Dance: how to choose the right style?

“I would like to go dancing, but I can not choose the direction, from which we should start training. Help to decide! Lena”

Indeed, the modern dance school offers its clients a multitude of fitness and dance styles. Therefore, choose the style of dance that is right for you is not so easy. But it seems at first glance!

At the beginning of your road to dance tops women’s website tell about the most popular styles of dance and will help determine the choice.

What gives the dance?

So, you decided to go to the school dance. For many, this is a good alternative to exercising in the gym, since dancing provides great exercise in a fun way. Doing the dance, you will improve the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, increase the tone of muscles and joints.

Low traumatic dance lets engage even the elderly and small children.

In addition, dance is a wonderful emotional release. It will help you to overcome shyness, to relax and to relieve stress, because during the dance the body produces hormones of joy. Therefore, a good mood during and after class, guaranteed!

To dance beautifully only feeling complete freedom from complexes, from isolation, from stereotypes. It is possible that the whole dance will change your Outlook and life philosophy will make you more sociable and confident.

In short, around benefits! So go for it! ?

How to choose the right style of dance?

To determine the direction from which you would like to start learning to dance, you need to answer the question “What do you want to dance?”.

  • To keep yourself in good shape?
  • Make new friends and have fun?
  • To develop the plasticity and flexibility of the body, to feel confident in a nightclub?
  • Nicely to perform wedding dance with my fiance?

How do you want to dance in a group, pair or individually? Studying dance professionally or just to expand your circle of acquaintances and Hobbies? Do you have any contraindications for training in health?

Once you answer all these questions to decide will be much easier.

Dance styles: what are they?

All the dances, of which a great many, can be divided into several groups.

Club Latina

Latina club (salsa, merengue, bachata, cha-cha-cha, Rumba, etc.) is a very active, very showy dance, popular in all the clubs in the world.

They are characterized very explicit gestures, expression, fast paced. They are perfect for those who want to keep fit, combining this process with fun.

Latina club is represented in almost all dance schools, in pairs and individually.

Movement club latina not are complex — they are easy to learn. Importantly, they will require instructors from dancers – it is entirely to experience Latin rhythms, feel free to Express your emotions, to move openly and passionately.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance (Oriental dance) is a very languid, mysterious, and a smooth dancethat suits women and girls of all ages and any body type!

It will allow you to feel their femininity and sexuality, become more flexible and graceful. This dance is credited with not only great physical, but also psychological effect. A woman really begins to feel like a Woman, sensual and desirable. This dance is performed by men, so the classes Belly Dance is always a bachelorette party ?

Although belly dance is performed in a calm, he trains a variety of muscle groups. Mainly the load is on the abdominal muscles of the pelvis, shoulder girdle and back.

The dance consists of three main parts – Taksim, dance, shaking. Special attention is paid to the complexity of the dance and technique and craftsmanship.

Club dance

Club dance (Funk, Go-Go, Hip-hop, R&B, Street-jazz, Break-dance, etc.) are very diverse, but they share a purpose. Club dances are suitable for execution in night clubs, discos and parties.

Most club dancing is dancing unisexsuitable for both men and women. But among girls the most popular strip dance, go-go and R&B dancing.

The main thing for the execution of the dance club is a sense of rhythm to movement was to the beat of the music and perfectly complement it. Having mastered the basic moves (which, incidentally, is quite a difficult technique), you will be able to vigorously improvise! Club-dance you can dance alone or in big groups (it looks much more spectacular).

Vivid examples of club dance found in music videos and performances of the stars (Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carrie, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, etc.)

Wedding dance

Wedding dance – a real godsend for the couple, which has long been common abroad. To clumsy groom didn’t spoil your memory of the first nuptial dance, it is better to take a few lessons wedding dance. It can be not only a classic waltz, but the Rumba or tango – if you are an extraordinary approach to business.

National dances

Folk dances are not as popular as club Latin or belly dance, but this is their highlight is to learn to do what others can not!

The diversity of national dances of strikes, the main thing – to choose and find a dance school. An additional bonus to the dance often, there is a familiarity with the culture from which he came.

All folk dances unique and unusual execution, but as an example we will focus on Spanish Flamenco and Irish dance.

Flamencodignified and independent, but at the same time is very feminine and passionate. For the dance is characterized by smooth movements of the hands, wrists and shoulders, hitting the rhythm of the heels. Although Flamenco is a Spanish dance, it includes elements of many areas of the national dance (Gypsy dance, Arabic, Latin, etc.)

Irish dance has tremendous energy and expression. The great interest is connected with the unusual pose of the dancer. The dance is performed on the toes, upper torso and hands still. The main emphasis is on fast and vigorous footwork. The dance is performed both in solo and in groups of 2-8 people.

This is only a brief overview of possible dance styles, there are many more and each has its own advantages and features that are not described in one article.

If you are staying for several styles and can’t make a final choice, we recommend that you take trial lessons (in many schools they are free).

Whichever dance you choose, tune in to the persistent patient work, because nothing comes just like that! We can assure you that the result will not keep itself waiting long!

Dance for life! ?

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