Crafts for March 8 with their hands (elementary school): step-by-step photos

Decoration on a box of chocolates

With decorations made by your child, a box of chocolates turns into a Royal gift for mom or grandmother on March 8. And most importantly, the result of creativity will delight the novice master.

You will need:

  • colored paper brown, beige or light brown, green;
  • the template sheet;
  • paper serving several bright colors, and yellow;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • line;
  • stapler;
  • glue.

Manufacturer DIY step by step for the student of elementary school:

  • On a sheet of paper brown and beige, making marking strips 1 cm wide, as shown on the photo step-by-step description.

  • According to the obtained layouts we draw lines using a ruler. Cut each sheet of paper, the two flowers, stripes on the planned lines, not dorezaya to the edge of 1 – 2 cm.
  • Intertwine strips of two colors.
  • From cardboard cut out a small oval. The size of the oval should allow to freely fit oval the shape and dimensions of the existing box of chocolates.

  • Now downloadable pattern carved beautiful leaves, you can use different.
  • Cut out the leaves on the obtained templates from green paper. All leaflets are pasted at the top of the oval so that most of them was outside the contour of the oval.
  • Now start making the flowers. Put with each other 5 – 6 napkins, draw out a circle with a diameter of 5 cm, cut.
  • In the center of all the layers held together by a stapler, cut with scissors a fringe all around.

  • Yellow napkins folded in 4 layers, cut out circles of 1, 5 see Also make fringe and glue in the center of each colored flower.
  • Glue the flowers to the leaves, and the entire structure to a box of chocolates.

A bouquet of red carnations

Very effective and easy-to-make crafts for March 8. Having developed this idea and approaching it creatively, you can make bouquets of different flowers.

You will need:

  • corrugated paper – any color;
  • cardboard dense;
  • napkins serving red;
  • adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • satin ribbon;
  • brush.


  • Every paper we turn in half two times, sealed with the resulting design stapler.
  • Cut a circle from the layered square circle, cut around the entire circumference. All cutting resposes received a flower.

  • Produce a sufficient number of flowers to make a spectacular bouquet.
  • On cardboard draw the outline of the bouquet, the size selected. Cut along the obtained contour shape along the shape of the bouquet.
  • Bottom wrap the bouquet crepe paper. In the characteristic narrow place of the bouquet, tie a satin ribbon to tie a bow.

  • On the free part of the cardboard glue the prepared flowers.

  • Between the colors and the contour of the bouquet – crafts for March 8 distribute green leaves very simple form, made with his own hands. In the classroom work of elementary school, you can choose a more complex version of the petals using the patterns.

Gift slipper

You can make a couple of these shoes and give mom. Can put them on a beautiful card handwritten execution. And inside of shoes to put another one of his crafts – paper flower.

You will need:

  • colored velvet cardboard – any two colors;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Manufacturer step by step hands schoolgirlschoolboy:

  • Downloadable pattern shoes, heels, and any flower.
  • Have templates the basics of shoes and heel on a specially prepared sheet of cardboard of the same color. Draw out and cut along the contour.
  • On the reverse side draw dotted lines as per the template.
  • These lines bend the template, ensuring the shoes, the bonded parts.
  • Same outline and the outline of the heel, bend lines, bonding.
  • If you decided to make a pair of shoes, then repeat the whole process again.
  • On the colored cardboard of a different color overlay pattern of flower, draw out the outline with a pencil, cut out.
  • Glue the flower to the slipper and craft for March 8 for a competition in primary school ready. Incredibly original crafts made with your own hands, will delight mom or grandma.

Applique surround with bells

This hack on March 8 can be manufactured in two versions, easier for the little kids and more challenging for children of primary school. The easier option involves a simple coloring of parts of the pattern template. We also consider step-by-step description of making three-dimensional appliques.

  • And you know how to do crafts with their hands?



    According to the tutorials I got


You will need:

  • thin cardboard – light color;
  • colored paper – blue, yellow, orange, red, pink;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • translucent paper, or thin parchment;
  • glue.


  • Blue paper cut on all sides, stepping back from the edges by 2 cm If you have fancy scissors, the best option would be to use them to obtain the pattern contour.
  • Sizing the resulting background for the application of glue and glue to thin cardboard.

  • Download template cards with bells.

  • Overlay a transparent paper on pattern and srisovyvanie all part of the picture.
  • Cut out each item separately.
  • All items are placed on colored paper of different colors and cut. Glue on the basis of an application just like on the template.

  • For each bell, cut three different colored parts of his image on the template.
  • Every detail of the bell folded in half. Glue all three parts of the bell and applying them folded in half, on top of each other.
  • Straighten surround the flower and glue in place one bell.

  • On the final card of an application to make gift labels for mom or grandmother.

