Coconut oil for face, lips, eyes and eyebrows: the use of useful properties and recipes of masks

Looking for a natural remedy for high-quality care for problematic and sensitive to external irritants skin? Try coconut oil for face used even Queen Cleopatra. In ancient Egypt women used the product for rejuvenation and treatment of skin, protect from the negative effects of sunlight. The tool does not lose its properties, and helps to preserve the beauty of modern women.

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Coconut oil is obtained from the fruit of the coconut palm. That it is useful for the face, no doubt. One need only look at elastic, healthy and radiant skin Polynesian, Indian, Brazilian sexy beauties. But they regularly indulge yourself with an aromatic agent.

Than useful

The benefits of coconut oil for the skin due to the components that are part of it. For example, vitamin B1 helps to rejuvenate. And also protects the epidermis from the drying UV rays and frost, because of which the skin peels off. What other substances of chemical “baggage” of a coconut is valuable for human skin?

  • Pantothenic acid. Substance really helps to fight facial wrinkles, age grooves.
  • Pyridoxine. To cope with the inflammation. Vitamin B6 is a component that is effective in combating diseases of the skin.
  • Folic acid. Thanks to its high concentration in the composition of the oil to cope with acne and other rashes. Together with thiamin, vitamin B9 helps cells to build a defense against external irritants.
  • Ascorbic acid. Acts as a natural antioxidant.
  • Niacin. Helps with this condition, as a pale, yellow skin. Vitamin PP provides the person with good, healthy color. Promotes cell regeneration, rapid healing of wounds.
  • Lauric acid. Acts against microbes. Eliminates redness, itching.
  • Caprylic acid. Helps the sebaceous glands to function correctly, so the product is suitable for oily skin.
  • Oleic acid. Promotes the activation of lipid metabolism, restoring protective functions of the epidermis. Eliminates peeling, signs of aging, nourishes with moisture dry skin.
  • Myristic acid. Performs transport function: assists other useful components quickly penetrate into the skin.
  • Palmitic, stearic acids. This is a natural bleach. They make age spots less noticeable.

Useful properties of coconut oil for face is especially marked for girls with problem skin. The systematic use of the substance is able to fight not only with small pimples and blackheads, but even painful, large boils.Refined or unrefined

Coconut oil is available in two types: refined and unrefined. Get the product, removing the pulp from ripe nuts. It is crushed, dried, and kept under pressure. Can be made hot or cold pressing. The second method is used more often as it is gentle and preserves a greater number of useful elements. In its purest form is white or light yellow color, unobtrusive, but noticeable characteristic aroma. At 25°C, the medium gets denser, and at 0°C and solidifies.

Refined liquid product, which is obtained as a result of additional cleaning. In the filtration process the oil is transparent, of a slight perfume.

Unrefined coconut oil for the face is not recommended, despite the fact that it fully retains beneficial components. Why is it better peeled product? It does not block pores, does not pollute the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no distinctive gloss.Recommendations for use

Interestingly, in the web you can find a lot of negative reviews about cosmetic experiments with coconut product. Most of them are not caused by the poor performance of the product. The main problem is a misunderstanding and the ensuing consequences. Two recommendations will help to avoid disappointment.

  • Correctly apply. Apply coconut oil on pre-cleaned, dry skin. Before use, be sure to heat liquid (water bath). The temperature should be 40-45°C. After without rubbing spread.
  • Carefully wash off. Warm water. You can with foam or gel.
  • The efficacy of coconut oil for face can be increased if you combine it with the right components. For example, with similar products of vegetable origin. Also, a few drops allowed to add a serving of regular cream. And clean well to remove makeup. It is applied on sensitive areas. Caring for centuries, to oil you can add vitamin E.

    Coconut oil for face: mask making table

    Mask with coconut oil for face at home will provide the skin with nutrition and moisture. And if you add in the composition of the abrasive particles (coffee, for example), it is possible to make a mask scrub, which cleanses and tones. Below is a table with easy to use recipes.

