Common hobby – ideas for a fun-filled family life!

You and your spouse have been together and family life is organized, like a clock? Or your life together is just beginning? In fact, and in another case, the acquisition of such family traditions as a common hobby, it will strengthen the marriage or the nascent Union will give impetus to better understanding and greater convergence! It is about how to spend free time together, you know on the website ““.

Common hobby or Live in perfect harmony

Like a wise homemaker, you know, that family life is not confined to solving everyday problems, bright intimate life and children, and constantly take new steps towards a rapprochement with your spouse?

Or intuitively tried to separate the Hobbies of your boyfriend and share your own, so your couple doesn’t know the words boredom and idleness, because it simply does not have time?

Then you’re on the right track, but I think a few tips on how to use the new General hobby to make a variety of family activities, will be useful.

Family blogging

Literary work is different, if you and your partner — creative nature, which is close to the humanitarian sphere, the inspiration you can bring together and co-write a work of fiction. By the way, the literature knows many couples, successfully working in collaboration.

Now gaining popularity expression associated with the virtual space. I think you and your “half” is a page on the social networks and perhaps your blog. Try to join forces, start a family diary.

Initially you can open it exclusively for friends or relatives, and in the future, you might want to share thoughts and tips with the General public!

Add photos, links to favorite websites, share opinions on the latest film and do it all TOGETHER!

Music marathon

If one of your couple has a love for music, why as a common hobby with her husband not to learn to play any instrument?

The choice nowadays is huge: from classical piano, violin and guitar to modern synths, various electronic tools to create trendy arrangements.

If you both have the skills of mastery or one of you loves to sing, and the other plays, it is quite possible to construct a family Duo: it all depends on your imagination!


I think needlework is purely our, women’s studies? But, no!

Heard on a variety of work – create and design photo albums? Great common hobby! Just think, how exciting could be the creation of a family album and how glad to meet him your future children and grandchildren!

Dreams with my husband which style to choose to design which memorabilia in addition to photos can be placed in the album (it can be various clippings, ornaments, pictures and other memorable stuff).

Follow modern trends, open to explore, and if you have any difficulties, you can always deal with them with the help of the advice on the website

How to come up with a common hobby: opposites attract

Perhaps you have repeatedly tried to combine your interestsin order to spend the weekend together in a common cause, but it does not work to find common ground because of a difference of character, of mind and other reasons, and just because you’re a woman, and he — man?

Try to deviate from the standards, experiment by connecting the unconnected. Be sure to find an option that will suit you both!

  • For example, your man is crazy about racing and there is strong competitive spirit, you can while watching and participating in such crazy games feel, to put it mildly, not at ease, but into, for example, the usual women’s work – cooking. Just combine your preferences! Arrange a real culinary competition! If the invention is a success, we can every Saturday to please the likes of “kitchen battles”, inventing new recipes and trying different meals… by the Way, even if you’re not cooking very much, so delicious a common hobby will bring many benefits — and lunch is ready by joint efforts, and time has passed with advantage, in a friendly preparations.
  • You – soft, feminine nature, love for someone to care, to give their affection? And your man, by contrast, shows a rigidity of character, loves to instruct and teach? So direct the energy to a peaceful course – guide to breeding and training Pets! Select who would you like to have as a pet, and nurture, care for, feed the new family member. By the way, if your couple already has children, they are such a common hobby will be very happy, believe me! To help you our article on “Beautiful and Successful” how to choose a pet!

  • Your husband’s life itself is not without suburban area, a clock can dig, plant, trim and weed, you’re one of the huge shovels, giant insects, and endless acres of potatoes starting to go crazy? Then select a wonderful alternative to the country – house plants! Garden in miniature will delight the eye, but many “country nuances” can be avoided! By the way, if the journey to your native gardening yet included in the mandatory plans next weekend, get your piece of Paradise – plant favorite flowers, care for them, enjoy the beauty and aroma, let it be an outlet among necessary work on the dacha.

So, benefit from the interesting hobby you both, I think, is obvious, and a little thought, you’ll always find your pair combines a fascinating pastime.

The author – Olga Zhdanova, site

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