Cream for hair – highly beneficial mask for all hair types

Probably in your fridge almost always have sour cream. This is not surprising! Because this dairy product is an excellent complement to our diet, and is also useful for health and beauty. Today the site “” will talk about homemade masks for hair based on this wonderful product. And also you make sure that the cream for the hair — one of the best means of care.

How useful cream for hair

Sour cream is useful for health and beauty thanks to the rich composition. It contains a large set of micro – and macroelements, vitamins, proteins, acids and sugars.

External use cream for hair:

  • nourishes the hair with protein and all the necessary elements;
  • strengthens the root and body hair;
  • significantly improves the appearance;
  • promotes normal growth and strengthening.

It is worth noting that to hold sour cream means the hair is quite nice. Especially if they are enriched with fragrant essential oils (how to use geranium essential oil for hair care website “” has already been told). Moreover, the cream is starting to have nutritional and beneficial effects immediately after application.

By the way, the sour cream for the hair is only a shampoo, but an effective remedy. Let us consider each option.

Mask care for dry hair

Funds on the basis of sour cream — just the perfect remedy to care for dry hair. And if the hair still and break down, it is recommended in any mask to add a bit of linseed oil. For dry hair fits better with more heavy cream (between 25% and higher).


You have to mix flower honey, sour cream (1 tbsp), yolk of one egg and a sliced half banana. All the ingredients should be thoroughly mixed by hand or blender.

Next, apply the mask to wet hair, massaging the roots actively concealed the head with plastic wrap and relax for hours. Then wash off the mask.

If you do this hair mask regularly (1 time per week), then after a few treatments will be surprised how:

  • strong steel hair;
  • improved appearance;
  • you become more confident feel.

Mask for normal hair

In this recipe it is recommended to use cream for hair fat only 10-15 % (2-3 tbsp). Also you will need lemon juice and wheat germ (1 tsp).

It should be noted that the lemon helps to lighten hair. So you can kill two birds with one stone. But! For stronger lightening can add 3-5 drops of lemon essential oil.

To keep this excellent a mask of sour cream on the hair 20 minutes then rinse. Later dry the hair with towel, comb well and wait until dry. All this time, the mask of sour cream for normal hair will have an active nourishing action.

Mask for oily hair

If you have very oily hair, then the website does not recommend masks made of sour cream too often. Also in such cases, you need to choose a cream with a minimum fat content.

In sour cream (2 tbsp) it is necessary to pour a little warm broth of calendula and RUB into the roots. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Calendula sour cream for oily hair:

  • helps to normalize the work of sebaceous glands;
  • has a nourishing and regenerating effect;
  • prevents the formation of dandruff.

Mask for weakened hair

After childbirth, illness or change of seasons , the hair can weaken. To restore be sure to use your favorite sour cream.

For example, to return the hair vitality helps mask the sour cream and vegetable oil. The fat content of sour cream choose based on the type of hair. And the best vegetable oil, burdock, olive, or castor.

The ingredients in equal proportions, mix and keep on wet hair for 15-20 minutes. The optimal frequency — 1-2 times a week. As a rule, after 5-6 treatments, the hair will once again attain vitality and pleasing their owners beauty and Shine.

Mask for hair treatment

Effective cream for the treatment of hair and scalp. Soon after medical procedures is not recommended to use chemical means: shampoos, opolaskivateli and so on. Otherwise, you will weaken or even stop the action of nutrients. Consider a few natural remedies for the treatment of hair.

From hair loss

The most simple and effective remedy is yogurt and sour cream. Separately, about yogurt mask for hair we have been told. The number and proportion can be very different. Importantly, the mask is not dripping from the hair. Apply the product to 2 days for 30-40 minutes.

From dry seborrhea (dandruff)

You need to mix sour cream (15%), honey, and pureed aloe Vera (all in quantities of 1 tbsp). Can also add a decoction of oak bark, or sage essential oil (2-3 drops). Remedy for seborrhea need to keep 20 minutes, then rinse. After a few days the procedure can be repeated.

Oily seborrhea

To prepare this mask you need sour cream (15%) mix with honey and onion porridge (1 tsp). Also need to add lavender essential oil (4 drops) and crushed garlic (0,5 tsp). Massage movements need to RUB the remedy into the hair and after half an hour rinse with warm water. For effective treatment, the procedure should be carried out 1 time a week.

As you can see, the sour cream for all hair types — loyal friend, and sometimes a real life saver. Try any of the appropriate mask! Undoubtedly, hair will be very grateful and will give you strength, health and beauty.

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