Cracked lips: what to do?

With the onset of cold days, many women find that their lips start to look worse: disappears softness and smoothness, there is peeling and cracks. Today on the website “” will try to understand why it begin to crack lips, what to do with this problem and as possible to avoid it.

Cracked lips: causes

Many women think it’s weird that with careful care for the lips, they were suddenly confronted with a similar problem.

It would seem that they use special lipsticks or other means that promise to nourish your lips, making it shiny, but peeling and cracks still arise.

The reasons can be several.

Allergic reactions

As you know, allergies can cause even expensive cosmetics. Before using a particular lipstick or gloss, make sure that the skin of your lips can tolerate all the components included in the composition of the product.

Poor quality cosmetics

If the lipstick is not too high quality, then its constituent petroleum products and parabens also add health and beauty to your lips. So, if there are cracks on the corners of the lips, the reasons may be that lipstick fills the natural folds of the skin of the lips and causes irritation.


The food you prefer will also affect the condition of your lips. If you are a lover of smoked foods and fruits with a high content of acid, keep in mind that these products can irritate the mucosa of the lips and contributes to the formation of cracks.

The same can be said about soda drinks, and hard liquor.


Cause cracks on the lips can be problems with health. Is that only with the help of the doctor to find the caused cracked lips causes treatment to pick up and get rid of annoying cosmetic defect.

So, in diabetes of the second type of cracks on the lips – a common phenomenon. Check a blood sugar!

Another disease that leads to the cracking of the skin of the lips – herpes is caused by the fungus Candida or simply yeast infection. It is transmitted by contact, for example, when you kiss and if you have a weakened immune system, then you may get infected. Return smear to determine the presence of infection, and consult a doctor who will prescribe treatment.

Bad habits

They can also cause this unpleasant phenomenon. For example, if there is a crack on the lower lip, the reason may be that you eat it when you think about something. The same can be said about the habit of biting the tip of a pen or lick your lips.

Improper care

The cause of chapped lips can become and lack of concern for them. The skin on your lips has its own characteristics and requires special care. It is not enough to apply chapstick or other means. To cope with the problem required a comprehensive care, which will be discussed on the website

Cracked lips: what to do? Proper care

Lips, like skin, need periodic use of peeling: it allows you to make them smoother and to relieve peeling. For this procedure can be used as industrial products and “home care”: in the latter case, it will be cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

So, to make peeling lips can, brushing them with honey and pomassirovti for a couple of minutes ordinary toothbrush. Honey, by the way, has beneficial effects on the condition of the lips: promotes healing of microcrack and provides nourishment.

Lip skin is more dry and delicate than the facial skin and therefore causes cracks on the lips consist often a lack of hydration and nutrition. As a rule, to resolve this problem, use hygienic lipstick.

But to use them too, need to mind: moisturizing lipstick is better to use in warm season, in cold weather they will only worsen the situation. With the onset of cold weather requires the use of nutrient cosmetics. It is better to prefer lipsticks that contains sea buckthorn oil, propolis, vitamin E.

You can cook that baby and yourself.

Take 3 tablespoons of beeswax (you can substitute cocoa butter), put in a water bath and melt with constant stirring. Add 5 drops of orange essential oil or 10 drops of oil of seeds of peach. If you want to add volume to the lips, instead of orange oil, you can use the live mint: when applied it will cause a slight tingling sensation as it stimulates the blood flow to the tissues of the lips, making them plump and delicious.

All of these measures can be attributed to preventive.

If the problem has already occurred and severely cracked lips what to do in this case? Try to conventional care add use of vitamin masks. Put them on clean skin for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Don’t forget after using the mask, apply suitable balm or chapstick.

Here are some recipes of masks for lips.

  • The most simple hair mask – honey. Simply brush lips with a thick layer of natural honey. This “mask” you don’t even have to wash off, and leave overnight. Gradually you sliznei delicious “cosmetic” and lips to get necessary vitamins and nutrients.
  • Depends on the skin of the lips and the Apple. If you often cracked corners of the lips, what to do, you do not know, try Apple mask! This fruit will help to cope with zaedy. To prepare the mask, grind the quartered Apple on a fine grater or chop in a blender and add to the resulting slurry a teaspoon of cream.
  • If inflammation was the reason that the lips crack and peel, what to do, in addition to treatment prescribed by a doctor? Suitable antibacterial mask on the basis of vaseline. Antiseptic component will perform essential tea tree oil, which is known as a natural antibiotic. Mix 5 drops of this funds with a teaspoon melted in a water bath of vaseline and medicated shampoo ready!

And so your lips feel comfortable, do not overload their cosmetics. As a basis under lipstick use care balm. It is possible, you should refuse for some time from the use of decorative cosmetics for lips, replacing it with a hygienic lipstick with a slight tint effect, or sheen.

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