Curler: how to use correctly?

Women’s website “” dedicates this article curlers. No doubt everyone knows about this method of styling hair, but I hope you will be interested to read a bit more about them. We consider their views and learn how to use curlers.

Varieties curler

A variety of types of curlers is surprising: they are very different in shape, size and material. We will tell you about the main types of this wide range and how to use different curlers.


There are wooden and plastic. Often they have a small diameter and due to this curls turn out fine and elastic, like permed. Preferably use them on short hair.


Hair rollers-Velcro

They don’t have clamps and rubber bands for fixing strands. The fact is that the surface of such curlers is a lot of miniature hooks, which cling to hair well. “Velcro” is more suited for short hair, curler gives volume.

There are more curlers with natural bristles. In appearance similar to hair rollers, Velcro, and the curls turn out about the same.


How to use the boomerangs -curler? These curlers look like sticks made from foam, but they are dense enough. Inside them is a metal rod, thanks to the curlers-boomerangs possible to create different shapes, which eliminates the use of additional items to secure the hair on curlers.

Velvet curlers

They allow you to create smooth, beautiful curls. Their surface is made of velour. Hair curlers velvet hold by clips and plastic sticks. They are especially popular among professionals.


Hot rollers

How to use hot rollers? First they need to prepare for the job to lower them for 10 minutes in boiling water. Then the curlers and get the wind on them strands, keep the hot rollers for about 20 minutes. They are suitable for hard and thick hair, because have a large impact force due to heat. Laying in this case lasts much longer.

Foam curlers

Their advantages is the ability to use “at night” because they are very soft, but the curls can be formed wrong “crumpled” shape. Also soft, foam curlers are also quite lightweight, making them comfortable to use.


How to use curlers. Methods of Curling

After we figured out the main varieties rollers, on the website discuss ways of Curling for curlers.

Horizontal method of Curling

Its use use hair curlers of the usual cylindrical shape.

How to use a curler with a horizontal wave? The curlers are wrapped as tightly as possible to the hair roots, so hair will be voluminous.

Vertical method of Curling

Use different size curlers. The bottom line is that the curler is wound freely, that is not close to the head. You should leave several inches from the roots of the hair are not curled. The result is styling with gently falling curls.

The vertical method of the actual irons for long hair and medium length hair.

Hot rollers

Simple rules how to use hair rollers for perfect hair styling

  • Always do a Perm only on clean hair. If you do not adhere to this rule, the result of styling you might be disappointed.
  • Before the curler on curler spray the hair with water so they are moist but don’t overdo it. This is to ensure that future curls longer retain its shape.
  • Before you secure the curler for a more stand and model styling, apply on hair a special tool for hair styling. And don’t forget to choose that suits your hair type.
  • The thickness of the hair strands should be thinner than the diameter of the rollers, and the width of the strands should equal the length of the curler. And the longer the hair, the strand needs to be thinner.
  • The strand optimally need to hold in relation to the head surface at an angle of approximately 90 degrees.
  • It is best not to leave the curlers in all night, of course, if you don’t want to suffer then headaches. In addition, during sleep the hair can smatsa, and the curls will turn out the wrong form. Also, if curlers were not well secured, the clips and the clip can be disengaged.
  • Remove the curlers should be only after the complete drying of the hair. If the hair dried by dryer after standing to cool their cold air dryer or naturally.

Soft curlers

So we figured out how to properly use the curler to create beautiful and lasting styles with neat curls.

Those wavy curls suggest you also read the article on the “Beautiful and Successful” how to use a straightener for Curling hair.

Be always beautiful and stylish!

Author Elvira Agacheva, site

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