Constant quarrels with her husband: how to avoid the next quarrel

To avoid quarrels in family life is probably impossible (this is why on the website “” has already published an article about how to fight correctly). But to minimize the amount of emotional conflict can and should be, constant quarrels with the husband of the marriage is not exactly strengthen! So you should know how to avoid quarrels for minor reasons and not hold grudges on each other.

Want to fight! And the reason… now think!

You will be surprised, but a greater number of quarrels between spouses is not due to a real desire to challenge and prove his innocence, and under the influence of a bad mood or a moment’s resentment. Know the feeling – “if he was going to say a word-we will fight!”?

What to do in this mood?

Anything – preferably something good for yourself, but at a distance from each other! Go shopping, bring a friend or mom (not in order to discuss caused you offense and horrendous behavior of your spouse!), take a walk with a dog or a child… Time out in a few hours will benefit you, and my husband, it’s possible that then you will rush to embrace each other with mutual apologies!

And yet, no matter how corny, very often, is to respond to the insult… the offering of his own apology, even if you don’t feel guilty!

Go wander through the shops, buy yourself some new sexy panties and some accessory for fishing as a gift to her husband – the incident would end in mutual forgiveness, and sweet kisses!

What if the initiator of the constant bickering – husband?

We can assume two options.

Either this man is a chronic kicker, and a quarrel is needed to maintain vitality. If the firm decided to connect his life with such a person website “” wish you endless patience and understanding that this trait of character is not etched out of the men nothing!

But if you know exactly what your spouse scandalous nature is not different (or, as you remember, did not differ once), but lately he always finds a reason to quarrel, it may mean that he is bad to you. Something is wrong between you.

The situations are different, but General advice – love your husband!

Raduy, do a nice goodbye misunderstandings… Give your beloved the freedom of choice of priorities in life (as in key issues, and household stuff), not reglamentary his life if he is important to your relationship, he is unlikely to do something that would be very bad for you. I have no doubt that a quarrel with her husband a constant phenomenon will cease to be!

How not to make a permanent quarrel with her husband, if the reason is still there?

You know exactly what upset with the wife, and see a solid Foundation for discussion in a raised voice. It’s better than to make trouble for no reason.

BUT!!! Before you start a conversation, answer yourself the following questions:

  • Would you be happier if the husband will take your opinion into consideration? Not in the sense happier about the fact of victory in the dispute (why would you momentary joy of self-affirmation at the expense of a loved one?!), and from the real consequences of the conversation: for example, the husband will daily without reminders to take out the garbage, he will not scold you prepared food, etc. If it is really important to you and you will be delight – then, well, a plus in favor of the argument…
  • Whether the husband is happier if I listen to you? Yes, sometimes the happiness of the beloved should think! Very often what seems important to the wife, the husband perceives as meaningless nonsense: maybe he would agree with you, but he will not feel no joy, no benefits, no rationality… So why impose what it generally does not matter?
  • Ready husband to change opinions? In 99% of cases the wife knows that the husband will never agree. And still persistently raises this topic, that generates a constant fruitless argument with her husband. In this case, one of two things: either not to raise this issue at all (because the fight will just mess up you again mood, and relationship is not the best way impact), or wait until the spouse himself will change the original point (and this happens!).
  • What’s best for your relationship to convince the wife of the rightness or change their own opinion (even without a quarrel with her husband)? The second is better almost always! And, you can just defer the problem for such a long period possible, and maybe forever… Resentment will be forgotten, attitudes will change…

Honestly, to answer “Yes” to all these questions, is not disingenuous in front of you, very difficult! And if there’s any reason for doubt – listen to him.

Because every argument is microtrading in your relationship. It can quickly cover up with superglue “butt-to-butt”, to paint, to varnish – but it already is! If such a “microcrack” is going too much accumulated resentment, and you will not be able to keep.

At one point, inadvertently remember all that was said, and this is a cause for serious quarrel… So try to avoid the constant quarrels with her husband still need!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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