Dangerous toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment and consequences

Toxoplasmosis is considered the most terrible disease for pregnant women as it causes severe malformations of the child. Detecting symptoms in the early stages often recommend termination of pregnancy. And the later — treatment. drugs. But I am afraid of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy for the mother and child? How to protect yourself from disease and if a diagnosis has been made? Find out the competent opinion of obstetricians and gynecologists.

Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite that attacks humans and animals through direct contact with infected. When injected into the human body a parasite causes fever, swollen lymph nodes, watery eyes, discharge of the nasal mucosa. But this happens in rare cases and is usually taken for the symptoms of the common cold. In 90% of cases toxoplasmosis infection occurs without symptoms, so ill not even aware of the disease.

In principle, this in talking about toxoplasmosis it would be possible to put an end, as after illness a person develops immunity to the parasite. And re-infestation does not occur. However, during pregnancy, infection, history and treatment of toxoplasmosis significantly different.

What is the danger of toxoplasmosis for pregnant women

During pregnancy Toxoplasma attacks primarily the fruit that becomes the cause of severe ailments in the child. Their severity depends on the age of the baby. If toxoplasmosis infection during pregnancy has occurred:

  • in the first trimester — the risk of malformations incompatible with life, is 15-20%;
  • second trimester — there is a fetal infection in 30% of cases;
  • in the third trimester — clinical symptoms of infection may be absent when infection in 60% of cases.

Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy are incompatible when infected in the first trimester. If the disease is detected at this period, doctors recommend to carry out the abortion. In the later stages may drug treatment of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women. However, the formulations applied quite dangerous for your baby, so their use is possible only after the 16th week of pregnancy.

How to determine toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

Determination of the presence of the disease is done through blood test for the presence of immunoglobulin classes M and G. This analysis allows to determine the presence in the body of the parasite and immunity to it, and also to understand whether toxoplasmosis during pregnancy or were transferred much earlier, is of paramount importance.

The fact that the risk is primary infection with toxoplasmosis. If you are not even aware of it, suffered the disease in childhood or young age, re-infection will not cause any harm to the child. That is why, when planning a pregnancy, doctors recommend to pass the test for the presence in blood of antibodies of classes M and G. If the tests show the presence of blood immunoglobulins:

  • IgM means the infection of the parasite occurred recently. You need urgent expert advice!
  • IgM and IgG indicates the infection in the course of the year. Repeat the test in 3 weeks, and if you see a buildup of IgG, urgent medical attention. Toxoplasmosis is in the acute stage;
  • IgG — you’ve already had toxoplasmosis a long time ago, and you have immunity to it.

How to avoid infection

If the analysis showed the presence of immunity, can relax: toxoplasmosis in pregnancy you are not afraid. But, if not immune, you must take all measures to prevent infection.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy may develop as a result of contact with a pet: cat or dog. If the pet is living with you for a long time, don’t worry. You probably already had this disease. But if you meet a cat at a party or on the street, avoid even minimal contact!

When working with the earth (not only house, but also when transplanting flowers) wear rubber gloves. If the soil is living parasite, it can enter the body through cracks in the skin. Thoroughly wash the vegetables you plan to eat raw, and fruits. As well as’t butcher the raw meat with gloves: Toxoplasma can survive in fresh and frozen meat.

Toxoplasmosis is really extremely dangerous disease for pregnant women. However, to avoid it much easier than the rest of his life to pay for the consequences of inattention to ourselves. And if your family a little daughter, it is best to ensure the infection toxoplasmosis at an early age, for example, go to visit friends who have a cat. Developed immunity to Toxoplasma after the disease will protect your daughter during pregnancy from unpleasant consequences and concerns for the health of her child.

  • Detailed information on the influence of toxoplasmosis in childbearing and about treatment read our partner on the medical portal “Sterilno.net”.

Dangerous toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment and consequences

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