Cosmetic oils for face wrinkles: top 10 essential oils

If you laugh often, you can delay the appearance of wrinkles. Studies show that when you smile “included” less facial muscles than if a woman frowns. And therefore creases appear not so intense. But in practice, even cheerful girls first grooves are visible after 25 years. Often on the forehead, bridge of nose and near the eyelids. Here are ready to help the natural cosmetic oils for face wrinkles.

In talking about natural remedies against wrinkles on the skin in the first place are due to vegetable and essential oils for the face. They are produced in cold-pressed “juice” from the beans, seeds, sprouts.

They possess a collection of natural components that is capable of solving age problems of the epidermis. In their composition vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, macro – and microelements, vegetable carbohydrates.

Together, these substances stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, protect skin from harmful factors and microorganisms are saturated with moisture and oxygen. The lubricant range is so wide that any option there for every budget and for every type of skin.

Of course, you can dismiss. Like, why waste time looking for the right natural oils for face anti-wrinkle, and then another and make it a special mixture? It’s easier to go to the store and buy a ready-made tool. With mind everything makes sense. But really, what’s better for your face, store — bought cream or oil is moot.

Factory wrinkle cream: pros and cons

Cream — the most common form of cosmetic which girls use of wrinkles. Today, virtually every manufacturer offers several anti-aging series. In the fight against the signs of aging girls usually do, and marketers know it. So you see products with extracts of gold, pearls, stem cells… But what are the advantages and disadvantages of similar products?

  • Easy to use. Buying anti-aging cream that frees you from additional trouble. No need to mix, combine, enrich and then rinse. Opened the tube, and hold wrinkles.
  • Expensive. Truly effective, a good tool will cost a pretty penny. While such products are usually packaged in small containers, so to upgrade the tube will need about once a month.
  • Addictive. For reviews, products for aging skin quickly cause addiction, so after 3-5 months you will need to take a break and pick up a new anti-aging series.
  • Works on the surface. The cream does not solve the stated tasks at a deep level, and only masks problems. Prolonged use of such cosmetics will hide small wrinkles, but from deep grooves to remove will not work.
  • Contains chemical additives. When cosmetics are produced on an industrial scale, free of synthetic ingredients is simply not enough. They need to “correct” the color, smell, consistency and also to ensure a long shelf life.

Store the cream gives the skin the immune system. The tool “works” exactly as long as you continue to apply it. The cream prevents the appearance of new grooves and “recharges” the skin strength and anti-aging potential.

Natural oils from wrinkles: the pros and cons

Natural oil instead of a cream is most often used by supporters of home-made cosmetics and those girls who are unable to find a suitable anti aging product in the store. Herbal “elixirs” is much cheaper than branded products and often suitable for solving the associated task. For example, in addition to eliminating wrinkles, help to moisturize or get rid of acne, heal wounds on the hands and lips, clean circles around the eyes. What are the pros and cons of natural oils stands out?

  • Require additional time. Not all oils can be used as a standalone tool, for example, instead of cream. Because of the heavy consistency of many of them can be applied only by combining with other components. In such cases, made masks and appliques. The time required for mixing and for the adoption of the procedure itself. Plus often you need to wash off the product after use, since it cannot fully absorb. Most home remedies are not storable, so every time you have to “nail down” a fresh mask.
  • Have limitations in application. Although many types of plant “elixirs” have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, women with oily skin are advised not to abuse the oil treatments. In this case, need special treatment and almost always required a combination with other components. In addition, not all oils are suitable for daily use.
  • Affordable and multifunctional. Unlike anti-aging products, industrial vegetable oils and esters are cheaper. Besides, enough of them to last longer. Plus the contents of one vial can be used for face, hair, and nails.
  • Have a natural composition and Hypo-allergenic. In oils no synthetic components. Also almost all of them are safe to use and can cause allergies only, if you have individual intolerance to the product.
  • Solve age problems at a deep level. The composition of oils with similar fatty secretions of a person. This allows you to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, to saturate cells to stimulate the renewal.
  • Have long-lasting effect. Natural oil nourishes the skin with a health store. Therefore, even with the break in oil care anti-aging effect can be maintained: the spontaneous emergence of new ridges at the time will be stopped.

