Desincrustation of the skin: is there any effect?

Surely you know what an inlay is a small ornament precious stones the surface of a product. Desincrustation in this case is the extraction of these stones.

This procedure can be applied to our skin, only desincrustation person retrieves from then, not jewelry, and dirt and fat deposits that clog them and cause blackheads and pimples. In our today’s article on the website we decided to look into this procedure in more detail.

How does desincrustation the face?

During the procedure, the skin there is an electrical current. Just do not be afraid, because this galvanic current — that is, it has constant voltage and power without surges and spikes, and the power is so small that it will not cause any harm. Pre-applied to the skin special “working” fluid. It is composed of lye, which when interacting with sebum is transformed into soap solution.

First, on the skin and the negative electrode. Pores are, the “working” solution penetrates and cleans them very effectively. All the fat tube softened, the epidermis is loosened, dead skin layer is removed. At the very end under the influence of positive electrode the pores are closed, which prevents the penetration of dirt and dust in them again.

How is the procedure?

Galvanic facial cleansing (also known as desincrustation) is carried out in several stages.

  • The first step is, of course, a thorough cleansing of the skin from makeup and dirt.
  • The specialist is preparing an alkaline solution (soda 5-10%) or uses a special ready mix for the procedure for application to the skin.
  • Used a special apparatus having a nozzle with the electrode — you need to wrap soaked in an alkaline solution with a tissue.
  • The machine starts up in mode negative polarity, and the face is processed along the massage lines.
  • Then the device switches to positive polarity, and treatment of the skin is repeated to close the pores.
  • The face is wiped with a cloth or cotton pad, apply regenerating cream.
  • The whole procedure dezinkrustatsii the skin of the face takes about 30 minutes (processing electrodes lasts for 10 minutes for negative and for positive mode). Sessions are repeated no sooner than a week (depending on skin sensitivity). To completely get rid of the defects need 5-10 sessions (depending on the nature of the problem).

    Does it hurt to do galvanic cleaning?

    Many are wary of this procedure, assuming that the effect of the electric current will be painful. How are things really?

    Cosmetologists say that this painful process will only for those people who have very low pain threshold.

    Others may experience a tingling sensation by electrical discharges, burning sensation on the treated areas of the skin or tingling sensation in an alkaline solution.

    The website decided to listen to real testimonials from those who have already passed desincrustation skin of the face and neck.

    • Due to the high skin sensitivity experienced pain. Saved a small duration of only 10 minutes. Maria.
    • Felt strong discomfort until the beautician is not picked up the necessary current. Then everything went fine. Alexander.
    • During the procedure, felt a slight tingling and a strange metallic taste in my mouth. Pain is not felt. Elena.
    • The procedure is completely painless, I felt nothing, perhaps due to the fact that my skin is thick enough. Galina.

    What problems can relieve desincrustation face?

    Indications for the procedure are the following manifestations:

    • comedones (clogged pores sebum and dirt), which are open (black dots) and closed (whitish talc);
    • acne;
    • acne (the manifestation of a large number of pimples and blackheads at a young age);
    • pigmentation acne scars or age-related pigmentation;
    • excessive oiliness of the skin and seborrhea;
    • pores;
    • wrinkles and other signs of aging.

    Even if such faults have no or they are not expressed too much, desincrustation skin of the face and neck can be carried out for prevention — to effectively cleanse the skin, and that problem does not arise in the future.

    What will be the result of the procedure?

    Cleansing of such a plan as desincrustation will help to cope with almost all the above problems, and as a result your skin is cleansed more deeply than a cursory (even chemical) peels.

    That is why about the galvanic influence is often said that it is displayed when the peels and other types of cleansing simply can not cope.

    The result is not only deep cleansing of the skin, but also normalization of sebum, activate blood circulation, cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage, and even slight thickening of the epidermis (which is very good complexion and makes the invisible spider veins and redness under the skin).

    Skin stimulation current, makes the skin more elastic, tightens it, and strengthens the facial contour, reduces wrinkles.

    Are there any contraindications have desincrustation cleaning?

    Like any other hardware cleaning the face, dezinkrustatsii there are factors that prohibit carry out the procedure.

    Such contraindications, first of all, various skin diseases and other diseases of the body and other factors:

    • vitiligo (pigmentation on certain areas of the skin);
    • malignant tumors on the skin or inside the body;
    • molluscum contagiosum (viral infection);
    • heavy inflammatory processes on the skin;
    • chronic diseases of the skin and mucous membranes;
    • serious problems with heart and blood vessels;
    • networkelement blood;
    • pacemaker, gold or platinum dentures.

    If you have any of the above problems, desincrustation face is better not to do this, choose some other kind of hardware cleaning the face. But if there are no contraindications, you can try electroplating it, because now you’ve already figured out the intricacies and details of this procedure.

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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