Diet for blood group (1, 2, 3, 4): positive and negative, table products and reviews

Weight loss based on individual body features is your best bet. It allows you to consider the peculiarities of digestion, lifestyle, susceptibility to disease and to choose the right products. Diet for blood group is built on this principle. Recommendations for native speakers of the four blood groups, food choices, menus, and reviews about the most popular diet new time.

Among diets, there are bestsellers, whose popularity has not diminished over the decades. An example of this — diet American doctor naturopath Peter D’adamo to have developed the idea of healthy eating by blood groups. His concept of the “4 blood types — 4 ways to health” set out in several books, the first of which was published in 1997.

After the first edition was followed by others. “Eat Right 4 Your Type” has become a guide to action for hundreds of thousands of Americans. For advice naturopath who has helped people to listen to ourselves, to look at the intricacies of his own body, pulled people suffering from overweight.

The success of the project was deafening. Just a few years, Peter D’adamo has acquired the status of a leading American nutritionist, he opened his own clinic in Portsmouth, secured the confidence of the “stars” of film and television. Demmi Moore, Oprah Winfrey, Miranda Kerr does not hide the fact that adhere to the nutritional concept of Dr. D’adamo.

A particular diet for blood group

For starters, it is important to note that a doctor of naturopath is not a doctor as such. Naturopathy is a doctrine of disease, which is the wrong way of life, its food. A naturopathic physician was the father of Peter D’adamo, who first began research in the direction of the influence of blood groups on human health. The son continued and completed successfully, adapting it under one of the main problems of humanity in General and American society in particular — obesity.

The author argues that blood type is an important factor in the similarities and differences between people. She defines emotional characteristics, resistance to diseases, susceptibility to particular diseases.

Different blood types interact differently with the elements entering the body from food. The main conflicting element D’adamo calls the lecithins. These substances are — “building boxes”, which consist of all organisms on our planet. They are present in the human body and the products that he uses. If the structure of these substances turns out to be hostile to each other, the food is not absorbed well and causes disorders in the body. It is therefore crucial to choose the right products for the everyday diet that will not be alien to your lecithins.


Diet for blood group is based on the following principles.

  • The division of people according to types. There are 4 types of people according to the number of blood groups. Russia has adopted graduation by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 groups. In America there is a scale of AVO, where a denotes the first group And the second, third, and AV — fourth.
  • Food according to type. Each type of person needs to eat only permitted foods that are close to his body genetically. Forbidden foods become the reason of development of diseases and cause obesity, because they can not digest correctly. Also in the system a dedicated neutral products, which can be safely consumed in small quantities.
  • Appropriate physical activity. For each type of people the author has selected a preferred physical activity. They are based on the individual characteristics of carriers of different blood groups. For example, the first active and need regular exercise, including weights and running, and for the second — moderate load, in particular, yoga.
  • Taking supplements. The diet restricts intake of some substances. The author notes what vitamins and minerals should be taken further, in order to maintain or improve health.

Reviews about the diet for blood group allow you to treat it as a long-term eating plan, it is important to adhere not less than six months. While the author makes no predictions about weight loss. However, notes that indications for the diet, not only weight, but also diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, deterioration of General health, neurological disorders.

Causes weight loss

How much you will be able to lose depends on your individual circumstances. But weight loss does occur for a number of reasons.

  • Menu banned hazardous products. Any type of people is not recommended sugar, sweet pastry, cakes, sodas, fast food. These products have no relation to the natural sources of the human diet that D’adamo considers how basic. Eliminating “food garbage”, the person loses weight in a natural way, by reducing calorie intake.
  • Formed attention to the food. The most important benefit of this diet is the formation of correct eating habits. Learn to look at your plate, assess the quality of the products, think about what you eat is a huge achievement for a person who is inclined towards maintaining a healthy diet. From the menu gradually disappears all the excess, leaving only the right foods prepared the right way. And this, in turn, causes weight loss.
  • Attention to physical activity. Fiznagruzki author treats the concept as a vital element of weight loss. Regular exercise of varying intensity educates organization, eliminates breakdowns, helps the body to control the feeling of hunger. Physical activity becomes an additional factor in the reduction of weight.

Menu days this diet does not contain recommendations for the amount of servings. There is no need to starve or eat at set times. The peculiarity of the diet is its proper content, then how can a person eat at appetite and when it is convenient. In fact, the diet becomes a way of life and the basis of new views on meals.

Diet for 1 blood

Carriers of this group — the descendants of the ancient people. Today their number is more than thirty-three percent of the total number of people on Earth.

The author calls them “hunters” and indicates the following features of the body:

  • a strong digestive system;
  • a powerful immune system;
  • weak adaptation to new conditions, including change of diet;
  • the incorrectness of the immune system, susceptibility to development of autoimmune processes, allergic reactions;
  • the tendency to blood clotting;
  • the propensity for development of inflammatory processes;
  • high risk of increasing the acidity of the stomach.

