Coconut oil for hair: how to apply, useful properties, recipes, reviews

Natural oils will help you to find gorgeous hair. Especially appreciated in home cosmetology is coconut oil. It is used as a balm, added to shampoo, masks prepared. This tool gives the curls a beautiful Shine, accelerates growth, restores and “seal” the damaged ends. Want to achieve the effect of “just from the salon”? Coconut oil for hair will be a real boon. You just need to know how to use it properly.

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Solid oily substance which is produced from the pulp of the coconut, called a storehouse of minerals, acids and vitamins needed for the beauty of curls. It is lightning fast absorbed into the dermis, delivering to the hair follicles “utility”. Tool home valued in cosmetology for its pronounced effect: after the treatment with the use of products from tropical nut the result is not worse, than after going to the salon. Moreover, a noticeable difference just after the first session.

What care will receive strands

Huge benefits of coconut oil for hair due to its unique ingredients: the nutrients contained in the medium, are complex. What can you expect from such a product?

  • Food. For treatments of this component will be especially grateful for dry hair. Tool imbues the hair and combats brittle hair, gives damaged curls health. It eliminates the problem of split ends: the “gluing” them, prevents re-section.
  • Hydration. The beneficial properties of coconut will appreciate and curls, damaged, permed or frequent coloring. Intense hydration — the key to elasticity, natural Shine, “live”.
  • Strengthening. Oily “wand” will help to forget about the problem of excessive loss of hair. It helps strengthen the hair, stimulates their growth.
  • Protection. Natural substance hairdressers recommend to take with you on vacation. This tool is able to protect against the adverse effects of salt water, scorching sun, dry wind.
  • Antiseptic action. Tool is known for its antibacterial action. This medicinal property is tropical walnut works against dandruff, itching and excessive dryness of the skin of the head.

Coconut oil can be considered a universal remedy. It is perfect for owners of different types of hair. The tool is comprehensive, which allows to solve several problems from building up protection.

3 ways to use coconut oil for hair

In home cosmetology is an oily substance derived from coconut, is used in different ways. What can I do with it? There are three options.

  • Add in store-bought shampoo. Some useful substance is added to the usual ojogovom. Do it directly when washing your hair: just mix in the hand of an oily substance and regular shampoo. This creates the curl a protective layer that prevents possible damage by scratching, wiping with a towel. Nothing to mix, and use a natural remedy instead of balm: apply after shampoo, rinse.
  • Use without add-ons. It is recommended once a week to prosmalivat strands of coconut product. The procedure is simple: a natural remedy is applied to dry hair, holding not less than one hour, then wash off. If hair is severely weakened and looks bad, the substance is left overnight. Need to know the nuances of the procedure with increased greasiness of hair remedy cover only the tips.
  • To prepare a cosmetic compound. Use coconut oil hair masks can be compared to a double blow to the troubled strands. The nutrients natural remedies interact with the “Goodies” of other components of the mask, thereby providing truly effective care. Preparing masks, to the main ingredient essential oil, dairy products, fruits, honey.
  • If you drop a comb a few drops of melted butter, the curls will not be mixed and shining. This simple method provides additional moisturizing the strands.What kind of oil is better

    Coconut oil, like any other, is of two kinds — refined and unrefined. Both are used in home cosmetology, but need to know some nuances. Hair mask with coconut oil at home more often is prepared from refined substances, although it is believed that maximum benefits can be derived exactly from unrefined.

    The paradox is easy to explain: usually involves applying a mask over the entire length, including the roots. But the raw substance applied to the roots is impossible. It provides excellent: the effect of hair, but when in contact with skin concentrated formula can trigger a rash. But if you put it on the ends of the hairs split ends “sealed”.

    Natural coconut oil is solid, however, at temperatures above 25°C melts and becomes liquid. Average price for 100 g of product — 240 rubles (data are as of June 2017).

    If you grind the coconut pulp

    The oily substance of the exotic product you can get at home, and then use it in cosmetic purposes. What do you need? Coconut and a few minutes of free time. Follow simple instructions of the six steps.

  • Put the coconut in a container and expand it.
  • Chop the pulp in a blender.
  • Add to pulp two cups of hot water (not boiling water).
  • Mix thoroughly, put in a glass bowl.
  • Send a closed container in the refrigerator for a day.
  • The next day, collect in a separate container frozen coconut oil, which is formed above the pulp.
  • And prepared at home and purchased the tool you need to properly prepare for the procedure, to have the opportunity evenly to the hair. Because of the firm texture, it should be preheated. To do this, use a steam bath.Pamper hair: 6 compositions

    Mixture with the addition of coconut oil can change the hair drastically. From the first application hair becomes shiny, become more well-groomed and healthy. Long-term use means you can get rid of split ends, excessive fluffiness. Nourished with nutrients braid grows faster, will gain thickness. To repeat popular recipes of masks is easy: the ingredients available and the cooking takes a little time.

