Clothing in the style of Chicago — luxury and glamour

The term “glamour” was used long before the release of the TV series “My fair nanny” and the appearance in a stellar coterie Sergey Zverev. For almost 100 years, he describes the images of American fashionistas the mid 30-ies. Clothes in Chicago style is a classic fashion glamor. And today it is once again relevant. We will tell you how to choose the dress style in Chicago, and how to become the Queen of fashion parties!

The Chicago style was born in the city of gangsters and cabaret in the 30-ies of the last century. At this time, it was dominated by luxury and loose morals, which is reflected in the styles of dresses and suits, accessories and makeup. However, quickly the luxury and grandeur of the big city were suppressed by the great depression. Therefore, along with accessories of precious stones and abundance of natural fur, this style allows the use of ornate jewelry.

Features of clothes in the style of Chicago

Beauty and femininity — here the main accents dresses Chicago fashionistas. For the first time in American history the length of the dress up to my knees, and instead of sleeves were used and thin straps. A classic of the genre is a gown with a bare back, a fitted silhouette and open neckline. In such an outfit a woman could not fail to attract the attention of a strong half of mankind. Here are a few features of this style:

  • variations length dresses — knee length or ankle length;
  • low waist, which in comparison with the fashion of the past, “grown up” from the mid-thigh. And after 10 years came to its natural location;
  • dresses cut on the bias, allowing beautifully define the figure;
  • materials: chiffon, silk, satin, velvet;
  • multiple decorations in the form of sequins, sparkles, beads, rhinestones and fringe;
  • emphasis on the thin waist and broad shoulders that are specifically visually increased with the help of assemblies, and wings on the sleeves, scarves.

By the way, men’s fashion does not change significantly during this period. Suit in the style of Chicago — a trio of good-quality cloth, emphasizing the status and wealth of the owner. If the man was not all right, his wardrobe was limited to the shirt with casual pants, which were worn on suspenders.

How to create an image of the Chicago diva today?

For this you need a dress with a slightly low waist body-con fit and decor: fringe, which you can sew at the neckline and along the edges of the hem, sequins and, of course, accessories.

Accessories in the style of Chicago

Along with clothes in the style of Chicago use a combination of accessories.

  • Set of handbags, hats, shoes and gloves of the same color. In the 30-ies of the last century it was considered the standard style.
  • Be sure to purchase a hat. The fashion was quite tiny, or, conversely, with a wide brim. Instead of the cap head can be decorated with ribbon, decorated with sequins, flowers or feathers.
  • The handbag should be made in the form of an envelope while wearing it should be under the mouse.
  • The significance of the image accentuate the neck decoration: fur boa of Fox or Fox, bows, long strings of beads. Special arrangement of ladies of the period enjoyed a long pearl strand, which is several times wrapped around the neck.
  • Instead of precious accessories and fur products you can use inexpensive jewelry: necklaces, faux pearls and crystals, a chain of large gold-plated links, a feather boa.
  • Don’t forget the gloves. Fit model with big flares and long gloves in velvet or silk.

To complement the look of the Chicago ladies will help stockings — tight black or fine mesh. And a long cigarette holder — the fashion of those years was women smokers. Shoes in this style a must have mid-height heel and rounded toe.

Hair and makeup in the style of Chicago

The image requires accuracy in creating hairstyles and makeup. The hair was arranged structural waves, and appearance of the hair was perfect. As they say today, hair to hair. For the kind of styling you will need Curling iron or a Curling iron. And a lot of hairspray to secure the effect. Hair length was short, usually not below the shoulders.

Makeup in Chicago style involves crisp lines and bright colors. Summed up, thin eyebrows, dark shadow on the upper eyelid with contrast to the light tone under the eyebrow, intensely black eyelashes — all this created the effect of expressive and fascinating sight. No less attention was paid to the lips. Their contour should be strictly delineated and color — saturated red.

At first glance, it may seem that way, and clothing in the style of Chicago require a strict observance of the canons. But it’s not. The style allows multiple derogations in the choice of accessories, hairstyle and shoes. After a period of 30 years America is the coexistence of poverty and fantastic wealth, a happy life cabaret sedate and devout ladies and affluent gentlemen. So if you prefer hair that is collected from the long locks of hair, or the shoes on a high hairpin instead heel medium length — your image will benefit from this!

Clothing style Chicago: video

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