Dark spots on face: causes and treatment in salon and at home, special makeup prevention

Healthy color and uniform structure of the skin assessment criteria of female beauty. The image of a delicate porcelain doll with ivory skin and a fresh blush can ruin even the smallest defect. But many beauties have to wage a fierce struggle with pigment spots, which are literally stealing the freshness and youthfulness. You can apply a thicker layer of tonal resources is not the answer. What are the causes and treatment of spots on face? How to deal with the problem on its own and that offer aesthetician?

Pigment stain is an accumulation of melanin (pigment substances). If it concentrates in the upper layers of the skin, its surface is covered with moles and “sun kisses”. But if the pigment occurs in the deeper epidermal layers, it is about hyperpigmentation, which appears as spots of various shapes, sizes and colors. Most common are the following types of stains.

  • Lentigines. Rounded brown spots that can reach two inches in diameter. Occur under the action of sunlight or aging changes.
  • Efelidy. More commonly known as freckles. Characteristic of blondes and redheads, people with light skin and caused by the intensive synthesis of melanin. A small spot with a diameter of a few millimeters occur in childhood, and after 30 years, their number begins to decrease.
  • Chloasma. The most common type of pigmentation, which starts to develop after 20 years. The spots are of different sizes and irregular shapes. Color brown or yellow-brown. Localized on the forehead, cheeks, nose, cheekbones and around the lips.
  • Dermatosis Brock. It is most affects women after 30 years with diseases of the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal tract. Yellow-brown spots have fuzzy boundaries and are localized in the lips and nose.

Causes and treatment of spots on face

It is believed that the skin condition is a reflection of the processes occurring in the body. In order to effectively deal with problems of appearance, it is important to know why there are spots. Noticing these changes, be sure to visit not only a cosmetologist, but also the gynecologist, gastroenterologist and endocrinologist.

10 preconditions for appearance of pigmentation

Causes of age spots may not only be cosmetic. There are ten key factors that lead to pigmentation.

  • Heredity. A tendency to pigmentation of the skin can be laid even before birth, if a similar problem is present in parents or other relatives.
  • Hormonal failure. The skin is sensitive to hormonal changes. During pregnancy, in breastfeeding, in the end or the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and also due to endocrine or gynecological diseases women may face unattractive spots on the skin.
  • Mechanical damages. Attempts at self-treatment of boils, acne and other skin diseases, inept exfoliation, exposure to high or low temperatures, injury — all this leads to damage to the skin. In the process of scarring of the tissues can form dark spots.
  • The ultraviolet light. Prolonged exposure in the sun or in the Solarium helps to activate the production of melanin. Most affected are the face and shoulders.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Pathology of these organs lead to staining reddish, brown or yellow tint. Most often it is due to the formation of cholesterol and lipid disorders.
  • Severe stress or mental illness. Neurological disorders lead to disruption of all body systems. Therefore, people with such diagnosis often suffer from cosmetic defects.
  • The lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Usually by the appearance of pigmentation results in a lack of ascorbic acid and copper.
  • The use of prescription drugs. Often long-term use of antibiotics provokes structural changes in the skin.
  • Allergies. The use of poor-quality cosmetics with aggressive components often leads to the formation of pigment spots. Similarly, the skin may react to the food to which you have developed an intolerance.
  • Withering of the skin. Women after 50 years are faced with the unattractive spots on the hands, face and neck. During this period, the melanin stands out especially actively and unevenly distributed under the skin. Age spots typically resemble large freckles.
  • If the problem of pigmentation caused by diseases of internal organs, exposure to allergens or lack of nutrients, then at least address the core issue, the skin condition is normalized. Otherwise, you will have to fight pigmentation hardware or home remedies.Treatment in the salon

    In finding a solution to how to get rid of age spots on face, girls usually go to the beautician. Specialist can offer beautiful and effective procedures.

