Dark lipstick: how to choose, apply and wear wine lipstick: master class

Beauty-trends succeed one another with astonishing speed. We barely managed to master the technique of applying the seductive haze the eye and its effect on weak men’s hearts on the pedestal of fashion climbed up and proclaimed themselves the kings of all the colored arrows. Once we tamed the wayward and audacious beauty, red lipstick, immediately a key fashion hit in a loud voice and in all corners of the announced soft pink.

Sympaty.net has nothing against mods and it blows. But today’s a chance to talk about the eternal: about the dark lipstick. It is not just Burgundy, purple, dark red, crimson and other shades wine range firmly hold their positions, despite the vagaries of Her Majesty. About how to wear a dark wine shades on the lips – read today.

Who goes, why, and in what quantities to use

What explains the popularity of the wine lipstick? Maybe her ability to transform even the most casual look in the evening, exquisite and expensive? Or is it more universal?

It is no secret that wine shades look equally good both on blondes and brunettes. In any case, the fact remains — dark lipstick prefer the way a great many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

You still have not had to deal with a wine palette? You tried, but failed? Then our tips and follow-on master class is for you.

How to choose

Stylists recommend to choose the shades of a wine range based on the tone of the skin.

So, the owners of dark skin is to look for a warm Burgundy with a slight pearl, and the carriers of light, slightly pinkish — purple shades with a cool undertone.

How to implement

In addition, and implement a dark wine shades in their makeup and image in General need to be competent.

The main thing – to adhere to the Golden rule – the brighter and more saturated lips, the shorter and easier should be everything else (eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones).

If you decide to bet on the mouth, think about the ideal tone of your face. A primer to even out skin tone, then apply Foundation (the most relevant to your natural shade). On the cheeks and forehead, use a reflective powder on the eyebrows – transparent (this will lighten them and shifts the focus to the lower part of the face).

If you are going to run mono-makeup (lips and eyes within the same color range) and want to avoid the effect of “tired eyes”, characteristic of the shadow from the wine palette, draw the outline of the eyes black or dark brown pencil/liner and thick paint mascara on the lashes.

If you are an ardent fan of smoky eyes and do not think without it, even your daily make-up, remember — the wine shades look most advantageous in combination with grey-black and black.

Those who are not yet ready to make wine lips, you can start with simple finger put on the lips (pre-moistened with them) is a little dark lipstick, creating a very light and translucent color.

But those who are willing to take risks — you are welcome….

How to apply dark lipstick: master class

1. Apply to lips any exfoliating (gently).

Note: the dark lipstick is very whimsical, therefore, in order not to cut at the root of the perfect makeup, make sure that the skin on the lip was flat and smooth.

2. With a special flat brush lip concealer – it will help to disguise the natural color of the lips so as to not conflict with the shade of lipstick.

Note: if desired, you can lightly powder my lips so that the makeup lay better and lasted longer.

3. Close your lips and trace their outline with a pencil. First, draw a tick on the upper lip, then small strokes move in the direction of the corner. Repeat the procedure on the lower lip.

To achieve the most smooth and clear lines, try to keep the pencil perpendicular.

Note: the pencil should be or the tone of the lipstick or slightly darker (no more than one tone). And besides – is sharpened.

4. Describing the outline, begin to sketch the corners of the lips – this will allow the lipstick to last even longer.

5. A small synthetic brush to apply on the lips a lipstick, it is very important to respect the boundaries and in the heat not to go for them.

6. Over lipstick gently apply the glitter (it is important that it was one shade of lipstick) – this will enhance the color of the lips even more. In addition, the light texture of the gloss will give lips softness and their color — deliberate irregularity.

7. The final touch – with a flat brush and a bit of concealer, go over the skin around the lips (the most close to the outside). This will make the lips more expressive, sharp and contrast.


Now you know all about dark wine lipstick and the intricacies of its application. It remains the case for small – to fill his hand, to get used to a new way and begin to walk this way in the light.

Good luck makapag achievements ?

The author – Poison, site ToKnow365.top.

The article used a photo from the website cosmopolitan.com

Dark lipstick: how to choose, apply and wear wine lipstick: master class

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