Creams and essential oils stretch marks: what are you pregnant?

Preventive measures against stretch marks during pregnancy cheaper than their further treatment. So today on the women’s website we’ll talk about how to help a stretch mark cream for pregnant women and essential oils from the stretch to solve the problem of their appearance.

During pregnancy because of changes in body weight and hormonal alterations in the body the skin becomes thinner that can cause internal tearing in some places the stretch marks. If you do not begin to deal with them, then they eventually turn into ugly scars (scars). Since stretch marks occur when severe stretching of the skin, about the precautions during pregnancy, you need to think is necessary.

Stretch marks cream for pregnant women: a brief overview

For the prevention of stretch marks cosmetologists are advised to use creams, which contain natural oils. Also recommend creams which include retinol, collagen or elastin. They make the skin more pliable to stretch to prevent or minimize the amount of stretch marks.

Usually, creams are applied daily after a shower or bath on the problematic fate of skin: Breasts, belly, thighs and buttocks.

For many of prevention is enough to prevent stretch marks.

We offer to your attention a creams stretch marks creamreviews which talk about their effectiveness.

Please note when buying cream for stretch marks — in the instructions for use have to be an indication that it is designed specifically for pregnant women. Its membership should include only natural products, so cheap stretch mark cream for pregnant women will not cost.

As the user reviews, there is no single cream that would suit everyone. So a stretch mark cream that will suit you in price, quality and will suit you in consistency and smell to choose can be difficult.

You can buy cheap creams (up to $ 25.e) famous companies:

  • Galenic Elancyl (Galenic Elancyl), France – is very popular among pregnant women.
  • Sanosan (Sanosan), Germany – if you buy the original, not a fake, the cream is very good.
  • AVENT (Avent), England – the same as Galenic, is quite popular among users.
  • Our Mother (Mama comfort), Russia – one of the inexpensive creams, may not be suitable for all skin types and, therefore, has both positive and negative reviews.

If possible, you may prefer a more expensive brandsthat are well established in the market:

  • Mustela (Mustela), France is one of the leaders in cosmetics for babies and expectant mothers. There is a cream for stretch marks during pregnancy and after pregnancy. They are composed of natural essential oils, nourishing Shea butter, Sophora japonica extract.
  • Weleda (WELEDA) in Germany – are available in oil and cream to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy that you can use from SECOND trimester.
  • Vichy (Vichy) France – hydrating cream, which speak highly of consumers. The composition includes vegetable oil, enriched with silicon.

Creams for stretch marks: reviews

About the effectiveness of the cream can learn more if you read the consumer reviews. According to them, the most popular among pregnant use creams for stretch marks the following manufacturers.

Galenic Elancyl (Galenic Elancyl), France

In the cream contains extracts of algae, vitamin E, oil cártama and panthenol. The cream is non-greasy, instantly absorbed into the skin. Helped, judging by the test, 82% of women who actively used during pregnancy.

  • “I am satisfied with this cream for the price quality of the product. The entire pregnancy was used 9 tubes of 150 ml. On the tube there is not a single Russian word. I think that is not fake. Bought in the pharmacy. The price is about 30.e. Use now breastfeeding. Katya.”

AVENT (Avent) England

The cream is made on the basis of orange and almond oils. Easily absorbed, moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity. Dermatologically approved for use by pregnant and nursing women. Customer reviews 70 to 30. More positive.

  • “Enjoyed the cream of AVENT until the 5th month of pregnancy. My skin is prone to stretch marks. Missing one tube of 3 weeks, costs about $ 25. Not a single stretch marks appeared. Then gave the cream an Indulgent Body cream. Too. Anya.”

Sanosan (Sanosan), Germany

Series for nursing mothers and pregnant includes creams, gels and sprays. All products are based on natural lanolin. Tubes of 100 ml. the Products have both positive and negative feedback.

  • “I use a cream German company Sanosan. Attracts that it is relatively inexpensive (two packages a month out). Before that, used Baby Teva – do not like it. Sanosan easily applied to the skin and absorbed. Maria.”
  • “I was given a spray Sanosan from stretch marks. I believe that it is a complete disgrace. First, sticky, secondly, is not absorbed. Yes, and the smell is very unpleasant. By the way, stretch marks appeared. Nice.”

Essential oil stretch marks: what to choose?

The efficacy of essential oils in the fight against stretch marks will depend on the regularity of their application and the quality of the oils that you will use. But if you are determined and willing to follow all instructions, the result will be better than applying some cream against stretch marks. With essential oils you can make aromando, massage, body wraps, baths and rubbing.

  • “I used to treat stretch marks and their prevention essential rose oil. Just remember that in its pure form, it does not create the desired effect, but will harm the skin. 5 drops of rose oil I’ve added natural olive. Approximately 10 ml. Rubbed this mixture into the skin of the breast and buttocks for 15 minutes. Stretch marks I have. Also sometimes smeared body just olive oil. Masha.”
  • “During pregnancy friends gave me essential oil of neroli from the stretch. I would have bought it, it is very expensive! But effective stretch marks. 3 drops of this oil I added to 10 – 15 grams of yogurt, put the resulting product on the skin and massaged. Before that the skin treated with peeling, the pores are better opened. Neroli oil is very effective against stretch marks. It is well restores even damaged skin. Alexander.”

Most effective in dealing with stretch marks consider the essential oil from citrus plants: neroli, tangerine, grapefruit, orange. In addition, they make the skin smooth, they have a pleasant smell.

Essential oils in their pure form do not apply – they need to mix with a base vegetable oil (almond, olive, Shea butter, etc.) they can Also add to the finished cheese curds.

Oil from the stretch of several components

To prepare a remedy using several essential oils for stretch marks easy at home. For its preparation you will need:

  • Foundation – jojoba oil and avocado oil (50 ml)

They add in the following order oil (10 drops):

  • Mandarin red
  • neroli
  • rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • lavender (20 drops).

Mix everything and put in a dark place for a day.

It also means you can be used to take oil bath. Just remember that before you can add 7 – 10 drops of the finished oil, it must first be dissolved in the emulsifier (salt, honey, cream, but not gels and shampoos).

Bath using aromatic oils useful not only for treatment of stretch marks and their prevention: to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Remember that natural essential oil from the stretch must be without any artificial substitutes. Only oil prepared by the method of cold pressing and steam distillation, suitable for the treatment of stretch marks.

Any essential oil is applied to the place where they can develop stretch marks, with tingling. On how to properly conduct a plucked massage website told in the article “How to remove stretch marks after birth.”

The most popular cream for stretch marks during pregnancy and the best essential oil for stretch marks will not bring any effect if use them regularly.

Only systematic care for the skin during pregnancy will help to cope with this problem.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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