    • Acid peel. Using fruit and other types of acids is the removal of the top rough layer of the skin and deep tissue regeneration. The result is the regeneration of epidermis and lighten it.
    • Ultrasonic peeling. Effective in dealing with white spots. During the procedure, there is a stimulating effect on the upper layer of the skin to accelerate blood circulation and regeneration.
    • Laser peel. This method though belongs to modern, but is quite painful and traumatic. When a laser beam is removing the damaged skin and simultaneous stimulation of regenerative processes. In the result of a successful procedure, it smooths the skin, increases its tone.
    • Phototherapy. Point impact on the problem areas with light pulses. As a result, cells with high melanin content are deprived of moisture and destroyed, and in their place gradually formed a healthy.
    • Mesotherapy. Under the skin are vitamin complexes and special compounds that can lighten dark spots.
    • Cryotherapy. This is a treatment of tissue with liquid nitrogen. Used mainly on small areas of the skin, as there is a risk of formation of scars.
    • Dermabrasion. This sort of skin care in the process of updating it. Brush with high speed free of tissue from dead cells and polishes the surface.

    If the melanin is concentrated at the surface of the skin and affects a small area, treatment of age spots on the face is possible without expensive procedures. Enough point wipe the trouble fate with 3% hydrogen peroxide. But this is possible only after consultation with a specialist.What can be done at home

    From age spots on the face it is possible to get rid of in the home. But this does not negate the visit to the specialist. To begin the process of treatment is possible only when it is clear exactly what age spots — this is cosmetic and not a medical problem.

    Whitening cosmetic product: 6 popular

    Clearing of pigment spots on the face can be with the help of professional cosmetic products with a therapeutic effect, which are sold in pharmacies. They contain in its composition zinc, acids and other aggressive components, renewing and whitening the skin. According to reviews, the best proven next six creams.

  • Welltox. Cream is a complex of active substances with good penetrating ability. Their action is aimed at neutralizing melanin and inhibition of its further production. Thus, the tool not only eliminates but also prevents re-occurrence of the problem.
  • Achromin. Bleaching agent for regulating the further development of pigmentation due to the properties of licorice root. UV filters in its structure to actively protect your epidermis from the sun.
  • Retin-A. One of the most affordable products in pharmacy chains. Blocks the production of melanin, which contributes to the gradual removal of existing pigmentation spots.
  • VC-IP. The ascorbic acid solution, which is characterized by a high degree of purification. The tool is effective in combating surface pigmentation and possesses anti-aging properties.
  • Neotone. It is a complex of lightening agents, including a night serum with alpha arbutamine and licorice, as well as the day cream with a high degree of UV protection (SPF 50). The funds showed a high effectiveness in getting rid of age spots of different nature and complexity.
  • “Snow white”. Extract of white Lily, licorice, and lactic acid in the complex are fighting with dark spots. It has a preventive and sunscreen effect.
  • Despite the fact that these funds are available, they cannot be used without prior consultation with a specialist. Illiterate or inappropriate use of specialized cosmetics can lead to the opposite effect. Moreover, the presence of aggressive components in the composition can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases. This applies especially to pregnant and lactating women.A selection of popular recipes

    Perhaps, from any skin problems you may find a solution, if we turn to traditional cosmetics. At a time when there were no beauticians, all sorts of devices and creams, women know how to remove pigment spots from the face. The recipes have survived to the present day, many have been added and improved.

    Table — Folk remedy for age spots

    MaskThe exposure timeCourseThe frequency
    Fresh grated cucumber30 minutes15 masksThree times a week
    — Tablespoon of yeast (preferably fresh);
    — same amount of lemon juice
    20 minutes10 masksTwice a week
    — Two tablespoons finely chopped parsley (you can grind in a blender);
    — half a Cup of hot milk
    10 minutes10 masksThrough the day
    — Two tablespoons of rice flour;
    — tablespoon of honey;
    — tablespoon Apple cider vinegar
    30 minutes15 masksTwice a week
    — Half Cup of almonds (grind in coffee grinder or mince);
    — two tablespoons of water;
    five drops of lemon juice
    20 minutes15 masksThree times a week
    — Medium boiled potato (mash);
    — egg yolk
    25 minutes20 masksTwice a week
    — Egg protein (whip);
    — a tablespoon of lemon juice;
    three drops of hydrogen peroxide
    10 minutes10 masksTwice a week
    — Citrus juice (one fruit or a mix)10 minutes10 days in a rowTwice a day (spot)
    — Tablespoon of cottage cheese;
    — 5 drops of ammonia;
    same amount of hydrogen peroxide
    15 minutes5 masksTwice a week
    — Tablespoon juice of fresh marigold flowers;
    the same kalinovoe juice;
    — same amount of lemon juice
    5-7 minutes5 days in a rowThree times per day (point)
    — Teaspoon of honey;
    — the same fish oil
    15 minutes10 masksTwice a week
    — Half teaspoon of white clay;
    — same amount of sour cream;
    — the same amount of honey;
    — same amount of lemon juice
    25 minutes5 masksOnce a week

    You can make yourself whitening toner three parts whole milk and one part vodka. Just wipe the problem areas before bedtime. The tool can be used for a long time, until a noticeable effect.Prevention: 5 tips

    The fight against pigmentation is a complex and sometimes costly task. Therefore, even if the color of your skin smooth and fresh, you need to do everything possible to prevent nonuniform redistribution of melanin. Even senile spots can be prevented if the time to address prevention. There are five main measures.

