Crises in marriage

Sooner or later the man who will be able to walk down the aisle, and will appear in your field. And here begins the most interesting. The collision of two self-sufficient and independent personalities, which develops into quarrels and recriminations. Comes disappointment. Each pair in marriage goes through certain stages with their difficulties.


When a woman is looking for a partner, all the details thought out to the smallest detail. Each image of an ideal man your.

Very cool when you understand what man you need. Bad when you all adjust one size fits all: this is not enough blonde, and one not so manly.

The feeling of love overshadows the mind. We do not see any disadvantages each other, even when they are quite obvious. Moreover, who wants to admit that they sang praises to the average office Manager, not a Prince on a white horse.

In the period Dating a man and a woman are trying to show their better side. To understand whether caring man in life during the honeymoon period is impossible! They all want to win a woman, to conquer her.

And in sorrow and in joy

It is at this moment in time of marriage all begin to cry. It’s so romantic: and in sorrow and in joy to be together, to support each other. Just how to do it, if after these words, everything changes? You continue to evolve and change, and words are not going anywhere.

After marriage, it turns out that by tradition, every Friday favorite is attending beer parties with friends. A cute girl very loves “make the brain” for every household stuff. You were not warned about this?

Unfortunately, those family models that we took with the families of our fathers and mothers greatly influence our future life. Also take into account the crisis that overtakes you in the range from one to three years. Not all the strength to cope with this difficult period.

You will help the conversations and compromises. If you can conquer the crisis three years of marriage, your couple create their family model. Whether it is similar to the parent or not. It will be your personal. The wife will be able to better understand her husband, and the husband — wife.

If you learn to find compromises, the relationship will reach a new level. Everyone will learn not to pull the blanket of leadership in the family on himself, and sleep under it hugged his partner.

The stage of love and understanding

The compromise leads you to a new level. You enjoy each other.

During this period the couple decides to build or buy homes and to improve other material and housing conditions. Many people at this stage decide to continue the race. Everything is calm and measured.

You have a sense of respect to each other. You can easily take responsibility for someone’s happiness. Everyone wants to give pleasure to the partner.

The tipping point

Those who crossed the threshold of seven, with confidence I can say if they want to live the rest of your life with your partner.

In the first seven years formed your relationship. So much need, to without any illusions and pink glasses to answer the question about wanting to live with this partner.

In the sexual sphere you have a second wind. Partners getting to know each other under a new perspective. You will learn the preferences of a spouse and trying to bring him maximum pleasure. And the partner does the same.

Right now, each of you becomes fully open to partner. You are no longer afraid to be myself. The couple not only to each other begin to love as they are. You accept yourself with all faults and cockroaches, because your partner accepts you as you are.

When the pair crossed this threshold, we can say that is a full family. The purpose of the relationship is almost reached, sincerity and closeness has already been found. For a complete happiness left to solidify these concepts in my head.


If you can pass all firmly holding hands, any barrier you no nothing. Crises are all pairs. But without them you will not be able to build your ship of happiness and fill it with love. It is impossible to obtain immeasurable happiness, not knowing the bitterness of quarrels and scandals.

Try learn to find a common solution in all situations. And then your family will be strong as a rock. No problem can’t ruin your relationship!

Alla San Jose coach family psychologist

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