Design a small bathroom: “extensions” space

In most apartments, bathrooms can not boast a large area. Often it is necessary to arrange plumbing, furniture and other interior items on 5-6 sq. m. area, and it is not an easy task. After all, you need to place all the necessary, and to make it so that the bathroom wasn’t cluttered and created a feeling of a spacious and bright space.

Bright palette of colours

To make the bathroom visually seem larger, you need a responsible approach to material selection to finishing. Moreover, the decisive role plays the type of material but rather its color. When planning a bathroom design small space, it makes sense to bet on the finishing light pastel tones. It can be white finish, tile color ivory, beige, yellow, pink, green, blue tones. Finish color can be anything, most importantly, he was not too bright, saturated, because it visually will eat the lion’s share of space and the small-size bathroom. Professionals in the field of interior design recommend to use for finishing the bathroom material of different colors to the room in General did not become a single color spot, and had accents that you can “catch” the eye.

Bet on a glossy sheen

Professional designers can often come of the situation, using another secret technique, namely glossy finish small bathrooms. Ceramic with a glossy sheen, and even bright colors, has excellent reflective ability, thanks to which visually expands the space and fills the room with light. If the bathroom ceiling is quite low, which is literally “presses” on the head, you can visually extend the room height using a mirror tile finishing. Reflecting and refracting in the right way, it will create the illusion of more “depth” and a fantasy game of rays of light. In bathrooms with mirrored ceilings you can “play” with the lighting system using multiple led lights to multiple colors. Coloured lighting will create the bathroom of fancy play of light and shadows that distract from the lack of space, expertly sasualebas this deficiency.

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