Cocoon coat: what to wear?

Style coat “cocoon” was coined in the mid-twentieth century designer, Cristobal by Balenciaga, and periodically returned to fashion, slightly modified. Now the cocoons are again in trend!

If you decide to purchase super-stylish cocoon coat – what to wear with this thing? The website “” ready fill you in on all the details of creating a stylish outfit!

What is best to wear cocoon coats?

“Cocoon” — a thing cut oversize. That is, it looks much wider than the real proportion bears his women.

It is due to this, an effect of miniaturization and slimness of figure, in contrast with a loose, wide coat.

There are “cocoons” long (below the knee) and short (almost jacket), with different length sleeves and different cuts of collar (rack, Chanel or turn-down), sometimes even sew models with the belt!

The main principle of selection of things under that coat is to emphasize its volume.

That is, the most correct and by far the right decision – this form-fitting bottom. It can be:

  • Tight pants or jeans;
  • Leggings;
  • Short skirt, shorts or dress — then from under the cocoon will see legs in tights;
  • Pencil skirt just below the knee, visible from under his coat.

Some other ideas for what to wear with a cocoon coat

But the above options are just a fraction of designer fabrications regarding the “cocoon”.

If you’re willing to experiment and want to look unusual – then consider these combinations:

  • Cocoon – the perfect coat to wear with an evening dress. Long dress made of thin, translucent fabric with a luxuriously contrasts with the dense material and the oversized silhouette of this coat!
  • More mundane (but no less interesting!) the opportunity to try on the cocoon coat with a slim Maxi-skirt.
  • Looks good worn under cocoon Quinceanera dress or skirt (slightly longer than the coat, or the same length – then particularly effectively zip up cocoon, and let the folds of the skirt peek out).
  • Cropped or rolled up pants (like chinosol) with the cocoon can afford to wear high slender girls.

What shoes and accessories to wear with the “cocoon”?

Or that the shoes can fundamentally change the perception of the coat of this model!

Of course, the classic version of shoes for “cocoon” is a Shoe with a heel. In this combination, the coat looks very elegant was dressed many famous women, for example grace Kelly, who loved to wear a coat-cocoons from Balenciaga!

If the weather permits and the situation, as the Shoe will fit shoes with heels (closed toe of course). Adapting for our winter and autumn weather, instead of shoes you can wear ankle boots or boots.

A very stylish option – high, fitted boots-boots (or boots-the”stockings”), then the clothes under the coat should be short and tight.

But the wonderful thing is that wearing a cocoon coat can be a variety of shoes, and it will be very stylish and modern!

For example:

  • “A La masculine” shoes.
  • Shoes of different models.
  • Semi-sports shoes type shoes (imagine!).
  • The shoes on the platform.

Wearing cocoon coat with short sleeves (from ¾ to quite short), pay attention to hands.

If the weather requires wearing gloves, then gloves, cocoon requires a high that the edge was hidden under the sleeve. Instead of gloves can be fingerless gloves, but also long. If gloves are not assumed under cocoon coat have to wear clothes with long fitted sleeves (jackets, sweaters, etc.).

Select the headdress under a cocoon coat?

How to wear this thing, so it’s with different hats! Choose the model of the cap, what is more – “bell”, “tablet” or wide-brimmed. And in a youth version of the cocoon can be worn with plain knitted hat is quite funny, but quite acceptable!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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