Vegetable oil will not be able to completely rid you of wrinkles on the face. Such effects have, perhaps, only “rejuvenating injections and surgery a plastic surgeon. But these natural products are able to “erase” small cavities and improve the state of deep-seated grooves. Moreover, the visible result is a maximum of one month of regular treatments. Important point — effective and long-lasting prevention of the formation of new wrinkles.Best oil for youth: “list-tip”

It is impossible to determine the best oil for face anti-wrinkle. Here the individual approach is important. Someone praises castor “elixir”. Other girls it does not fit, and they choose the oil of frankincense.

But based on the experience of the supporters of home cosmetology is possible to make “list-tip”, which is better to use oil from wrinkles for the face. By the way, the products from our list are often part of anti-aging cosmetics store what the manufacturer says with pride in their advertising.


  • Description. Essential camphor oil is obtained, surpassing the bark, roots and branches of a tree camphor Laurel. This East Asian plant. For beauty take only essential oil white camphor. It is used as a radical cosmetic trick: when you need to quickly bring the skin in order. This oil is composed of a unique component bisabolol, which is considered an analogue panthenol. But the product is very concentrated, you’ll be a pungent odor in its pure form can injure the skin. So smooth you can’t even use as a base. The amount of the cosmetic mixtures is clearly limited by the recipe, otherwise burns may result.
  • Average cost. Up to 300 rubles. for 10 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. This tool is recommended for the age problem and the girls with oily, inflamed skin. Whitens, removes scars and prevents the skin, eliminates wrinkles and acne, tightens pores.
  • Who is not recommended. Camphor oil should not be used for pregnant and lactating mothers. The substance is also contraindicated in epilepsy, asthma, dermatitis and eczema.


  • Description. Vegetable flax seed oil — the “juice” of flax seed. One of the most useful plant products, the use of which in cosmetics is not particularly limited. It can be used in pure form, and even to eat. Heals wounds, cracks and skin diseases. Has a set of vitamins necessary to maintain the beauty of women. Features a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for the epidermis and the body as a whole. These substances are essential as antioxidants and are important for strengthening immunity.
  • Average cost. 100-200 roubles for 250 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. Flax oil is prescribed for scaly, aging and inflamed skin. Deeply hydrates, removes blackheads and smoothes out “webs” on the face. Improves the General condition of the skin and prevents inflammations, holes, stains.
  • Who is not recommended. The product is not suitable if you are hypersensitive.


  • Description. Vegetable or olive oil “juice” the fruit of the olive. Contains natural preservatives and antioxidants. The high concentration of vitamin E and important for the health of the skin fatty acids. Often used in cosmetics in its pure form, and is also helpful in the diet. The product can be combined with other popular home cosmetic substances, but it is strictly forbidden to add in the product of industrial production. The very olive oil is often used for making homemade face cream.
  • Average cost. 400 rubles for 500 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. Perfect for dry, aging skin. Nourishes, eliminates striations, removes rash.
  • Who is not recommended. Girls with oily and irritated skin can be olive oil only in limited quantities, with frequent breaks and never in its pure form.

Rosehip oil

  • Description. Vegetable oil rosehip is extracted from the seeds of wild roses. Product valuable in cosmetics because it can be used for eye care. The product is rich in ascorbic acid — it is an order of magnitude more than even the lemon. Vitamin C is a key factor in the rejuvenation.
  • Average cost. 200 rubles for 100 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. The perfect remedy for dry skin. Protects from the sun, removes stains, circles and webs, heals, replenishes moisture, relieves swelling.
  • Who is not recommended. Rosehip oil is not suitable for girls with oily skin. Contraindicated with acne.

Wheat germ oil

  • Description. Vegetable wheat germ oil is obtained by processing of cereal spikelets. The product is rich in vitamin E, which prevents aging processes of the epidermis. This oil is used after cosmetic correction and for the care of delicate baby skin. Can be used as a standalone tool for care.
  • Average cost. Up to 200 rubles for 100 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. Useful for flaky, sensitive, inflamed and wrinkled skin. You can use for a century. Is prescribed for the prevention of rosacea. Cleans grooves, nourishes a positive effect on the activity of sebaceous glands.
  • Who is not recommended. The product is not suitable if you are hypersensitive. This is also not the best option of care for too oily skin.


