Diet Elena Malysheva slimming at home, menus for the week free

To lose weight, you need to eat. This basic message to anyone who wants to lose weight, have shaped French nutritionist Michel Montignac. Adheres to this principle and scientist, doctor of medical Sciences, a popular TV presenter Elena Malysheva. In its program “Live healthy,” she regularly gives tips on reducing weight. How good is the diet Elena Malysheva slimming at home?

The excess weight creates a range of health risks. It violates the metabolism, causing the man falls into a vicious circle: decreased metabolism stimulates the accumulation of adipose tissue, even with a very limited diet. It causes disease, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels. Finally, excess weight interferes with the normal life of man in society, often making it asocial like.

The subject of overweight was raised repeatedly in the transmission of “Live healthy” Elena malyshevoy. For the audience it was so interesting and useful that grew into an independent project “Lose too much”. In this project, for six years dropping extra pounds those who especially need it. Overweight participants often amounts to eighty pounds, and after the project comes back to normal.

Features of the diet of Elena Malysheva

Known methods of Elena Malysheva received in 2009, when he released the first season of the program “Throw superfluous”. Promote contributed to wide coverage of the project started on “the First channel”.

Talking about technique everywhere, which led to the development of commercial projects based on it. In the Internet there are many sites offering to buy a set of Malysheva and to lose weight at home in a fairly serious price from 14500 rubles. However, despite the high cost, no guarantee of weight loss, he does not. The reason is that from malyshevoy diet for a month he has nothing.

The concept of the program “Throw superfluous”

The project is designed to help thousands of people suffering from overweight, to get rid of it. He’s open, invites people to active participation. But even without taking part in the program, you can bring your body in shape if you stick to the recommendations on nutrition and physical activity.

These recommendations absolutely free of charge give Elena Malysheva and her colleagues in the program “Live healthy”. For those who don’t have time or can’t watch new releases on TV, created the official site of the diet of Elena Malysheva The information is open and available, to find out how much is the kit for weight loss, to buy something not necessary.

Basic principles

Itself Elena Malysheva calls his method of “power”. And offers to use it for guaranteed weight loss. The principles of this scheme is simple and safe, that distinguishes the diet from thousands of other having multiple “side effects”.

  • Weight loss cannot be quick. Healthy weight loss involves a breakdown in the body are adipose tissue. This process occurs at a certain speed. During the day may be processed not more than one hundred and fifty grams of fats, so in one week care fat tissue can be no more than nine grams. But this is the ideal, while in reality the results can be much more modest — about five hundred grams a week. In this mode of weight loss results are not so noticeable, for example, on low-carb diets, which plummet in a week can reach four pounds. But it is the safest and right way that will not bring harm to the body. The minimum period during which you will have to stick to a diet, is three months.
  • Considering the individual characteristics. Before studying the menu malyshevoy diet for each day and recipes, you should check why your weight exceeds the norm? It’s one thing to wrong food habits, inclinations are “wrong foods”, eat fast food and too many calories in meals. And another thing — the rejection of the wrong foods, but preserving excess weight. This may be due to diseases: metabolic disorders, diabetes of the second type, endocrine disorders. To clarify this question, we need to call the doctor and take a blood test. If the diseases are not present, you can begin the diet.
  • The optimal weight. And do you really need to lose weight? This issue is extremely individual. Often women whose weight goes beyond the limit of normal, consider yourself complete and get on a diet or arrange “fasting days”. Calculate the optimum weight on the site using a special form. By the way, a common rule subtract from its growth one hundred and get the recommended weight, do not fully correspond to reality. For example, with the growth of 164 cm, a woman can weigh from fifty to sixty-seven pounds, and it is the norm.
  • The formation of food habits. The essence of the diet malyshevoy — not only to remove weight but also prevent it from returning in the future. This gives a correct eating habits. As you know, habits are not formed within a few days, it requires time and systematic compliance with the recommendations. According to psychologists, for the formation of habits should be three weeks. To diet menu malyshevoy person spends considerably more time. Accustomed to eat properly, he is unlikely to abandon the chosen principles of nutrition and lifestyle in the near future. So the result will remain for a long time.
  • Correction of the diet. Salt intake should be limited to a minimum from the menu excludes animal fats in a small amount remain vegetable fats.

To exclude completely from the diet requires sugar, sweet and flour products, rice, alcoholic beverages.

The basic principle of the diet is safe weight loss, which takes into account the individual characteristics and allows to improve the body.

The rules of weight loss

Create a menu for the week diet Elena Malysheva, according to the following rules.

