Correction of drooping or ptosis of the upper eyelids with makeup

Good time of day! I have a question for you — my eyes are a bit do not end up uncoveredif you can suggest how they can visually enlarge well at all to adjust!?
Photo attached, though the quality is not very good!
Thanks in advance!

Photo I, of course, will not publish, but the defect of the eye say. It’s called ptosis, or ptosis of the upper eyelids, and occurs relatively frequently.

Ptosis of the upper eyelids can occur for a number of reasons: illness, injury, congenital defect, previous surgery on the eyes and advanced age. In most cases it is caused by either weakness of the muscles lifting the upper eyelid, or pathology of the nerve that directs the muscle.

But today we talk not about the ptosis, and the ways visual correction.

Natasha, try to fix drooping eyelids here’s how:

1. Twisted eyelashes using special forceps or a special ink, or use all at once. Eyes look more open.

2. When the eyelids in any case, do not use dark shades, they visually widen and reduce eye bright – “open” eye. On the eyelid under the eyebrow and the upper lid apply a light matte shadow, and I can go to the inner corner of the eye. The lash line should be underline in dark pencil or shadow.

3. If ptosis of the eyelids never disappoint bottom lashes on the inner edge — this will make your eyes visually smaller than they are.

4. Follow the line of the eyebrows – it needs to be clear and beautiful, it will make the eyes more attractive.

5. On the occasion suit light shade with sparkles. Lighter shades make a highlight on the upper eyelid. It’s simple: put a dot exactly in the centre of the lid (above the pupil) and shade.

Natasha, always remember that such eyes as yours – this is not a defect, but a feature! Drooping eyelids give the face a great mystery, and it would be a sin not to stress!

Therefore, You also relevant the following techniques, emphasizing lowered eyelids:

1. eye makeup “Smoky eyes” – about it we already told in a separate article.

2. don’t be afraid to bring the upper eyelid. You are most likely to go dark brown eyeliner and for evening black plus medium gray or olive green shade.

3. lengthening mascara is for You! My half-closed eyes and long eyelashes — it is something!

Natasha, You can use for daytime makeup techniques correction of drooping upper eyelids, and for evening makeup is to emphasize your mysterious look.
Success, and don’t be afraid to experiment! —

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