  • Description. Herbal sesame oil is also called sesame. It is obtained by processing the seed of the African sesame seeds. Recommended for baby skin care, in the treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema. Suitable for delicate area near eyes. Rich in vitamins, natural antioxidants. Contains substances that normalize hormonal balance. Can be used as an independent cosmetic product every day.
  • Average cost. 300 rubles for 100 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. The competent combination suitable for all skin textures. But most effectively solves the problem of peeling and dryness, and fights wrinkles. Reduces swelling, helps with acne. Well protects from the “bad” of the sun.
  • Who is not recommended. The product is not suitable if you are hypersensitive.

Sea buckthorn

  • Description. Sea buckthorn vegetable oil squeezed from the seed and the fleshy part of the fruit of the same name medicinal plants. The product has a high content of ascorbic acid, vitamins A and E and other important for the health of the skin substances. This oil to treat burns, cuts, acne and other skin ailments, including ringworm. However, the “juice” of sea buckthorn in cosmetic rarely used in undiluted form. The product is ideal for enrichment of ready cosmetic.
  • Average cost. 150 rubles for 100 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. Excellent tool for aging, inflamed and dry skin. Stops the worsening of the grooves in the early stages. Removes freckles, pimples. Can be applied under the eyes and even eyelashes.
  • Who is not recommended. The product is not suitable if you are hypersensitive.


  • Description. Herbal apricot oil is “mined” from the kernels of apricot. In cosmetics it is used as a standalone product and as an additive-solvent in essential oil for facial wrinkles. The use of the high content of vitamin F. It is a set of unsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary to the female body for healthy skin, hair, nails. This substance also helps other useful components to be more active at the cellular level. The apricot oil is the traditional “beauty vitamins” — the group b, A, C, etc. It can be used even for children. It is also useful in the fight against cellulite.
  • Average cost. Up to 300 rubles for 100 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. Helps aging, sensitive, flaky and inflamed skin. Suitable for combined type. Has a rejuvenating effect. Anti-bacterial properties allow for pimples and blackheads.
  • Who is not recommended. The product is not suitable if you are hypersensitive.


  • Description. Plant peach butter is made from the kernels of the peach tree. Very light in consistency and, at the same time, very nourishing for the skin. It is well absorbed and is suitable for independent use. Can even be applied under the eyes and on the lashes. There are a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, improves the General condition of the epidermis. Also vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid, vitamins a and E. Suitable for girls who are subject to allergic reactions to cosmetics and food.
  • Average cost. Up to 300 rubles for 100 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. Recommended for aging, flaky, sensitive and inflamed skin. Removes “webs” provides a velvety effect, evens out skin tone, fights redness and bumps.
  • Who is not recommended. The product is not suitable if you are hypersensitive.


  • Description. Vegetable castor oil squeezed from the seed of a poisonous plant — castor oil plant common. Recycled oil does not contain harmful substances and with proper use even very helpful. But to put it on skin in its pure form is impossible. His “highlight” — ricinolein acid in the composition, which is characterized by the rapid effect of softening the skin. Castor oil is often used to enhance thickness and growth of eyelashes and also to get rid of warts. Is used as a component of cleaning compounds for inflamed skin.
  • Average cost. Up to 80 RUB. per 30 ml.
  • To whom and for what suits. Recommended for aging, sensitive, dry and rough skin. Fights wrinkles, dry skin, removes pigmentation. In the right combination with other oils effective against “crow’s feet” under the eyes.
  • Who is not recommended. The product is not suitable if you are hypersensitive.

Often in the home of cosmetology girls follow the principle of the experiment. For example, to select suitable cosmetic oils for the face, which are suitable instead of cream. To care for centuries combine several kinds of “vegetable juices”. And for applications Supplement oil, dairy, vegetable and fruit purees.

No matter what kind of oil for face wrinkles you liked — always remember about security measures. Pre-test product on the crook of the elbow. But girls with oily skin should carefully approach the selection of recipes of cosmetic mixtures which include esters or vegetable oils.

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