    Table — Homemade masks and scrubs based on coconut oil

    Skin type, appointmentComponentsTime, minutesEffect
    For oily skin— 3 tablespoons of coconut oil;
    — 5 drops of tea tree oil;
    — 5 drops of lemon juice;
    — one egg white
    30— Soothes the skin;
    — removes signs of inflammation;
    — reduces the number of lesions
    For aging skin— A teaspoon of coconut oil;
    — a teaspoon of blue clay;
    — 3 drops of ether orange
    15— Results in skin tone;
    — provides a healthy and well-groomed appearance;
    — smoothes out striations
    For sensitive skin— A teaspoon of coconut oil;
    10 g of wheat bread;
    — 2 teaspoons milk
    20— Helps the epidermis to restore the protective function
    For moisturizing— Tablespoon coconut oil;
    — tablespoon of honey;
    — two tablespoons of avocado pulp
    10— Retains moisture;
    — protects in cold weather
    To power— A teaspoon of coconut oil;
    — two tablespoons rice flour
    15-20— Results in skin tone;
    — nourishes with vitamins and acids
    For rejuvenation— A teaspoon of coconut oil;
    4 drops of Shea butter or rosemary
    20— Protects from negative external influences;
    — smoothes the grooves;
    — improves elasticity
    For purification— A teaspoon of coconut oil;
    — Yellow spoon of coffee grounds or baking soda
    15— Cleans pores
    To soften and lighten— Tablespoon of coconut oil;
    — puree half a banana;
    — pinch of turmeric
    15— Reduces traces of acne scars
    — removes pigmentation

    Face mask with coconut oil helps to fight many problems, but speeding up with procedures not worth it. To use it you need no more than two or three times a week. Every two months it is better to take a break. Thus will not have the addiction and skin as needed will respond to “coconut treatment”.Additional features

    In cosmetology coconut oil is not only used in masks, scrubs, lotions. Based on it made cosmetics for lips, eyelashes. Will not be difficult to prepare such a tool yourself.

    For the lips…

    Especially useful coconut oil for dry and chapped lips. The tool is capable to protect from direct sunlight, drafts and low temperatures. Providing a soft impact, the product provides support for the water balance, improves blood circulation. He is able to have invigorating, healing effect. Use any recipe from the table.

    Table — Homemade cosmetics for lips on the basis of coconut oil

    Home cosmeticIngredientsProcedure
    Moisturizing balm— Two tablespoons a main component;
    — the same beeswax;
    — tablespoon Shea butter
    — Apply the balm on the previously cleansed skin of the lips;
    — leave for 15-20 minutes;
    — remove remnants with a dry cloth
    Nourishing mask— Teaspoon of the main component;
    — 0.5 teaspoon of honey
    — Clean your lips from cosmetics;
    — resposive skin with warm wet wipes;
    — apply mask for 15-20 minutes;
    — remove remnants with a dry cloth
    Scrub— Teaspoon of the main component;
    — teaspoon of brown sugar
    Tool distributed on clean and dry lips;
    — massage for 2-3 minutes;
    — remove remnants with a dry cloth

    Pure coconut oil can replace your chapstick. You can add a bit of decorative cosmetics for lips.

    … and eyebrows

    Gone are the days when eyebrows are plucked into a thin thread. Fashion dictates its own rules, so the wider and thicker the better. Coconut oil for eyebrows — is a tool that strengthens, prevents hair loss, stimulates hair growth. It is better to use at night. Use the tool in five steps.

  • Prepare your eyebrows, wash your face, you allow it to dry hairs.
  • Heat the oil.
  • Apply it on the hairline with brush or cotton swab.
  • Leave at least two hours. Better — at night.
  • In the morning wash with warm water.
  • Spend 15 sessions one to two times a week. After the course, be sure to take a break for one month.

    Like other natural products, coconut oil for face can cause allergies. Therefore, before applying you must check the skin on the individual tolerance — applied to the elbow and watch during the day if there’s any reaction. The product may cause harm to the abundant only when applied on the skin. Excessive use leads to clogged pores, which may cause the development of inflammatory processes.

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