Clothing for the beach: what to put in a suitcase?

Collecting a suitcase on vacation, many of us make a typical mistake – take an incredible “cocktail” of summer outfits, and on the site it appears that they don’t really fit together, not suitable for bikini or just uncomfortable beach conditions.


Then committed the second mistake in the first store on the promenade sold strange things that are worn only on this trip, and nowhere else, and never…

What kind of clothes for the sea really – tell website

How to match swimsuit and clothes on the sea?

What to wear with a swimsuit to look on the way to the beach and beautiful?

  • Tunic. It is optimal to have two tunics – one a short, just below the hips, and long, that is, the tunic dress with length to the ankle. Simple loose tunic is very comfortable and variable: in the afternoon it will protect the shoulders, back and legs from burning, and if you wear it with a belt, then it will be a beautiful dress, suitable for evening walks by the sea. It is better to wear at beach cotton tunic – natural fabric in the heat will be felt a lot more comfortable!
  • Sundress comfortable length.
  • Maxi-skirt. It can be worn with a closed swimsuit, with the bra from the classic bikini or top that you can wear over your swimsuit.
  • Shorts. Not very comme Il faut to walk around in a bikini outside the beach and pool – but knit or denim shorts would be appropriate and nice if you like open legs.
  • Harem pants – “Aladdin”, “Afghani” or other models spacious women’s pants bring an exotic touch to your image. These pants Oriental beauties were not in vain: they are free, not attached to the legs is very convenient, because the skin may be a grain of sand from the beach, the remnants of sunscreen, or you haven’t taken a shower after swimming in salt water, etc.
  • Various tops, shirts and t-shirts.

Questionable option — shawl-pareo.

Girls, remember – a pair is not a replacement skirt or dress! Yes, it can be tied around the hips as a skirt or over your swimsuit as a tunic, but to go somewhere besides the beach and pool area – bad!

Even if in the resort town or in the territory of the hotel complex, almost everything calmly walking in swimming trunks and bathing suits – should not imitate a bad example.

Pareo need to protect you from sunburn on the beach. And for walks along the promenade, the hotel, the streets of the resort town, etc other apparel, also easy and quite comfortable!

In a bathing suit is appropriate to be on the beach, by the pool or where there are sun loungers for sunbathing. Sometimes a swimsuit is a dress code foam party at the resort (usually indicated on the posters of events so unlikely to be trapped).

There are also some rules regarding the “poluprecnik” combinations (for example, the top of the leotard and any skirt or shorts). This unwritten dress code was appropriate at the beach bars, outdoor cafe tables beachside areas, for daily strolls along the promenade or sea excursions on the yacht…

In some small coastal towns such combination of beach top and “civilized” and the bottom of the appropriate for walking the streets (beach and beach, respectively).

But nowhere it is customary to visit such as the restaurants, closed cafes, night clubs (except the parties stipulated dress code), commercial and entertainment centers, etc.

This is totally unacceptable in Muslim countries – there swimsuit, even closed, is not considered a garment, and you may even be fined for appearing in the beach view in a public place!

What to wear to the beach?

How to look beautifully dressed on the beach? “” can suggest several stylistic decisions!

  • Ethno. Tunics and dresses with Oriental prints, jewelry and accessories in ethnic style – all of this you should wear to the beach!
  • Boho, hippie. Also very variative styles for lovers of travel and new experiences. It is to borrow long skirts and tunics, loose blouses, delicate wraps and scarves, while the abundance of jewelry…
  • Retro, pin-up. Bikini and tankini in retro style as relevant as ever.
  • Modern youth style, sort of a beach casual is shorts, short skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, bright swimwear.
  • Modern elegant style at the beach – monochromatic swimsuits, big hat and sunglasses, Maxi dresses…
  • Marine style – dresses, t-shirts and Longsleeves, striped vest, nautical theme in accessories (e.g. anchors), the predominant colors – white and dark blue.

Clothing for sea travelers, when it is of quality fabric and is light enough. And looks beautiful when you are wearing it to the beach, and tried hastily to cover up a swimsuit with anything!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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