Clogged toilet: how to unclog it fast?

Late in the evening when I was sitting quietly on the women’s website ““, came to my roommate and best friend Lenka:
— I have an emergency! A small soup in the toilet poured out all: clogged toilet – how to clean, you don’t know?

Well, I have boiling water once did. Take a pot of boiling water and directly pour into the toilet. Tried?
“No,” she quickly withdrew.

Hope 1: unclog a toilet with boiling water

I ran after her. A friend put a saucepan and an electric kettle at the same time.

— Only need water – real hot water was! – I encouraged her. – And your soup will definitely overcrowded.

Armed with gloves and a bucket, she dredged most of the water from the toilet – to reduce its volume. With faith and hope to overcome the blockage, we poured the rapidly boiling water. Water populicola, populicola – …and nothing broke. The second and third attempt was also unsuccessful.

Hope 2: to unclog a toilet with a plunger

— A plunger you have? The trick is this, for punching blockages in sinks and toilets. Wooden stick and wearing rubber hood and cap. When push turns the vacuum punch, which pushes the air. Under the influence of the blow the clog moves down the tube, punching a toilet — told me.

How to use a plunger?

Information for those who have a plunger (the thing is inexpensive and necessary) is in the house. How to use a plunger to break the toilet?

  • The toilet should have some water. As a rule, if you are looking for ways how to unclog a toilet that is clogged, the water in the toilet is.
  • The plunger should be set so that it as closely as possible stuck to the drain hole. This is necessary in order to make a strong push.
  • Push down on the handle of the plunger and as sharply as possible, tear it up. Thus, you create hydraulic shock.
  • Repeat the movement up until the water will pass freely. As a rule, one approach is from 3 to 5 pushes.
  • Professional plumbers have pneumatic plungers, which resemble a pump for a Bicycle. They quickly and efficiently remove the clog, pushing it through a sewer system. For organic debris, which is formed from food, to penetrate the toilet plunger is not difficult.

    — The plunger I have – it would be possible for them to try. Oh! Let Sasha (our best friend and classmate) call. Man, after all!

    She immediately grabbed the phone:

    — Hello, Sasha, Hello! You don’t know how to unclog a toilet without a plunger?

    Hope 3: a bottle to clean the toilet

    — So you did without me? You know, of course. Instead of a plunger you can use a plastic bottle. It is better to take 1,5–2 liter. Listen carefully and remember, if the toilet clogged, how to unclog him with a bottle:

  • The bottle cut the bottom.
  • Drop the bottle into the toilet and make a sharp jolt. Operation is similar to the plunger creates a blow that pushes the clog down the pipes.
  • Repeat as long as the clog will not work on sewer pipes.
  • She quickly brought the bottle, cut the bottom and started to work. Push, still a push. The water from the toilet scattered around the toilet and the blockage is not passed.
    — Well, at least dressed, — she summed up, examining his work clothes.

    Therefore, the instructions on how to break the toilet with a bottle, add to first paragraph – change into work clothes.

    This way we didn’t fit.

    — Are you sure there’s only the soup stuck? – I asked. – I think he and from the boiling water was crowded.
    — Vova! Hey, come here! Tell mother that threw in the toilet? — interrogated the son of my friend.
    — Mom, what are you shouting? In the morning I still have the hamster cage cleaned, and sawdust into the toilet washed away. I thought they will be, — Vovka prudently hid behind me.

    Not going to tell you what you wanted to do and she quickly ducked as the wolf. The toilet clogged – how to unclog quickly – that is our challenge. What else can I try? Maybe pour something?

    Hope 4: chemistry!

    Lena house was citric acid, white and soda.

  • Citric acid you need to fill up bags of 5 – so say the reviews of those who have managed to penetrate a clog in the toilet citric acid.
  • Those who wanted to clean the toilet with baking soda, only write negative reviews – soda does not help in this case. She very weakly active.
  • — Remained white. Will stink the whole apartment, — she was upset.
    — I train at home “Mole” is! – I remembered.

    We decided to use special means from blockages in the sewer.

    General characteristics of chemical agents

    Special means for cleaning of toilet bowls contain acid or alkali to dissolve the blockage. These include Mr Muscle, Tired, Pathan, Flop, Mole and such. All chemicals for cleaning sewer pipes can be divided into two groups:

    • Bulk. Most often they are packaged in foil pouches. They can be in the form of powder or granules.
    • Liquid. In the form of a gel or liquid.

    Most often, chemicals are produced in two types – preventive, you need to use periodically to prevent blockages, and special – but gala. They are used in cases of emergency when the toilet clogged, how to unclog – you don’t know.

    We are bombarded with Lenka Mole in the toilet and went to sleep, hoping that morning, a miracle will happen and the clog will break. But in the morning she called a plumber uncle Misha.

    Hope 5: plumber Misha and… rag

    Plumber uncle Mike came quickly. Hold the briefcase with tools on their shoulders – a plumbing snake.

    — So, what have we here? – viewing the scene work, he asked. — Let a piece of Laundry and a few better. Close in the bathroom and in the kitchen drain, otherwise it will not work. Start. Just do not look, girls, and that I deprive.

    Yeah, right now. How much I suffered and did not know how to unclog the toilet? We began to carefully observe the uncle Mike to figure out how to unclog the toilet with a rag.

    Uncle Mike wet a rag with plain water, reeled her fist and slipped her hand into the toilet. Sharp, but not strong movement, he drove his fist with a rag deep in the toilet and just flush it. Wait a second, and sharply pulled his hand back.

    God, how simple! Water gurgled and was instantly. That’s the whole secret. Whether the rag helped, then all our attempts previously used to fight the blockage in the toilet, gave a comprehensive result.

    Is that all? – surprised Lenka. – Why many do not know about this method?
    And so we had no work left, — said Misha.

    Satisfied that all was over, and the water in the toilet runs, she generously thanked the cleaner toilets uncle Misha.

    — In General, the girls, the plunger will buy. The simplest tool that helps to solve many problems.

    As I later learned from the Internet, a plunger in 1615 invented plumber Plunger De La Marcia Luck, who worked at the Ducal court. He noticed that the air, which was compressed, pushes the waste into the toilet further down the drain. Smart cleaner toilets invented the invention, which later was named after him – the plunger.

    A brief educational program from the plumbing of Misha

    Before leaving, uncle Mike shared some of the intricacies of their work, which we describe readers Before you choose a way, how to unclog a toilet that is clogged, you need to understand why the blockage formed.

  • If the toilet is clogged from falling into the sink any object, such as a doormat or package, it is best to use special plumbing cable (the one that came uncle Misha on the shoulder). The cable terminal is inserted into the toilet and pushed forward, rotating in a circle strongly in one direction. If the felt seal is a push. Most likely, there are stuck a foreign object. When the clog is fixed, it is necessary to pour into the bowl of boiling water. This way we don’t have to use.
  • Punch bowl of organic waste is sufficient to use chemicals that will dissolve the clog formed. This method will be very effective if the toilet’s overflowing leftovers.
  • Well, the most popular and effective way that helps in most cases to break the toilet, which clogged, use a plunger or a plastic bottle with cut bottom.
  • So we Lenka grasped some knowledge of plumbing work.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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