  • Do not starve. Diet is not a hunger strike, and the correction to the usual diet. The body, on which experiments with the deprivation of his food, meets unexpected and unpleasant “surprises.” Exhausted by hunger, he in the flow of food begins to store calories for the future get in the caution, that no food could be repeated. In the end, after a grueling diet where you lost a few pounds, you can obtain even more excess weight than before.
  • Eat little by little. Food Malysheva involves a five-single diet. It should highlight three main meals, including Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And to find the time for extra meals. It could be a second Breakfast two hours after the first and tea after a couple of hours after lunch. In this mode, the body does not experience hunger and the need to “gang up” on food does not occur. In fact, you saying to your body: see, we have a lot of food, we eat even when not very desirable. So you not only protect the body from starvation and its consequences, but also learn to eat in small portions, to cultivate a moderation in respect of food.
  • Consider the daily intake of calories. For women it is 1500 kcal per day, men about 2000 calories. But it is important to understand that the need for the caloric content of food depends not only on gender, but also age, lifestyle. At a young age the metabolism is so active that the figure no harm no sweets, no snacks on the run. But after thirty years, the metabolism slows down, and after forty years rarely who leads an active lifestyle. When calculating the number of calories per day you should consider how much you move, do you visit the gym or use other exercise, how old you are. So young moving man you can safely consume 2000 kcal a day, but after forty years in the sedentary lifestyle, the diet should be reconsidered.

If you want to lose weight, caloric intake should be 1200 calories a day.

  • Tune in positively. Do not take diet as torture, especially as the menu for the week diet Elena Malysheva slimming at home includes tasty enough. Your positive attitude is crucial to achieving a good result. Encourage yourself, praise your body, and do not scold him for the gained weight. Eat with pleasure, and then the food will be used by your body for energy for work and recreation, and not for creating fat deposits.
  • Chew food for a long time. The process of chewing food is essential for digestion in General. First, prolonged chewing of the food is better digested. Well crushed in the mouth and processed by the saliva, which is an analogue of gastric juice, it enters the stomach almost split carbohydrates. In the future these substances we need for energy, right digested by the body and used as directed. If the carbs were not split in the mouth, they are not completely absorbed, and stimulate the deposition of fat reserves. And secondly, during prolonged chewing of the body gets the signal: I took so long to chew, so I ate a lot of food and I’m not hungry. Thus, you get the added aspect of good emotional attitude.

Diet Elena Malysheva slimming attractive combination of healthy and delicious options with the right motivation. Your body remains nothing how to become a better, healthier, slimmer.

Menu for the week diet malyshevoy

Diet for weight loss in the framework of the project “Drop in excess” was developed not by Elena Malysheva, as is commonly believed. And a dietician, among the top ten leading specialists from Moscow, Natalia Grigorieva.

The diet used cereal of whole grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The “hearty” meals, but dinner is usually light. It is recommended to eat no later nineteen hours, but before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt one percent fat. Thus, when a low calorie diet to feel hunger you will not even at night.

We offer sample menu for a week with a total caloric value 1200 calories per day.

1 day

MealProductThe volume
BreakfastBuckwheat porridge200 g
Boiled eggs in cool1 PC.
Salad of fresh carrots with a dressing of vegetable oil 100 g
Apple fresh1 PC.
Second BreakfastCasserole low-fat cottage cheese with the semolina (without sugar)150 g
Sour cream 10% fat1 tbsp
LunchBeef, steamed120 g
Cauliflower boiled200 g
Broth hips200 ml
Afternoon teaGrapefruit medium size1 PC.
DinnerZucchini, braised cabbage200 g
Apple baked with cinnamon1 PC.
Before going to sleepYogurt fat content of 1%200 ml

Day 2

MealProductThe volume
BreakfastPorridge “Hercules”100 g
Berries fresh or frozen200 g
The milk fat content of 1%200 ml
Second BreakfastBeet salad with prunes and dressing of vegetable oil200 g
Bread from whole grains2 PCs
LunchPilaf with chicken breast, vegetables220 g
Cabbage salad with tomato, greens, dressing of vegetable oil100 g
Broth hips (thirty minutes)200 ml
Afternoon teaCheese with 2% fat content100 g
Yogurt125 g
DinnerSouffle of fillet of cod with egg white150 g
Boiled green beans200 g
Before going to sleepYogurt fat content of 1%200 ml

Day 3

MealProductThe volume
BreakfastScrambled eggs (2 protein, 1 egg yolk, 1 Cup milk), steamed100 g
Salad carrot-Apple with a dressing of vegetable oil100 g
Second BreakfastApple1 PC.
LunchVegetable soup150 g
Boiled chicken fillet100 g
Green beans boiled100 g
Afternoon teaStewed cabbage with carrot, Apple with a dressing of vegetable oil200 g
DinnerCheese with 2% fat content150 g
Before going to sleepYogurt fat content of 1%200 ml

