Dependence on social networks to identify and get rid of!

Today, millions of people spend on social networks a huge amount of time – make friends, find like-minded people, meet, fall in love, organize creative and social projects, do business, seek and find work… And psychologists are sounding the alarm – dependence on social networking as the prevalence is already catching up to the gambling, tobacco and alcohol! How to identify, dependent on whether the user from the social network or not? And what to do to get out of this trap? “” I will try to help!

How to understand that you’re dependent on a social network?

Yes, it is you! Not a husband, teenage son, no girlfriend, and you?

From something to determine the dependence on “Vkontakte” is easier: sitting for hours in front of the monitor, running at full speed to the laptop, barely crossed the threshold of the house, forgets to eat dinner, falls after midnight, worried about the fact that his photos put a few likes, all, caught, poor man!

You can make a smart person and give such “contactmenu” brilliant and very effective tip to skip all that nonsense and live a real life. He will listen, say “uh-huh” and continue flipping pages with other people’s photos and statuses.

And you’re – of course, quite another matter. You have the window of “Vkontakte” is open just so, and you’re actually doing very different things, even near the computer, not sit! And if you go by there, for important cases – in your “friends” are business associates and other people, the account on this website allows you to create a certain image in the eyes of many people, so convenient to be always connected and be able to communicate with those whom it is necessary…

Well, think and look through sometimes pages of friends – but I know one that happens in life! Or read any texts in communities — there is a lot you can improve his education! And anyway, you know when you need to say to yourself “stop” — what is the dependence on social networks?!

Nothing like?! Yes, alas – that’s what they say alcoholics (“I drunk?! He’s drunk, and I, sometimes a little bit!”), smokers, drug addicts…

Below we give the symptoms, collectively pointing to the undeniable dependency on social networking, and you only need the courage to find out if this applies to you.

  • You get nervous if you find yourself without access to the social network, rather tend to get to the home laptop (available Wi-Fi, desktop computer, etc.). The lack of access to the Internet can spoil you even stay in very nice places – for example, in the resort, in a restaurant, at a party, etc. (read here about the Internet addiction!)
  • Working on the computer, you’re always online. Even if it is not necessary for work, and view updates in news feed every five minutes and is a distraction from the main job!
  • At home you turn on the computer to be online, doing housework and checking from time to time, not happened in the virtual world something good.
  • The behavior of your friends in the social network affects your opinion of them. Do not post photos and statuses – probably boring lives or secretive, does not write you comments, I’m not interested in dealing with you, is not registered in the social network at all… HOW???
  • The constant lack of time on something that used it was enough. You abandoned your Hobbies, haven’t read the books… And remember sometimes the sensation of moving in the right fingers knitting needles, and a skein of wool will buy and no time to sit down and start knitting…
  • You went to bed late. And the time is still not enough!
  • You rarely talk to friends on the phone, and even more rarely see them in person. Because the dependent from the social network of the person becomes easier to write a message than to call and hear the voice on the phone. And to meet so everyone is busy, no time…
  • You have “friends” many unfamiliar with you in real life, people who just sent you a request to add “friends”, and you added – what, sorry, what?
  • You always carefully review all the updates in the social network, regardless of whether they relate to you directly or not – I read all the news, updates on the pages of friends, etc., not to mention new private messages!
  • Sometimes you are doing something only in order “to have something to put Vkontakte” — make beautiful portrait photo for use on the avatar pictures “each pillar” in the trip, etc.
  • You encouraging comments and “likes” under the photos, and their absence can make you feel upset and even offended. Sometimes you put like someone, secretly hoping that he will return like you…

Well, how familiar picture?

How to get out of the world wide web?

Any relationship (from”Vkontakte” too!) is a serious psychological problem.

Psychologists and psychotherapists around the world have long worried about the increasing number of people dependent on social networks, and the extension age limits of this phenomenon – now it is not only the “teenage craziness”, but the problem is adults, serious people!

So if you found the courage to admit to themselves depending on the “Vkontakte”, try to go to a psychologist, dealing with such problems. It’s not shameful and not shameful, and a lot of private counselling centres guarantee a complete anonymity!

But even a trip to the doctor will not give effect if the man himself is not configured to give up the pernicious habit. We already wrote about how to get rid of computer addiction. Here are a few tips that will help you to get out of dependence on social networks:

Distract yourself from the computer

And ask to do it loved ones. For example, take overtime or find a part-time job (not connected with computer), sign up for dancing/learning a foreign/in the pool would have less time to spend at home! A interesting and useful activity will take your thoughts!

Often communicate with people in reality

Don’t want to go anywhere or see anybody? Update your wardrobe, visit the hairdresser and beauty salon – then you will want to “walk” a new image, and a reason to leave the house will appear!

Never eat near the computer

The use of double: and from the monitor will be distracted and will lose weight – because looking at the screen, you eat more and not notice it, seeing each brought to the mouth piece, you will faster eat smaller portions of food!

Install on your computer a special program

They limit the time spent on a particular site, and after expiration of this time, blocks access to it until the next day. Yes, the measure is radical! But the program is not a boss, a husband, mother to persuade her to “well, five more minutes, and turn it off!” is absolutely impossible!

But you learn not to wander aimlessly through the pages, and to do only the most important things is to write a response to the message, send files, etc. – is an important step to overcome the dependence on social networks!

Give the password of your account to someone close to you

First, you will begin to strictly monitor what they do on a social network – you don’t want this man knew all your secrets? Secondly, the knowledge that you’re not the sole owner of your page can significantly reduce the desire to use it.

But the main thing – desire something to change, personal will to win! Without this, no tricks and technical things do not work!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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