Every mother is familiar pleasant feeling of a child’s foot. So soft, delicate and velvety skin on the heels is only in early childhood. With age it becomes rough and more dry and dense. Therefore, to ensure that the heel remains tender, for them requires a good care. Most women do not have the habit of regular pedicures, trying to find different excuses, and the need to bring the legs in order to appear, usually before the summer season. However, such attitude to their own legs often leads to not very pleasant consequences.

The consequences of indifference?

The skin tends to gradually updated to rejecting the old and dead skin cells. The natural process of regeneration takes time and due to daily stress on feet, the number of dead cells on the skin’s surface is increasing. Skin becomes rough, and dead skin scales start to overlap with each other, forming corns. The situation is even more complicated, if the old rough skin starts to lose its integrity, forming cracks. Sometimes the cracks can reach the healthy cells of the skin under the old layer, then they become painful and begin to bleed. Another result of indifference to his own feet – dry corn.

Not only do these diseases take physical inconvenience, they create a psychological problem and lead to the fact that the woman begins to hide their feet in closed shoes even in summer. Unfortunately, this will not alleviate the situation, but only make it worse.

Care for the heels

Solving problems with the skin of the feet will help high-quality pedicure. However, there is no need to carve out time for visiting a beauty salon. Good care of feet can be achieved at home.

What do you need?

  • Want to make your heels soft as a baby.
  • Japanese socks pedicure Baby Foot.

Socks filled with Baby Foot is the latest development in the field of skin care of the feet. The effect is achieved due to special properties of the gel that gently acts on the skin of the feet due to its composition. Its constituent active ingredients (AHA) soften and peeled keratinized layers of the skin that require removal. And plant extracts and fruit oils stimulate the metabolism of cells, provide healing, anti-inflammatory and antifungal actions, as well as moisturize the skin and supply it with nutrients.

Peeling the socks easy to use. They should be worn for exactly one hour, and then wash away the gel with warm water and soap. Within a few days after the procedure, will begin active exfoliation of dead skin, causing the feet will be surprisingly smooth. The effect is renewed and hydrated skin will remain for two months.

Axiom beautiful feet

Any feet can be beautiful without spending money and time if they apply the products of Baby Foot.

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