The main food of ancient man or the “hunter” was meat, so the diet for 1 blood high protein. While the ancient hunter has been extraordinarily active, active lifestyle, so to maintain the health of such people is especially important intense exercises for example swimming, running, aerobics.

Features of eating behavior

The author recommends that you stick to the basic strategies in the selection of food behavior.

  • Eat meat regularly. Several times a week, eat high-quality meat in small or medium portions. This product is needed by the body for proper metabolism. Useful juicy meat, bulk roasting, for example, a steak with blood. But if these meals cause you antipathy, eat well roasted or baked meat, pre-marinated in acidic fruit juices, such as lemon, pomegranate, or spices, condiments.
  • Eat sea fish. The fat contained in its meat, has anti-inflammatory action. It will help to deal with diseases of the inflammatory nature of your body and support the thyroid gland.
  • Refrain from dairy products. The animals giving milk, was domesticated by man in the age of agriculture. The ancient hunter did not know of dairy products, so his body does not know how them to make. Most often they are poorly digested, resulting in poor health.
  • Exclude from the diet flour, all types of cereals and products containing them. Among the food diets for the first group of blood the most unwanted — wheat. It disturbs digestion and causes health problems. In the presence of excess weight “hunters” are also prohibited oats and its derivatives (bran, oat cereals), all kinds of flour products.
  • Reduce the consumption of legumes or completely discard them. Despite the fact that legumes — sources of protein for “ancient hunter” they are a strange product. To get the protein the body needs from meat and fish.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Choose healthy fruits specific to your region of residence.
  • Use dried fruit and nuts for a snack. These products are useful for you and serve as suppliers of valuable vitamins, fatty acids.
  • Replace black tea and coffee green tea. It has the same refreshing effect, but does not increase the acidity of gastric juice.

The menu should include food supplements that support the body and increase the nutritional value of the diet.

  • Licorice without glycyrrhizin. It is a form of licorice root DGL. It reduces the intensity of hydrochloric acid in the stomach thereby reducing the acidity that is a good prevention of development of peptic ulcer disease.
  • Ginger. Useful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the activity of the intestine.
  • Carnation. Aromatic spice has anti-inflammatory effect and helps combat fungal infections.
  • Turmeric. A spice with a high content of essential oils, has anti-cancer activity, stimulates the production of substances to protect the mucous membranes of the stomach, increases the activity of the liver.
  • Cayenne pepper. Necessary for prevention of peptic ulcer, protects the digestive system from toxins.

In the intervals between meals should be drunk slightly warmed non-carbonated water, which reduces the acidity of gastric juice, reduces appetite. Banned strong alcoholic beverages and white wine, allowed periodic red wine consumption.

The selection of products

Dangerous lectins for the first group of blood contained in the following:

  • sour fruits, including citrus fruits, strawberries;
  • wheat and its derivatives;
  • corn;
  • beans Navy and maroon “kidney”;
  • lentils;
  • potatoes;
  • peanuts.

Download the table “Food 1 blood.” It includes a complete list of permitted and prohibited foods for people with first blood.Menu

Table — Sample menu for 1 blood

Day of the weekMealFoods and dishes
MondayBreakfastBuckwheat porridge with soy milk;
soy cheese;
a decoction of rose hips
Second BreakfastFruits (apples or prunes)
LunchA steak of beef;
cabbage salad with broccoli and carrots, dressed with olive oil
DinnerMackerel fillets boiled;
fresh herbs
TuesdayBreakfastPorridge pearl-barley;
2 eggs boiled;
a decoction of rose hips
Second BreakfastFruit (figs, cherry)
LunchLamb with grilled vegetables;
salad leaf beet, spinach
DinnerTrout baked with lemon sauce;
salad kiln beet with olive oil
EnvironmentBreakfastRye bread;
soy cheese;
2 eggs boiled;
a decoction of rose hips
Second BreakfastThe seaweed salad with pumpkin seeds
LunchVeal sauteed with mottled beans;
salad of Jerusalem artichoke
LunchJuice: pineapple or cherry
DinnerFilets baked;
salad mix herbs: parsley, watercress, leek
ThursdayBreakfastPorridge from barley grains with soy milk;
soy cheese;
a decoction of rose hips
Second BreakfastFruit (plum, plum)
LunchTurkey fillet with prunes;
pumpkin stewed with herbs;
fresh herbs
DinnerHalibut fillet roasted;
salad with sweet potato (Yam) with asparagus
FridayBreakfastPorridge of whole grain rice;
half of greybruce;
a decoction of rose hips
Second BreakfastFruit (persimmons, or grapes)
LunchLiver braised with onions;
braised assorted vegetables (zucchini, carrot, sweet pepper)
DinnerHerring fresh, salted,
salad from tomatoes, cucumbers
SaturdayBreakfastRye bread;
soy cheese;
2 peach
Second BreakfastJuice (tomato or carrot)
LunchBeef heart, sauteed with onions, bell pepper, carrots;
salad of kohlrabi with greens
LunchAlmonds or sunflower seeds
DinnerHake baked;
young peas boiled;
radish salad with cucumber and greens
SundayBreakfast2 boiled eggs;
soy cheese;
rye bread;
herbal tea Linden
Second BreakfastFruit (pomegranate or kiwi)
LunchPatties of ground beef fried;
puree zucchini and carrots;
a salad of fresh greens
LunchNuts hazelnuts
DinnerCod stew with vegetables;
beet salad with prunes

