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Beauty is always the theme 1 in a Sorority. But health and beauty – the concept of walking hand in hand. Today , the doctor-dermatologist of the center for French cosmetics Elysee Rita Kinelev answers the most popular questions on the elimination of defects appearance and gives tips on healthy care especially for readers of the site

“Website “” glad You agreed to answer questions from our readers! Please tell us a little about yourself. Why did you choose this profession? How many years practicing? What problems do people come to You most often? What is most enjoyable about Your work? Sincerely, administration”

Thank You, that addressed questions of Your readers to me! I graduated from the 2nd Medical Institute N. And. Pirogov majoring in medicine, dermatologist-venerologist, therapist, nutritionist, cosmetologist”. In cosmetology is relatively new, but with all my heart love what I do. The best part of my job is seeing the happy faces of his patients! Know that you make people not only happy, but beautiful! To raise their self esteem, give them confidence.

Facials: get rid of acne and blackheads

“Is it possible to get rid of blackheads forever? Olga

You can try the course retinoidy peeling, a regular weekly home exfoliation and good cleansing. Cleansing is generally the first thing that you need to pay attention, without proper cleansing, you can forget about beautiful skin, always remember this!

“Since last year on the face began to appear acne, acne. Many say it’s adolescence. The doctor turned to remove them, but I was told too young age, no one wants to take. Can you tell what I can do in my case? I’m 16, soon to be 17. Adella”

At the age of 16 years you can pick up a good cleansing cosmeceuticals antiacne and use daily. In addition, you need to come to the beautician for a professional cleaning regularly.

“I have skin problemsand pimples no more oily “T zone”, as often happens, a on the temples and along the border of hair growth. Why is this happening? Irina

In Your case, you should consult a dermatologist, so how to diagnose anything without seeing You is quite problematic. The appearance of acne on the face can talk not only about skin problems, but on a more serious disorders in the body.

“What tools best help for acne? Regirock”

Acne is often associated with poor diet, Smoking, improper cosmetics. Try to give up fatty, salty and sugary foods, drink more pure non-carbonated water, spend more time outdoors.

Time clean the skin from dirt, wipe the skin tonic on the basis of salicyl alcohol, but not to forget that these tonics severely dry the skin, so always remember about moisturizing. And, if possible, visit the office of the dermatologist, who can give recommendations regarding your skin type and condition of the epidermis.

Skin and “hormonal storms”

“After birth, on the face skin is oily and prone to acne. What to do? Vcpa”

During pregnancy the body is hormonal failure, so skin problems postpartum – the picture is quite common. A visit to a cosmetologist-dermatologist, he will determine the condition of Your skin, pick up the necessary tools. At home don’t forget about the cleansing, hydration, drink more pure water.

“While drinking oral contraceptives, could not get enough on the skin is clean, smooth. Once on the advice of a gynecologist switched to the vaginal ring, the problems started! On certain days of the cycle of oily skin, pimples, tubercles, not helps no cleansing! Then like the aggravation ceases. You can do something to solve the problem of cosmetics? Inna

The improvement of the skin — a pleasant side effect when taking contraceptives. But, unfortunately, it’s the effect yo-yo. After receiving them the skin returns to its usual state, and sometimes becomes even worse. Pick a good makeup in accordance with your skin type.

Cleansing – toner –hydration — the three pillars of a healthy and beautiful skin. If possible consult your dermatologist.

Beauty “tricks” and effective cosmetic procedures

“I often use the creams , and perhaps because of this, my skin without makeup with small pimples and redness. Maybe it’s because of the monotonous food, but any stuff I don’t eat… Can you give me advice how to make the skin more healthy? Since I’m only 20 years old, and to go without concealer, I’m just shy and feel insecure. Olga”

In this case, when not to use the creams, it is important to very carefully clean your skin of cosmetics of good quality and weekly to do home peels. Periodically visit a beautician for a professional cleaning. At observance of these simple recommendations, soon, the Foundation may not be necessary.

“I would like to reduce pores on the face, as well as to fight with wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes (only slightly visible). Please recommend cosmetics! Thank you!!!! Natalia”

Pores on the face can be reduced with a course of peels (retinoin, laser). It is also important to remember about the daily cleansing of the skin and various tonics, preferably peeling. On the forehead and around the eye wrinkles mimic and here the necessary procedure Betulaceae, that is injection of botulinum toxin type A, to put it simply, Botox in the area of facial muscles around the eyes and forehead.

“How you can make whiskers on the upper lip inconspicuous? Olusa”

The easiest way to make invisible mustache above the upper lip to lighten them. But here we should understand that the darker the skin, the more noticeable will be the antennae in their clarification. That is, this method is more suitable for blondes.

The brown-haired brunettes I would advise you to do waxing, the effect will persist up to 4 weeks. If the hair is too much, you can resort to photo or electrolysis after the consultation with an expert.

Body care: fight prickly heat and properly visited the Solarium

“Tortured bumps on the skin around elbows and knees. Not itch, do not bother, but look ugly. This is a consequence of lack of hydration or something else? Oksana

Causes of pimples may be different. From nervous tension and ending with the presence of such disease as psoriasis. Contact your dermatologist.

“Can we sunbathe in the Solarium, if after the second birth on her upper lip appeared pigmentation? And if so, how to do it properly, so the pigmentation does not become brighter. Bride Of Chucky”

Disputes over the Solarium, in my opinion, will never end. On the one hand, we always want to be beautiful and tanned. But on the other hand, it is important to remember that UV radiation is the main cause of aging of our skin.

My advice — if you encounter this kind of skin problems from tanning should be abandoned. If this is not possible, then follow a simple rule: go to the Solarium once a week, use sunscreen, don’t close the tanning bed and before leaving the house, so that could be thoroughly absorbed.

Do not use decorative cosmetics and perfume during a visit to the Solarium.

“I have prickly heat, but I’m a grown woman! Than to treat heat rash in adults? Yuliya

When you see the heat rash should immediately contact your doctor or dermatologist, because only a doctor can properly diagnose the disease. The main reason for the appearance of the sweat can become hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive sweating. To deal with this disease can home, by finding a good deodorant-antiperspirant, that is money that will not only eliminate odor, but also to deal with profuse sweating.

Good help wiping 1-2% salicylic alcohol and dilute with lemon juice. If the problem is more acute, it is possible to resort to injections of Botox or Dysport, the effects will remain from 6 to 12 months.

“How to care for problem skin body? Pimples and sebaceous plugs periodically appear on the back, arms from the shoulders to the elbow, and hips. I have the feeling that moisturizers are even more clog the pores… What would you recommend from cosmetics? Alla

The skin of the body needs to properly care: to clean, bilingual and be careful to use a cream, because many creams contain substances, clogging the mouth of the sebaceous glands.

For questions about health and beauty, skin care and cosmetic procedures answered doctor-dermatologist of the Center for French cosmetics Elysee Rita Kiseleva. Address of the French Elysee cosmetics: Moscow, m. Barrikadnaya, Klimashkina str., 5/6, phone: +7 (499) 253-52-42

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