Cosmetics on the plane: collected makeup before the flight?

In any situation, you want to look well-groomed and beautiful, including when traveling by plane. What to do after a long flight to keep a fresh appearance?

It is enough just to properly prepare for an upcoming flight and know how to take care of themselves on Board. What is needed cosmetics on the plane – this now tells women’s website

Before the flight

  • When you will choose what makeup to take with you on the plane in carry-on baggage, pay attention to the volume of cosmetic products. The rules state that it should not be more than 100 ml. Everything else you will need to leave the Luggage. You can purchase mini versions of the cosmeticsthat you will need on the plane, or just pour the necessary quantity of special containers for travel. All cosmetics you will need to fold in a transparent plastic bag so that it could check if necessary.
  • To after landing look great, it is important to eat right before you Board the plane. A few days before the flight, try to eat foods with minimal salt content. In addition, you need to withdraw from your body of excess fluid, and this will include in your diet vegetable soup. Also before the flight, try to thoroughly load up on vitamin C, because the plane quite easily can catch a cold, and the supply of vitamin C will not let you do that. Thus, leaving the plane you will feel perfectly well, without severe indigestion and swollen eyes.
  • Think about your hairstyle. To long hair during the flight and after it looked neat, before the flight to braid them into the braid or spikelet. And then after landing you will not have to think what to do with these “icicles” on the head.
  • Clothes for the flight , it is recommended to choose a convenient and comfortable, not constraining movements, without pressing belts. It is recommended to abandon heels, not to increase further the load on the veins.

During the flight

  • There’s no rush to get comfortable as soon as you buckle up. First advise you to make several mandatory procedures. Wipe face with wet wipes, and then apply moisturizer or a moisturizing mask in a thin layer. But on the plane of the skin begins to dry and needs extra moisture.
  • If you constantly sit, you can expect swelling of the legs. So try to move more and to move his legs. At least once per hour is recommended to get up from his seat and walk a few steps along the chairs. In General, try not to be a long time without movement.
  • Your body and therefore your skin is in the plane lacks moisture. Therefore, it is essential to periodically sprinkle the face and chest area moisturizer spray. Also before landing, then visit the toilet to brush my teeth, fix hair and apply a bit of Foundation.

Flights are quite long. And they need to prepare carefully. In addition to cosmetics, in the plane it is useful to take and some other things.

  • In order for your sleep on the plane was calm and healthy, desirable special pillow. In a deflated condition, it will not occupy much space in hand Luggage. But its existence will allow you to sleep and relaxation. So, when you arrive, you will have a great mood and lots of energy.
  • If you want to take care of the health and comfort of your feet during the flight or you are diagnosed with “chronic venous insufficiency”, it is recommended to wear compression socks. In them your feet will not swell, which is very important during long flights.
  • If you’re going to transfer, then you’ll appreciate a pack of wet wipes, a small towel and a change of clothes. In the transit airport, find a way to cool off and freshen up. It will give you strength for the new flights.

Expectant mothers who intend to travel by plane, I advise you to read our article about how it is easier to fly pregnant.

As you have noticed, you don’t have to carry a large number of tubes to look nice on the plane and after landing. In addition to your regular makeup on the plane enough to take a few additional cosmetic products, including wet wipes and a moisturizer to stay beautiful and fresh.

Following all the above tips, you’ll look great even after a long and tiring flight.

The author – Ksusha, site

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