Souvenir “Panda”

If your child already has experience of crafts, from card making and applications you can go to the souvenir production on March 8.

You will need:

  • cardboard – white, black, green;
  • cotton swabs – 1 – 2 packaging;
  • acrylic paint – black, white;
  • brush;
  • scissors;
  • the PVA glue.


  • Cardboard cut out figure of a Panda, it is very simple, depicting two interconnected shapes – round and oval, lying horizontally.
  • All cotton swabs cut off the top.
  • Glue the tops of cotton swabs along the entire circumference of the circle and the oval.
  • So fill the entire area of the figures, the sticking of the workpiece in a circle, reducing the diameter of the subsequent round.
  • The lower ends of cotton swabs in the second and subsequent layers after gluing pregiven slightly to the center. Prepodavala top will give the figure volume.
  • At last the final layer of cotton harvesting have vertically.
  • On black paper draw the paws, the ears, cut out and glue everything in place.
  • On the legs put dots with white paint and black paint, apply stain on the “skin” for more similarity with the Panda.
  • Also draw the ears on white and black cardboard, with black ears should be a little more white.
  • Glue together the two blanks of the tabs, glue them in place.
  • Also just draw, cut out and glue eyes and a nose.
  • Can be nice to handle the reverse side and attach a magnet to give mom or grandma a souvenir like this.
  • And you can stick the hack on a piece of cardboard as shown in the video. On the cardboard make a congratulatory inscription and give the mother or the teacher, as three-dimensional greeting card application.
  • A bouquet of plastic cups

    This hack demonstrates that crafts are very important a creative idea. If such an idea is found, to produce a striking and simple crafts on March 8 will not be difficult even for the student of elementary school.

    You will need:

    • cups yogurt, mixed bright – 9 PCs for 3 kagdogo color;
    • skewers or cocktail straws;
    • Bank – 0, 5 l;
    • bouncy balls mixed colors – 4 PCs.;
    • a pair of scissors.


  • With the cups cut away the upper part.
  • Each stylized flower we have gone for three cups of different colors.
  • On the cups in one of three colours draw the shortest petals. And on the cups of the other two colors draw the petals are similar in shape and size.
  • Insert two cups so that the upper lobes were located between two petals of the lower Cup.
  • The entire structure is inserted into the third Cup with short lobes.
  • Now bore a small hole in the bottom of the Cup and insert a skewer or a cocktail straw.
  • Thus manufacture all of the three flowers.
  • Start processing “vase”, the balloon of one of the flowers cut off the top, put on the jar bottom.
  • Another ball cut away the bottom, put on the jar top, the narrow part is pushed by the inside banks. The banks cover the second ball must be full, and not to reach the bottom 3 cm
  • Of balls of the other two colors cut strips of different widths and alternately put on top of the jar. We got decor vases of colorful stripes.
  • Stick our flowers in a vase, hack to March 8, made with his own hands, ready. Elementary school students can perform more complex version of the DIY with the templates by downloading them from the Internet.
  • Pincushion “ladybug”

    This hack on March 8, my mother will be happy especially because it is also the right thing. To complete the pincushion in this form, several options in the description of the proposed two of them, the most interesting.

    Option 1

    You will need:

    • template ladybugs;
    • felt – red and black;
    • needle;
    • adhesive;
    • thread.


  • Download a sample template of a ladybug, for example, so what you see in the photo.
  • Cut out the black parts of the pattern and superimpose them on the black felt, cut out.
  • Red felt to cut out the basis, according to the template.
  • The top part and glue to the base of red felt. Prepared details of the stitching, leaving a hole for the filler.
  • Option 2

    You will need:

    • felt – black, red;
    • thread;
    • needle;
    • adhesive;
    • a pair of scissors.


  • Cut out two large circles of the necessary diameter from red felt. The diameter size depends on what size you want to make a pincushion.
  • Cut another circle of black felt for the head of our stylised ladybirds, size is also arbitrary, is proportionate to the “torso”.
    • On left to cut out 6 spots in the form of small circles out of black felt and one strip width of about a centimeter in length equal to the diameter of the red circle.
    • Spots and stripes pasted on one of the circles from the red felt.
    • All the circles make a small cut on one side for connection of the head to the torso.

    From strips of black felt, cut additionally make feet – loops, sewed to the body.

    • Sew all the details of the crafts for March 8 for a competition in primary school, leaving a small hole in which we will insert the filler. Fill up our crafts made with your own hands, with cotton wool or synthetic padding, is sewn up leaving a hole.

    In this collection we have presented master-classes of Handicrafts of various degrees of complexity. And also tried to cover several types of the most interesting crafts on March 8, which can be done in elementary school.

    It is possible that the little master or mistress wants to change something in the description, and to make his own way.

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