    Honey-coconut nutrition


    • coconut oil — two tablespoons (in solid form);
    • honey — a teaspoon.


  • Mix the components.
  • Place a receptacle with the ingredients in a water bath. Warm to the melting of the main component.
  • Add five drops of your favorite essential oil (can be without it), stir.
  • Apply the mixture for half an hour on the entire length.
  • Dazzling Shine with essential oils


    • coconut oil — two tablespoons;
    • rose essential oil two drops;
    • rosemary essential oil — the same.


  • Melt the main ingredient.
  • Add cosmetic oil.
  • Apply to dry curls for half an hour.
  • To enhance the effect, wrap your head in plastic film plus a towel.
  • Strengthening with egg yolk, glycerin and wine vinegar


    • oil — two tablespoons;
    • glycerin — half tablespoon;
    • wine vinegar — 10 ml;
    • the yolk of one egg.


  • To mix the components.
  • Distribute on wet hair, paying special attention to roots.
  • To insulate the head.
  • Wait forty minutes.
  • The mask helps against hair loss: the result is noticeable after only two treatments, when the hairs on the comb is much smaller. The tool can be used for the prevention and treatment of early stages of baldness.

    Milky oat restoration


    • coconut oil — two tablespoons;
    • milled oat flakes — same amount;
    • milk — same amount.


  • Mix melted buttery base with the remaining ingredients.
  • Apply the mixture. Insulate.
  • After half an hour rinse.
  • If the hair quickly garnaut


    • coconut oil — two tablespoons;
    • sea salt is the same.


  • Mix the salt and coconut product in a solid consistency.
  • Place the container with the ingredients on a steam bath. Warm until the salt has dissolved completely in melted butter.
  • Apply, insulate.
  • Keep for about an hour.
  • Oily hair requires a special approach to the choice of masks. Need to try only those funds where there are components that act as counterbalance to the buttery-based, Sol, lemon. It is not necessary to apply the composition to the roots: the curls will look untidy.Sour cream and banana growth


    • coconut oil — two tablespoons;
    • sour cream (preferably fat) — less than half;
    • banana — half.


  • Mash a banana.
  • Mix the fruit with melted butter and sour cream.
  • Apply for half an hour.
  • The benefits of coconut oil for hair growth enhances essential oil Bay. These two components separately stimulate the follicles, and in tandem it turns out the miracle shake that makes the braid lengthens in two weeks. Per scoop coconut substances need to take a drop of essential fluids.

    4 Council

    Reviews of beauties, which have opted for coconut care, bribe the girls say that the hair look healthier and grow much faster. Not to be disappointed in the result, remember four helpful tips:

  • Regularity = the performance. Homemade masks should be done weekly. If the hair is broken, brittle, looks unhealthy, the number of procedures needed to increase: make a mask twice a week.
  • Consider the type of hair. Coconut oil is a universal remedy, for it I would be grateful of any hair. However, the masks is not only this component. Consider what ingredients can be used for a specific type of locks which is impossible.
  • Spend allergotest. Believe your tolerance oily substance is easy: you need to apply a few melted drops on the wrist. It is desirable to ensure no allergies at all natural components of cosmetic compounds, and in particular those that are common allergens, such as honey, herbs, some fruits.
  • Take breaks between courses. Experts believe that hair get used to the mask after 15 procedures. You need to give them a break. 15 making masks, let the hair “breathe” for a month or two.
  • Masks can be done on clean or dirty hair, you can wrap the mixture, and you can skip this step, you can wash off with plain water and shampoo, but you can herbal broth — all at your discretion. Note that a mask with coconut oil for hair the consistency should not be too liquid, otherwise it will simply drain from the strands, unable to treat hair.

    Reviews: “Hair like new!”

    I bought the solid coconut oil in the pharmacy, melted in a water bath and applied to the whole length of the hair and rubbed into the roots. Wrapped head in a towel and went at least an hour. After the first procedure just strands of silk — shiny, soft, well-groomed!


    I put coconut oil on your hair overnight. Wear a special hat and sleep. Generally, in a transfer said that the Indians have such beautiful hair, because they are constantly oil lubricated. Scalp loves oils, in particular coconut.


    Immediately adapted it for this mask:
    In gelatin (tbsp+ 3 tbsp warm water) added to the yolk, a teaspoon of cinnamon, 5 drops of coconut oil and teaspoon hair mask (not necessary, but it washes off easier). Under the polyethylene and towel for 30 minutes. You can heat up the dryer a bit, but the cinnamon still warm. !!!

    Cinnamon has a brightening effect!!!
    Girls, if I knew about this before the mask, I would’ve been the winner krasivuy blonde hair to the waist


    Coconut oil I ordered online, but it is not in the bottle, a lump, it is liquid only when heated in a water bath. I like the way it smells, and I’m happy to apply it generally on all night on the hair and in the morning my head in the usual way. After each procedure, the hair is “like new” — just shining and perfectly styled.


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