Cleansing facial masks in the home of comedones and pimples

Beauticians recommend the use of cleansing facial masks at home regularly. They must be included in the compulsory program of care for women with oily and combination skin types. But to select the components for the compositions should wisely. Also have the value of the technique of their application, related treatments. Mistakes can lead to the development of pimples, blackheads and multiple inflammation.

Daily cleansing of the skin is recognized by cosmetologists the basis of its health and beauty. It is carried out using a cleanser, lotion, mizelialnah solutions. Use mask as often not necessary. If foams, mousses and lotions work only on the surface of the skin, the mask function for a deeper cleaning.

Why to clean the skin

In a professional environment, cleansing of the skin is called exfoliation. It involves removing not sebum from the skin’s surface, and more global cleaning. Exfoliation is designed to affect the keratinocytes — cells that form the top layer of the epidermis. And this effect must be weighed.

Popular myths about exfoliation

Aggressive cleaning technique that is often used in the home, often exacerbate existing problems. Consider popular misconceptions about the use of masks for face cleansing and exfoliation in General.

  • Oily skin need to clean with abrasive means. It removes the top layer of cells and eliminates clogging of the sebaceous glands. This approach leads to a natural increase in the intensity of production of keratinocytes. Our skin reacts in the following way: the aggressive influence on separate areas, the more it produces new cells to protect these areas from thinning. Thus develops hyperkeratosis in which the skin literally increasing the sealing layers of cells. That is why beauticians recommend exfoliation regularly, but moderately. And choose the non-aggressive means, and masks for cleansing your face at home with a soft, delicate composition.
  • Acne can be removed by simple squeezing. Beauticians advise to treat acne, that is, black points, not as a cosmetic defect, but a disease. In adolescence he exposed about eighty percent of girls and boys, and boys are suffering from the disease more often. The disease progresses in the twelve-sixteen years, but is completely not at all. Often acne is concerned up to thirty years of age, and twelve percent of people have saved up to forty years. For the treatment of the problem requires a comprehensive approach, which includes daily care, regular Facials to cleanse the skin, comprehensive moistening skin, a proper diet.

  • For oily skin you need to choose the compounds with a drying effect. This common misconception leads to dysfunction of the skin. Frequent use of drying means worsens the situation when the problematic epidermis additionally dehydrated. As a result, the skin becomes dry, but the classic art care for dry epidermis it does not work. People forced to turn to the dermatologist, so as to cope with the problem. A similar situation occurs in acne, individual lesions blackheads.

Best cleansing face mask does not dry the skin. Optimal formulations advanced hydrating the epidermis, cleansing it carefully from the superficial keratinocytes of the deeper contamination. With this, you can use a light acid peels on the basis of berries, fruit, and pulling the compositions of the muds, natural sorbents — oatmeal, rice.

Rules of using masks

Cosmetic masks for cleansing at home — effective remedy. Their use for combination skin or oily epidermis provides mechanical cleansing of black dots. Moreover, mechanical cleaning of the home often leads to the opposite effect: due to the unsanitary conditions, the unprofessional actions of inflammatory cells are spread on the surface of the face. And comedones, acne becomes much more.

Masks allow you to deal with the problem gracefully. But in using them there are some nuances.

  • Not expect miracles after the first use. As you want after application to see instant results! But home squads don’t work that way. To make the effect visible, it takes time. Usually homemade cleansing face mask for acne manifested after the use of the rate: four or five times at intervals of four days. After should take a week break and repeat the course again.
  • Do not rely on aggressive compositions. In many sources you can find the recipe for the “classic” facial masks, cleansing the pores, based on the salt, soda and hydrogen peroxide. It is, incidentally, provides instant effect: immediately after use the black dots become lighter, they become visually smaller. The result provides a chemical reaction: soda and hydrogen peroxide interact with air and oxidize. It brightens comedones, literally dissolves their darkened top. But two days later, remaining in the pores of the sebaceous accumulations darken again, and the blackheads become visible. The blow to the skin it causes significant: baking soda and peroxide literally drain her, which leads to disruption of fat and water balance, causes premature aging of the epidermis and development of a mesh of wrinkles.
  • Apply cleanser on face. Before using any mask, you need to remove makeup thoroughly to remove sebum from the surface of the face. For this approach a daily product make-up removing and for skin cleansing.
  • Rasparte face. The more open the pores are, the deeper they penetrated into the active ingredients. For steaming you can use steam bath over which you can sit for ten minutes. You can also impose on the person a hot towel or just take a relaxing bath, and being in the water, apply a pre-prepared tool.

