Color type Spring: advice on choice of style and clothing, photos

To develop the perfect taste possible, and it is not as difficult as it seems. A thorough study of the basic theory of type, small but accurate and thoughtful manipulation of appearance, the selection of basic wardrobe taking into account the obtained knowledge, and private source data – and voila, the image of stylish beauty is ready.

So, you’re a Woman-Spring, and therefore, nature gave you the most harmonious, soft and fresh paint. Your primary task is to learn to emphasize given generous benefactor data, shading their brightness and emphasizing cleanliness. Today website will elaborate on the choice of your own style color type “Spring” and will help each wanting its representative to pick up your basic wardrobe.

Features of the color type “spring”

A real forest nymph, young, weightless and graceful, with shining skin, very warm and clean shades, Golden curls and bright eyes – there is nothing surprising in the fact that many of us aspire to be like in the Spring and make all possible and impossible efforts to make one iota closer to the desired beauty ideal.

But we should recognize that only the patron can decorate the wards in her usual paint — bright, clean and casual — like with her awakened from a long hibernation.

Thus, for the exemplary representatives of this type are:

  • Hair. Typical spring — a natural blonde. Dark-haired ladies among this category is almost nonexistent (although, like any other rule, this one also has exceptions). Hair always! have Golden tide (perhaps the hue of ripe wheat, or bright amber, but not ash or olive). Eyebrows and eyelashes painted in approximately the same colors, only with different degrees of intensity.
  • Skin. Classic girl-spring blessed with fair skin, peach, beige, ivory. Sometimes the face of the spring can be covered with light red freckles.
  • Eyes. For all without an exception of the Spring characteristic clear and bright eyes. Moreover, the color range is quite wide: from watery and sky blue, to green and amber. Brown eyed girls among this category are very rare. Proteins are usually painted the color of melted milk and almost no contrast with the hue of the iris.

Like any other color type, in the spring there is a division into separate subspecies:

Bright spring, soft spring, bright spring

  • Light spring or light spring – light (leading), warm (optional) color. In appearance the typical light Spring is dominated by clear, radiant and warm colors. Quite low (or it is completely absent) color contrast, and the colors – very delicate and malonasyshchennye.
  • Warm spring or warm springwarm (leading), vivid (additional) color.The appearance of this kolejowego type is dominated by warm, clean and light paint. Accordingly, the makeup and clothes these ladies need to choose only warm shades and tones.
  • Bright spring or clear spring– bright (lead), warm (optional) color. Dominated by bright, cheerful colors warm palette. Women in this subcategory, particularly good with clothes with contrasting combinations.

Famous representatives of the color type spring are Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Christina Aguilera.

Shades of clothes-recommended woman-Spring

Now, knowing what color you belong to, you will be much easier to choose your own style — the style of Spring. What kind of clothes and shades will emphasize your natural grace and natural beauty better? Find out today.

The winning shades for females of color type Spring are:

Palette type Spring

Gamma white: warm shades of cream, creme brulee, the color of melted milk. But snow and white pearl cool tones won’t do you, will make the skin too pale and gives her a painful yellow.

Patricia van der Vliet — light spring. In the appearance model, all indicators are located on the same level of color and different brightness. Gentle, clear and luminous colors highlight the poignancy and purity of the image.

Brown gamma almost all the shades: beige, Golden, and ochre. Importantly, the tone was not too dark, they will look at you like the girl-spring, boring.

Coral-red gamma — warm, rich. Against the background of the classic red your soft spring colors are entirely off.

Simona Andrejic — warm spring. Model skillfully picks up colors from the warm palette, especially highlighting its most light and bright shades.

Peach and apricot tones — warm, tasty, harmonious. More saturated orange and pink shades look on you tasteless.

Light grey, pearl — this range will accentuate your natural harmony. And deep shades of gray, for example, slate – on the contrary, not too it will do.

Olga Sherer in clear spring. Glamour models are particularly well emphasize the most vivid and saturated colors permitted in this color range.

Advice on the selection of clothing

Style what plan recommended by representatives of the color type Spring? What things should settle in to everyday wardrobe this spring girls?

Spring so gentle and artless that clothes for her, it is recommended to choose a match. Usually girls of this type are not too complex images with a large number of decorative elements, ruffles, frill, assemblies, etc. Much more refined and appropriate to the women of this color type kolejowego look outfits, designed in a monochrome color combination, complemented by fine or inconspicuous print. Lurid patterns — large tropical flowers, geometric print, ornate Oriental pattern — all this is contrary to gentleness and grace of spring.

As basic shades it is better to choose neutral light colors, for example, warm milk, apricot, cream.

Picking up the top of the garment, it is necessary to proceed from the color of hair: what it is lighter, the lighter should be thing close to the face. So, you’ll fit blouse caramel, peach, light yellow shades.

Especially this rule applies to the selection of scarves and hats. Black, dark brown colors for accessories you just contraindicated. If you want to dilute the image of something bright, give preference to a coral scarf or hat.

Speaking of black: better if in your way it will be presented only in the form of shoes and bags. However, it is also desirable to replace with shades of brown.

As for jewelry and accessories, they should be elegant and subtle, like spring itself. For example, the ideal solution would be a string of pearls — not the classic hue, and creamy. Suitable gold jewelry — for example, a thin a diamond ring and an exquisite pendant. Very beautiful floral ornaments on decorations. Chunky jewelry is not always the case.

Of course, all that was said above is not a dogma, but a guide. They belong to the classical representative of the color type “Spring”. We understand that each of you is unique. But I hope that our advice will be for you a starting point when choosing your style of style of the most gentle and sophisticated of the color type “Spring”

The author – Julia Poison, site

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