Dating sites and cheating on a date

Many stories are told about Dating sites is fun, happy on the one hand and disappointment-sad. Someone married or married, having met “the one” on the Internet. Someone years Dating, but a serious relationship and not built. And someone I met once and ran into a cheater. And since then curses all Dating sites, and the Internet is considered the world evil.

As a woman not to be deceived in the choice of partner and not to get lost in the world wide web, full of temptations and dishonest people?

The insidious man can meet anywhere — on forums, social networks, answering the occasional request on Skype or receiving an unexpected email. However, we will consider the methods to prevent virtual fraud on a habitual example of Dating sites.

For a start, a short classification.

  • Paid sites — these are the resources, where the use of the account (own page questionnaire plus a set of basic functions) have to give you the money. The chance to meet here a dishonorable man small. Scammers choose to pay before cheat other. Lovers to have fun on such resources is also a bit.
  • Free. To register and use an account on such sites is the e-mail and/or mobile phone number. For the money — an additional set of VIP features. Inadequate the entire male contingent that is hanging out on such sites.
  • Classify this figure for clarity. Anyone can meet a woman on the love portal but lonely intelligent men?

    1. Sexual predators

    All men like sex, but this category looks for it openly, brazenly and matter. Their goal is to promote a woman for virtual sex, or to quickly seduce on a date. And if the first — is completely safe and depends on mutual desire to play sexual fantasy, escape on a romantic evening with a stranger, sex-hungry that can only ossified adventurer. So it is better to warn You against such meetings with men, beginning familiarity with the words, “I will caress you all night” or “you have a beautiful butt”. And that’s the most innocuous words!

    2. Perverts and fakes

    There are men who don’t want a simple sex and most often they want bdsm. Some crazy imaginations lead beyond the social taboos and criminal law. It’s virtual reality, so here you can everything they say. Such men often do not post their pictures, hiding under other people’s faces, and sometimes even under female images. It is obvious that they do not need either to meet or to communicate.

    3. Couples and lesbians

    If a woman wants to try group sex or same-sex — please! This good Dating sites in bulk. You just have to understand, if appeals to You a strange woman, it is clearly no accident, and the man, who is interested in Your sexual orientation is probably trying to lure into sex with him and his girlfriend.

    4. Married men

    Here from whom you can expect the greatest catch! Forget married men more than killers and Swingers together! Because they cheat once, saying free. In the best case, they will put the questionnaire in the status “married, separated”, or will explain that technically, Yes, married, but his wife long time not talking… cute fairy tales and fables, in order to seduce You.

    Again — want to be a mistress when the man, whose thoughts and purse owns the other! But if you want a serious relationship without rigid constraints, do not mess with married men. Rasqusavaya their virtual, can require the scan of the passport. Before you fall in love with the handsome man in the picture, turn your head!

    Married people can hide behind other people’s pictures, to be called a different name (so they are supposedly encrypted from the wife). They can lasso You into their network and then You flipnote in a very ugly history, will get a huge disappointment, the collapse of all hope… will Have to contact the experts to resolve the love triangle. So don’t believe pleasant the noodles! Grab only the free men, and employed, even formally, though lacking those who really want problems.

    5. Bullies

    This category will highlight those men who just love to have fun and joke around without Mercantile purposes. That is money they You will not be asked, but, for example, will entice a number of pictures (perhaps even Nude), and it is culturally unable to call out. They use “phone” or photo is unknown, but the date can not come or send “friend”. Or will people disguised alien photo. The goal of bullies is to have fun, cleverly spin on sex, “to avenge” all the females in Your face.

    6. Scammers

    Finally, there are men who meet single ladies, fall in love, and then bleed white. This is Alfonso, or just selfish males. It can begin with the first date on which the man will ask You to pay for coffee. Then he will suppress pity, tell a sob story… about the debt that will kill it or a sick relative… or he’s just taking money from one of his women, will spend on You, to seduce, and then You, in love on the ears, will give him the money just so… and he will give flowers to the next victim richer You.

    Business scams: they come to the Dating sites with the aim of something You sell — including a photographer, hairdresser… or even ready to buy — for example, the collection of Your erotic photos. Or they invite You to work at my acting Studio, or in another country, or promises You a cruise… the Essence is everywhere the same: You throw the money. Dating sites — not a place for commercial transactions, and if a man stutters about money before love, you know it’s a Scam. Bante it and hold on to the purse.

    There are just spammers that distribute their own or others ‘ services, links to web sites with viruses, porn sites, or get started with nonsense like “I immediately put money on the phone” or “We met three years ago, why have you forgotten me?”. All this left a contingent of chase in the neck.

    7. Single intelligent men

    White and fluffy Bunnies can pretend all of the previous 6 categories of cheaters and inadequate people. So, faced with such a mask, just be ready — and suddenly it’s hot in Tambov macho, who urgently need to take 10 Persian cats out of the country, which takes half a million rubles?

    The moral of this article is simple enough: the fear of wolves — in the woods not to go. Meet looking for a destiny on the Internet, but remember that the descendants of Ostap Bender is not asleep. Don’t be gullible, dear lady! But if in doubt — do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist, for example, to good online fortune teller or astrologer: a fresh perspective and good advice in this case is clearly not to be redundant! In General, learn from the mistakes of Your friends and remember: a real man will always pay Your bill in a cafe first!

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