Compatible pregnancy and Pets?

Women’s website “” today, once again drawn to the subject a safe and easy pregnancy. Do you know what to avoid pregnant when dealing with Pets? If you do not know, then today’s article is about how affect pregnancy Pets, will be for you really useful.

Compatible pregnancy and Pets?

One answer to this question is no. It all depends on the person’s relationship to the pet and the characteristics of the pregnant body.

Try to assess the possible impact of animals on the pregnancy!

If you are sure that the cat, dog or other animal won’t harm you, you can keep it.
And if you still have doubts, it’s better to say goodbye to a pet. Of course, at the time. Remember, we are responsible for those whom we tame. So in advance to find the animal a temporary and safe housing.

Positive aspects from the animals in the house

Many animals can be called “symbols of the good weather in the house”. After communicating with them:

  • improves mood;
  • increases resistance to stress;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • gives a lot of positive emotions.

What dangerous animals for a pregnant woman?

Many people the negative effects of animal pregnancy associated with infectious diseases. Consider this question in more detail.

Cats and toxoplasmosis

These cute furry creatures can be carriers of toxoplasmosis. And the worst thing is that this disease is dangerous for the baby in the womb. Primarily affects the nervous system, the organs of sight and hearing of the fetus.

Another insidious feature of toxoplasmosis is flowing in a latent form. A woman may not know that she was infected. And the symptoms can be similar to signs of a cold.

Not to get toxoplasmosis, you need to:

  • closely monitor the condition of the cat or cat. If the cat is sick, you can tell by the weak appetite, dull coat, lethargic mood;
  • feed the cat only proven feed. In any case it is impossible to release the animal in the street;
  • carefully and frequently wash hands (particularly after contact with an animal);
  • listen carefully to your body. If there are cold symptoms, immediate visit to the doctor.

Also while planning pregnancy or in early pregnancy can be tested for TORCH-infection. This intrauterine infection, especially dangerous to the fetus — rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes, and cytomegalovirus infection. Negative test results will add you confidence, and doubts about the impact of animal pregnancy will disappear.

Dogs and rabies

To your pregnancy passed quietly, the dog should be regularly vaccinated against rabies.

If something terrible happened and a pregnant woman was bitten by a dog, then you need to take immediate action. Be sure to consult a doctor and get full treatment after bites.

Turtles and Salmonella

During pregnancy is generally not recommended to take the turtle in his hands. If this can not be avoided (for example, it is necessary to clean its aquarium, change the water), thoroughly wash your hands afterwards with soap and water.

According to statistics, 90% of the infection carry it turtle. Fortunately, for the baby is not dangerous. But! The expectant mother may still be infected. So with the reptiles should be extremely cautious.

Animals and allergies

Possible allergic reaction is another reason to think about the compatibility of pregnancy and Pets. I hope you will not face this problem. And more the theme of allergies during pregnancy has already been addressed on the website

Take precautions!

To effect animal pregnancy was only positive, you need to follow some rules. For example:

  • do not come and certainly don’t touch the street or people’s Pets;
  • stay tuned for pet health (at the slightest suspicion on any disease show it to the vet);
  • during the “interesting position” does not make new animals;
  • put the responsibility of cleaning the toilet of an animal on other family members;
  • be sure to wear rubber gloves if you clean the toilet all the same you have;
  • try not to walk your pet yourself, especially in the later stages. It’s not bad work, for example, my husband;
  • do not allow your pet to once again lick you;
  • after any contact be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

As you can see, pregnancy and Pets are not always incompatible concepts. The main thing – to observe rules of hygiene, take care of yourself and pay attention to their health. And we hope that their favourite Pets will only benefit you and your baby.

Be healthy! And light you pregnant!

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