Concealer Loreal Infaillible reviews

Share feedback about the Foundation from Loreal Infaillible. How do you like it? Whether kept for 16 hours, does not create a face mask, and — most exciting for me — does not leave marks on clothes?

Here is a compilation of the views, opinions on this Foundation. Anyone who has ever used, shared with us impressions about “Invincible” (Infaillible).

found the probe in the magazine this concealer, poprobodala.
well, first tone, which I came across — yellow much, well lfdno, this all-taIk itself is not picked up, drop off bills.
second to the nose glistened already so good, two highly visible boundaries applying, the cream to the same “slide”. my skin is oily, but generally I use klinikowski powder for oily skin, so it is enough where not long term, and liked it much better.

I tried, honestly, did not know, invincible or not, because I took a couple hours with him… the face as a mask, the boundaries of the application and the truth is seen, all the wrinkles are scored and transformed them from invisible to visible as wow. skin combined

disgusting filth.
Clog pores, very dry skin. 1 smeared, was shelushenie. While he’s kind of fat. And therefore shines like an idiot. Nose thank God they didn’t put only the forehead — chin-cheeks — shone smooth as butter, what ever happens to me. Skin dry, sensitive.
Yes, about the effect of the mask is true. Horror, in short. And the clothes it stains. How.

he’s awful thick, really like the mask, at least I had such feeling. all this beauty shone after three hours, so I doubt he will stay during the day, except that on dry skin, I guess.

for texture I have no major complaints, maybe concentrated in a dense Foundation products from, BUT he did not stay. A maximum of 2-3 hours, and then there Shine, dirty and by the end of the day “eaten up” skin.
The second time I will not buy — that’s for sure.

skin combined. more creepy face paint has never been in my life. very fatty, neither of which Matt and speech can not be. the boundaries of the application are seen more like!!! disgusting! flew in the trash immediately. not even a “Welcome” someone to offer for just take!

And here I use it and satisfied. Anyway, I decided to try and use, maybe I have very pale skin and I have this wild soil complex. In the end, instead of yourself, cat. just clog the pores and dry out the skin, began to use decided to try. Skin type – normal, prone to oily sometimes in the T-zone and dry in cold weather. Put the tone after a nourishing cream, cat. for 10-15minutes before it was done. I have all the PTS evenly placed and the skin is smooth to the touch. If the Foundation ends or stood in the warmth, that lies like a mask, or I have caused, but we are OK. just use the Top or meteorites, or even bronzing powder from Guerlain. If there are pimples or vespolina, then cover with the same tone, or nothing is visible, either slightly (if it is quite something…). Kept me all day. About the tracks… I Wear leather winter hat, but there are traces, but I wash them periodically), or if the clothes are then easily erased) IMHO, but for their 350-400 rubles he’s great.

Skin is shiny, leaves traces.

Very dense, IMHO, winter or photosessions option. The mask will not be if good RUB. Traces, of course, leaves, where do without it (show me something that leaves). 16 hours is kept partially: by the end of the day, your nose starts to Shine, but the problem is easily solved with a powder. (Not so shiny on oily skin I would recommend to apply a mattifying base to dry, because matte means dry.) Very well mask any redness and pimples, but on scaly areas to apply it is not worth the stresses of the moment. My skin is combination, prone to dryness.

of the minuses
— essno on clothing remainssmiling, whether General in nature, decided to try that don’t stain clothes? IMHO it’s a myth
starts to Shine. well, that too, if there’s a mattifying cream Foundation — I Pat or rejoice for your dry skin, but from sebum are not going anywhere — so what Bo doilies or Potocki…
— colors! If you have very light skin — you can forget about it, all the shades very dark. I have it lying around for “2 weeks in the tropics under the sun climbs”
from the pros — fit well, because the texture is dense — tightly blurs all imperfections.
well, about 16 hours tales.

Summing up: Infaillible by Loreal is a very good concealer, just pick it must be tailored to your requirements, remembering the dense texture and other features.


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