This method relates to surface method of cleansing skin peeling: removes dead skin cells and refreshes only the top layer of skin, improves blood circulation. Brush can serve as a good basis for the application of masks, creams, but it gives a short and not such a “deep” result, as when cleaning the skin other hardware methods: ultrasound, vacuum or galvanic current.

    Ultrasonic cleaning in the salon

    Ultrasound has on the skin anti-inflammatory and purifying effect, tightens pores, improves elasticity of the skin and its elasticity. The cleaning person in the cabin with the help of ultrasound softer compared to manual. For this reason, it is recommended for those who have no serious skin problems. So, for example, ultrasonic cleaning can not cope with closed comedones is the opinion of the beauticians.

    If after the procedure you will follow the recommended rules for the care of your skin, the results after ultrasonic cleaning will be noticeable 3 to 4 weeks. If the skin problem, recommend the adoption of comprehensive procedures: manual cleaning and hardware.

    The cleaning person in the cabin (reviews say so) an ultrasound is a popular way of getting rid of skin problems. The wave penetrates and affects the sebaceous pores. That’s what the reviews say about facial cleansing with ultrasound:

    • “Grease tube under the influence of ultrasound, how would “fly”. Rina”
    • “The cleaning person in the cabin I liked it. Beautician carrier device (like a blade) on the face, it didn’t hurt. The feeling is generally not painful, but more like how it stings and tickles. During the procedure, she showed me a little white kruglyashek that remained on the blade. This time as well-opened and cleaned. The tick”.
    • “The cleaning person in the cabin with me ultrasound is most suitable. My skin is not problematic to select manual cleaning, and the waves gently cleanse and painlessly. Some tingling I felt as if mineral water on the face poured, and bubbles Bouncing. And that’s all! Paris”.
    • “When I was brushing my nose and forehead, it hurt a bit. But the result is excellent! Svetlana”
    • “I want to note that the skin after ultrasound tightened. Since the procedure had an effect on the collagen fibers. That is, after ultrasonic cleaning of the face you’ll get a light lifting effect. Polina”.

    The procedure

  • Cleaning the face. We will remind, to steam the face before ultrasonic cleaning is not necessary.
  • The application of the gel to serve as a conductor of ultrasound.
  • The procedure. Beautician takes the ultrasound scrubber face for about 15 minutes.
  • If necessary, an additional mechanical (manual) cleaning of particularly difficult sections.
  • Applying soothing gel or mask.
  • Vacuum cleaning person in the cabin

    Recommend this type of cleaning the face to those who has oily skin, blackheads, acne neopalimoy, as well as patients with Mature or aging skin.

    Content from the open sky, then, with the help of a special vacuum tube.

    In the same way as during manual cleaning, the first stages will be the cleansing of the skin and open the pores, but in contrast to the mechanical cleaning, this procedure is painless, has no side effects (e.g., inflammation and redness). In addition, after vacuum cleaning of the face improves skin color, increases its elasticity.

    Vacuum cleaning person in the cabin feedback has both positive and negative. Some write that it is an empty procedure, while others consider it a perfect alternative to manual cleaning.

    • “I would not say that it is a waste of money. If previously well to open the pores, and not make “dry”, cleans very well. But the dirty skin still need to clean hands. Marianne”
    • “She vacuum cleaning is very fast – about 20 minutes. But preparation – cleansing, pores – for a very long time. Katyusha”
    • “I don’t like vacuum-cleaning. It is not necessary to spend your time and money. In addition, after the can appear bruises on the face. I trust only manual – tested over the years. Xue”.
    • “Only works in “easy cases.” That is, if the person is not running, it cleans well! Natalie S.”

    The cleaning person in the cabin with current of low frequency — galvanization

    This type of deep cleaning can be used as an independent method. Also galvanization is considered to be a great addition to ultrasonic-or vacuum-cleaning or manual mode of improving the condition of the skin.

    When dezinkrustatsii (found the name of the electroplating cleaning) on the skin acts a current of low frequency, which comes from the galvanic apparatus. Beautician conducts a special nozzle.

    Despite the fact that skin is valid, the current procedure is painless, because the impact of the current minimum, but sufficient to soften the grease tube, to open pores and melt the sebum and grease, to eliminate the contamination. Aesthetician removes all the dirt with a cotton pad.

    Carry out the procedure should be not more than 1 time in 3 weeks. More frequent treatment in the salon can lead to the opposite result: the sebaceous glands begin to intensively develop the secret that will worsen the skin condition.

    Galvanic cleaning person in the cabin (reviews confirm this) new but already quite popular procedure. Results after the conference mostly positive.

    • “My beautician recommended to do a facial in the salon using the method of galvanization. My skin is oily and problematic. After the session I have a much improved complexion, gone acne. I also noticed that the skin is not so fast Oh, girls, she became more elastic. I want to note that I parallel with the cleaning procedure has introduced a special drugs to improve the condition of the skin. I recommend this cleaning method. Marysia”.
    • “I bought the device and clean their skin at home. Natalia”
    • “This method can not be used during pregnancy. Research on this question is still poorly conducted and it is unknown how the body will react to the intervention. Lara”

    Soft methods of cleaning the face

    Sometimes skin problems can be contraindicated mechanical and hardware cleaning person in the cabin. In these cases, the practice is more gentle, but not so effective methods of cleaning the face with peels or masks.

    • Peeling, or chemical cleaning person in the cabin, it would be better to refer to treatments for the skin, but sometimes this method is used in salons to remove congestion from pores for acne. This method does not give results, such as mechanical or hardware cleaning person in the cabin (reviews about this often) that allow you to clean the skin even deep impurities.
    • In the salons as masks for cleansing your face use a ready-made mask film, which are chosen according to skin type and applied to the face with the pre-open pores with steam or a special warming cream.

    How often should I do Facials?

    The cleaning person in the cabin is contraindicated when inflamed acne, rosacea (dilated blood vessels), wounds, scratches, contact dermatitis, pustular diseases, herpes, eczema, asthma etc. are All contraindications need to check with a cosmetologist.

    Each method, in addition to the General constraints. So, vacuum is contraindicated for dry skin, but galvanization is not for patients with individual intolerance current.

    Those who have dry and normal skin, you should clean the face every 2 – 3 months, and the owners of oily problem skin, you should clean the skin often 2 – 3 times per month.

    What method of cleaning person in the cabin is best suited for your skin needs to tell the beautician, taking into account all indications and contraindications. To neglect this procedure not advised – it’s not only the beauty but also your health.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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