Day 4

MealProductThe volume
BreakfastBeef fillet boiled lean50 g
Green peas boiled100 g
Bread from whole grains2 PCs
Second BreakfastSalad with beets, potatoes, sauerkraut, peas, seasoned with vegetable oil150 g
Bread from whole grains2 PCs
LunchSteamed vegetables (cabbage, carrot)150 g
Boiled lean fish (hake, cod)100 g
Food and beverage200 ml
Afternoon teaApple1 PC.
Walnut30 g
DinnerCottage cheese casserole low fat cottage cheese with carrots, egg white, oil200 g
Sour cream 10% fat1 tbsp
Before going to sleepYogurt fat content of 1%200 ml

Day 5

MealProductThe volume
BreakfastPorridge “Hercules” with milk200 g
Dried fruits30 g
Second BreakfastCaviar of eggplant, zucchini200 g
LunchBoiled fish (hake, cod)100 g
Steamed vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil200 g
Food and beverage200 ml
Afternoon teaPilaf vegetable170 g
DinnerCheese with 2% fat content100 g
Before going to sleepYogurt fat content of 1%200 ml

Day 6

MealProductThe volume
BreakfastCheese30 g
Boiled eggs1 PC.
Green peas50 g
Second Breakfast Baked potatoes medium size 1 PC.
Salad with sauerkraut, onions, seasoned with vegetable oil100 g
LunchPea soup150 g
Boiled chicken fillets100 g
Steamed vegetables (zucchini, carrots)150 g
Bread whole grain2 PCs
Afternoon teaFresh vegetables, dressed with sour cream 10% fat200 g
dinnerCheese with 2% fat content50 g
Cauliflower stew250 g
Before going to sleepYogurt fat content of 1%200 ml

Day 7

MealProductThe volume
BreakfastCereal groats pearl-barley water 200 g
Vegetable ragout of carrots, Apple50 g
Second BreakfastOrange medium size1 PC.
LunchBoiled lean beef70 g
Cabbage stew150 g
Apple green1 PC.
Afternoon teaCheese with 2% fat content100 g
Salad greens, parsley, dill30 g
DinnerSouffles of fish and egg whites150 g
Boiled green beans150 g
Before going to sleepYogurt fat content of 1%200 ml

Recipes at home diet Elena Malysheva, according to reviews, is very simple.

  • Vegetables should stew in a little water or steamed, for which use a steamer, a slow cooker.
  • Meat, boiled until cooked, eat without broth.
  • Souffles prepare from protein one egg and fish paste in the oven.
  • Cereal “Hercules” and buckwheat cook, and soak in the evening with cold water. By morning, the grits swell and retain all valuable qualities.
  • Choose sour fruits, particularly green apples, oranges, grapefruits.

During the day drink at least two liters of pure water.

The recommendations of nutritionists

Menu diet Malysheva, free presented on our site, developed by a dietician. That is why its composition is balanced, it will not bring harm to the body, unlike protein, low-carb weight loss systems.

But it has disadvantages, which are mentioned by the colleagues of Natalya Grigoryeva.

  • Caloric restriction. “When the body receives fewer calories than usual, slowing metabolism, says dietician Ludmila Denisenko. — Slowing of metabolism affects the rate of weight loss. The person loses weight slowly.”
  • There are prohibitions. As in any diet, in this scheme of weight loss there forbidden foods. It is sweets, flour, pastries. When a person can’t have something, the body instead starts to claim it. “I do not welcome a complete rejection of the sweet, — continues Lyudmila Denisenko. Such products are also important, so eat them as soon as brain cells. Their use should not be ruled out completely, and strictly controlled, but there should be daily, especially people engaged in mental work”.
  • A low-fat diet. The diet is based on the abrupt reduction of fat in the diet. In such circumstances, some vitamins from vegetables and fruits cannot be digested by the body, how are fat-soluble. Also, this diet can provoke the stagnation of bile in the ducts and impaired absorption of vegetable protein.
  • For a long period. For people not used to limit yourself in food, to diet for a few months difficult mentally.
  • You will lose weight slowly. It is difficult to “indulge in all things”, but almost do not see weight loss. He leaves, but slowly, which creates psychological discomfort and dissatisfaction.
  • No recommendations for physical activity. “And they need to be sure! — sure Ludmila Denisenko. — No one diet does not provide much benefit, unless it is combined with physical activity”.

Despite some shortcomings, the power supply circuit from Elena Malysheva relates to a reliable and completely safe methods of losing weight. And its features just need to get used to, what with obesity and significant excess weight is a small sacrifice for the benefit of health and improve well-being.

Use the diet of Elena Malysheva slimming to a normal weight without harm for health. On our website the recommendations of the well-known TV presenter and menu developed by a dietician, are available absolutely free.

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