Don’t be afraid to use a cleanser hot water. Contrary to popular belief that it ages the skin or further expands the large pores, beauticians do not think it is so damaging. It is used in many cosmetic procedures, as a simple means to improve microcirculation in the tissues. After the hot compress, use cold. But he intended to close the pores and improve the lymphatic drainage of tissues.

Effective cleansing mask

We offer a simple and effective formulations that you can use at home. Their advantage is the lack of aggressive components, which have fast but short effect, in consequence of worsening the condition of the epidermis. For reviews of beauty cleansing face mask at home should perform several functions: clean, moisturize, tone the skin. Our formulations include such components.

Of ground coffee and honey

Mask of light scrub. Contains honey — nutritional component, providing an antiseptic effect. Lemon juice does the job of a light acid peel that renews the skin.


  • Grind coffee, use a teaspoon of powder.
  • Mix with half spoon of sugar.
  • Add the honey in the amount of two teaspoons.
  • Download the composition of lemon juice — use 5 drops.
  • Apply a mask to the massage lines, lightly. Make a neat little massage to loosen the skin. After that, leave the face to dry, remove it. The intensity of the impact of scrub with a degree of grinding coffee: grind it as best as possible.


    Versatile, comfortable and multipurpose mattifying face mask at home. Clay has several effects. It efficiently removes excess sebum, eliminates Shine than the epidermis, improves microcirculation in the tissues, absorbs toxins and wastes. All types of clays tone the skin.


  • Use the clay on your skin.
  • Mix a teaspoon means with the same volume of water.
  • Stir the composition until a homogeneous slurry with a density of sour cream.
  • Apply on face for twenty minutes.
  • Used in the field of cosmetic clay, you can choose the type that suits you optimally. Inflammations, blackheads and excess oil efficiently operate the black, blue and green clay. Will maintain the tone of the dry skin and cleanse it of toxins red and pink. Yellow is used for exfoliation and fading of the epidermis.

    Cucumber and oatmeal

    Cucumber — so cheap and common vegetable that few people would relate to effective beauty tools. However, according to experts, it provides full cleansing and toning effect on the skin. Enhances the effect of cleansing oatmeal.


  • Crush cereal.
  • Peel cucumber and grate finely.
  • Mix the cucumber, add lemon juice — no more than five drops.
  • Apply to the skin for twenty minutes.
  • Oatmeal is an excellent sorbent, whereby the composition provides a matting effect. Lemon juice works as a light acid peel, and cucumber deeply hydrates the skin. Simple and really magical mask for the summer!

    Potato and lemon

    A simple recipe budget, which works especially well on oily skin. After use, you will notice a marked narrowing of the pores, brightened skin. The mask does not dry the epidermis, but tightens it well.


  • Grate the potatoes finely.
  • Add lemon juice — you will need a teaspoon.
  • Mix, apply on a steamed face, leave on for twenty minutes.
  • Recipe for a good rejuvenating effect which is added for deep cleansing. Contained in the potato starch people’s beauty compares with Botox. Of course, this comparison is conditional, but with regular use of the mask you will notice the freshness of the skin and reduction of wrinkles.

    Of Aspirin and yogurt

    A simple remedy that has anti-inflammatory effect. Aspirin helps with severe inflammation, and yogurt due to lactic acid works like an exfoliating scrub.


  • Mash into a powder Aspirin use three tablets.
  • Add yogurt in the amount of two tablespoons.
  • Mix, apply to face, without waiting for the dissolving of Aspirin. Apply easily by massaging the skin.
  • Leave on for twenty minutes.
  • It is recommended to use this structure when expressed inflammation red pimples, active acne rashes.

    Of gelatin

    This mask works on the principle of the film. Causing her steamed face, you nourish the skin. As it dries it grabs the upper part of comedones easily extracted from the pores.


  • Use a tablespoon of gelatin.
  • Pour the powder with water in a volume of 100 ml, leave to swell.
  • Dissolve on a steam bath until a homogeneous liquid mass.
  • Apply on face with a brush.
  • Apply several layers of the mask as it dries.
  • Remove, then carefully removing the cured film from the face.
  • The gelatin provides safe mechanical cleaning of the epidermis, while providing a rejuvenating effect. After all, this powder is a natural collagen needed by the skin to maintain tone. It is suitable for any type of epidermis.

    Use masks for face cleansing at home along with daily body techniques. List your rules should include cleansing the epidermis every morning and evening, tonification and quality hydration. The use of masks is recommended twice a week courses. The effect of their use will be noticeable after the fourth or fifth use.

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