Dieffenbachia at home: how to care?

Many readers of the site “ToKnow365.top” I love it when the house or apartment flaunts a variety of plants. This is not surprising! The use of plants in the room can not be overestimated. After all, they purify the air, decorate the interior, have a positive impact on health. The theme of this article – dieffenbachia house. Undoubtedly, this is a tropical plant with beautiful leaves deserve special attention.

Is it possible to keep a dieffenbachia at home?

It’s a pretty interesting question.

Of course, to keep a dieffenbachia at home can be. Especially useful this plant is in areas with unfavorable environment.

Large beautiful leaves moisturize and cleanse the air of harmful microorganisms. Interesting pattern on the leaves is pleasing to the eye.

However, in case there are small children or animals, it is better either to abandon the dieffenbachia, or to place it in the safest place.

Because of the milky juice of dieffenbachia is poisonous and in contact with skin may cause burns, severe allergic reaction.

For animals the plant can even be deadly.

What other house plants can be dangerous, we wrote in the article on harmful colors.

Where better to keep a dieffenbachia at home?

To answer this question website Sympaty.net decided to apply to the rules of Feng Shui. According to them, the dieffenbachia is more suitable for office than for the home.

But if the apartment is home-based employee, freelancer or creative person, dieffenbachia is appropriate and at home.

Place plant better close to the desktop.

Neutralizing harmful substances, it helps to concentrate on work, promotes the development of creativity, soothes tensions and quiets nerves.

How to care for dieffenbach?

Important! Before any contact with dieffenbach wear rubber gloves to protect skin from the poisonous juice. And after all procedures, wash your hands with soap and water.

It should be noted that this plant is quite demanding and light-requiring. But it is impossible to prevent the leaves from direct sunlight. Otherwise the plant can get sick and lose your attractiveness and vibrant green color.

If you like dieffenbachia and the question “is it possible to keep the house?” you have already decided in her favor, then make sure that the apartment was maintained, the average temperature (from 23 to 27 degrees). Also this plant is very afraid of drafts.

It is also very important to regularly water the dieffenbachia is not very cold water pooled. The soil should always be slightly moist and loose. And don’t forget to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth or spray the entire plant.

It is undesirable to under the pot accumulated a lot of water.


The average plant needs to be transplanted once in 3-4 years. But some varieties of dieffenbachia grow quite quickly. In such cases, the plant is transplanted as you fill the pot with roots.

For transplanting desirable:

  • pots of medium size;
  • ordinary soil for indoor plants;
  • a bit of charcoal to feed.

When transplanting, try to act as carefully as possible. Otherwise, you can accidentally injure the roots or stems of plants.


It is best to feed dieffenbachia complex fertilizer. Sometimes it is useful to apply nitrogen and organic fertilizers. The optimal frequency of feeding – 1 time in 2-3 weeks.

Also, the plant need some of your attention.

If you have decided that dieffenbachia to keep the house can and must periodically come to it. To exchange with the plant energy, just look at the leaves for several minutes.

Dieffenbachia house. Possible difficulties

The most common problem is color change or leaf drop. This may be due to waterlogging of the soil, direct sunlight or unsuitable room temperature.

In this case, you must check all the conditions of plants and to experiment, for example, to move the pot to another location or to reduce watering. If the sheets of steel from the edges to dry, then they need to be accurately cut.

Also the more Mature the plant can begin to grow up and to the side. In this case, for several days, the pot must be rotatedto deviate the leaves fall more light.

Sometimes the leaves may form a strange plaque. Or you can take notice of any stains or damage to the structure of the leaves. This may indicate any disease.

Gently wash each leaf with soapy water. But don’t forget to wear gloves!

If most of the leaves were falling, and dieffenbachia has lost its appeal, boldly cut the stem. You need to leave a stump height of 10-15 cm And very soon you will enjoy the new leaves.

As you can see, dieffenbachia grown at home, is pretty and useful. The main thing is to treat the plant carefully and with a soul. And then dieffenbachia will delight you with its attractiveness.

The author of the Light Beam, site ToKnow365.top

Dieffenbachia at home: how to care?

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