  • Protection. Try as much as possible to be in the sun. Hide in the shade or wear a hat with a wide brim. If direct sunlight cannot be avoided, use creams with UV filters.
  • Peeling. Regularly perform the procedure to remove the upper Horny layer of the skin. This will accelerate the process of regeneration and make the complexion more uniform.
  • Vitamins. All year round the skin to receive the necessary dose of nutrients. Winter and spring, when fresh vegetables and fruits is not enough, take a multivitamin complexes. The emphasis should be done on ascorbic acid.
  • Food. Try to eliminate from the diet of fatty, fried, limit the consumption of sweets. If your skin is prone to pigmentation, the emphasis should be on plant foods.
  • Examination. Regularly pass medical examination, especially if you have a chronic illness. Timely treatment of internal problems will prevent their negative impact on the skin.
  • If your skin no signs of pigmentation, it is strictly forbidden to use bleaching creams. But people’s beauty is a great option for prevention. Choose for yourself the most appealing recipes and spend a couple of sessions a month in order to prevent the appearance of spots.

    Austrian beauticians conducted a study, the results of which were obtained the conclusion that pigmentation is an old woman far more than wrinkles. In the course of opinion polls and focus groups, it became clear that ladies with dark spots on the skin look almost ten years older than his real age. Therefore, it is important to know how to get rid of skin pigmentation on the face. Proven traditional recipes and modern achievements of cosmetology will give you the path to beauty and youth.

    “Salicylic-zinc ointment, castor oil and lemon oil”: reviews about what the problem is

    I have spots appear on the sun. So all summer, friends with Neotone Radiance spf50+. High protection factor does not allow the rays to reach the face. + prevent pigmentation. This cream I like, despite the high SPF is not greasy, leaves no white spots on the face.

    Maruntel, http://love-mother.ru/prichiny-pigmentnyh-pyaten-na-rukah-lice-i-tele.html

    Can the right means to tell. At first she did not believe it, and then I checked on grandma. Help! Castor oil. To RUB often. And if on hand, for the night to grease, plastic wrap, and gloves to wear. If youth start to do, and no stain will appear.

    Laura, http://www.woman. EN/beauty/face/thread/3873852/

    And I read somewhere on the website this recipe: first put salicylic acid, then apply cream “Clotrimazole”. The result on the second day came a sad — face all swollen, was purple-pink, eyes numb. Couldn’t even leave the house to buy the drug from contact allergies. So be careful with such experiments.

    Xenia, http://www.woman. EN/beauty/face/thread/3873852/

    Pigment spots of different origin respond differently to different means, no one can guarantee their complete disappearance. As a first experience I recommend a cleanser with 10% active vitamin C. it is patented, sold by only one firm. I have not cleaned just age spots. Everything else is gone — now it means I have a daily care. There are additional effects — removes iron oxides from the pores, serves as a building material for collagen, etc.

    Seagull http://www.woman.ru/beauty/face/thread/3873852/2/

    My personal findings in this field: first, the ointment salicylic-zinc (pharmacies), apply locally with a toothpick if the little spot, or anything else, in General, only on the spot and so, the bad fat. Keep for about an hour and away from the eyes. You can do often. Further, lemon oil (sold in any pharmacy). Be sure to mix with any vegetable oil, otherwise it burns in a proportion of about 3:1. Apply with a cotton stick strictly to the spot. It is better to lie down for half an hour with your eyes closed and relax, because it affects the cornea, and drains slowly. And last I recently heard, for those who like a tea with herbs — eliminate St. John’s wort once and for all. Good luck!

    Guest, http://www.woman.ru/beauty/face/thread/3873852/3/

    Dark spots on face: causes and treatment in salon and at home, special makeup prevention

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