To fill menu for a week you can and other dishes of foods allowed and a neutral list.

Diet for 2 blood

The second group of blood came much later first. Its appearance is connected with change of a way of life. People prefer a sedentary life and began to grow crops for food. The band is named Peter D’adamo “husbandmen”, the international ABO system refers to the type A.

Diet for 2 blood group takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the body “grower”:

  • a high degree of organization and ability of adaptation to any external factors;
  • the effectiveness of the immune and digestive systems, subject to the right diet;
  • the high sensitivity of the nervous system;
  • the high sensitivity of the digestive system to changes in diet and nutrition.

Holders of the second blood group is Peter D’adamo recommends a vegetarian diet. And physical activity should include relaxing techniques, for example tai-Tzu, yoga.

Features of eating behavior

The author identifies several key strategies of healthy eating.

  • Reduce the amount of meat in the diet. Enzyme system “cultivators” is not able to produce enough enzymes to break down animal protein. Because of this, the meat is not fully digested. In the digestive system remain undigested protein can cause metabolic disturbances.
  • Use neutral meats limited. “Husbandmen” are not forbidden to eat some meats. Neutral include, for example, Turkey, chicken, eggs. But to include them in the diet should be not more than two or three times a week.
  • Eat fish and soy products. They should be your main source of protein.
  • Discard fresh dairy products. The process of splitting is similar to meat protein. Instead of fresh milk and cheese, eat a small amount of fermented foods: yogurt, kefir. Fermented foods have probiotic activity and maintain proper intestinal flora.
  • Like legumes. All types of legumes contain vegetable protein, which is digested in the body “tillers”.
  • Limit grains and meals from them. Do not get carried away cereals, bread and cereal. In the presence of excess weight eliminate from the diet of wheat and all of it done.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables. Main food diet for the second group of blood are allowed vegetables and fruits. There can be in any form.
  • Snack on nuts and seeds every day. Eat them on the appetite, without restrictions. The contained fatty acids are essential to your cardiovascular system.
  • Include in the diet foods with vitamin A. Get it from food and not from vitamin supplements, because in the natural form it is absorbed much better. Rich in vitamin a broccoli, spinach, carrots, zucchini.
  • Drink green tea. This drink helps to strengthen the immune system.

According to Peter D’adamo, people with this blood type have low stomach acidity. It must be kept under control, and to enhance the stomach balms, betaine and the amino acid L-histidine.

The selection of products

Table products for “farmers” includes a large number of vegetables and fruits. The diet should include supplements content of polysaccharides or regularly eat their natural counterparts — the marine brown algae fucus and laminaria (seaweed kelp).

Pay special attention to fermented foods, not just dairy, the number of which should be limited to two or three times a week, but also pickled legumes, vegetables, fruits. Products which have undergone fermentation and possess high value to human beings of A-type, because saturate the intestinal friendly flora, stimulate digestion, protect the esophagus from cancer, improve the body’s immune defenses.

Banned sodas, reduces stomach acidity and dangerous lectins:

  • wheat;
  • corn;
  • tomatoes;
  • eggplant;
  • cabbage;
  • potatoes;
  • Lima beans, kidney;
  • bananas.

In the absence of excess weight wheat, corn, bananas can be attributed to neutral products.

Download the table “Food for 2 blood”.Menu

Table — Sample menu for 2 blood

Day of the weekMealFoods and dishes
MondayBreakfastBuckwheat porridge with yogurt;
a loaf of rye;
chamomile tea
Second BreakfastApples
LunchCarp baked with lemon juice;
mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, braised cabbage, broccoli and carrots;
cucumbers pickled
DinnerTuna fillet;
salad of asparagus and white beans, green peas
TuesdayBreakfast2 eggs;
wafer rice;
the spinach salad and artichoke
Second BreakfastGrapefruit
LunchWalleye, baked with grilled vegetables;
puree of lentils;
fresh leafy greens
DinnerFilet of cod boiled;
the seaweed salad
EnvironmentBreakfastPorridge barley;
soy cheese;
rye bread
Second BreakfastBerries (blackberries, blueberries)
LunchTurkey fillet boiled;
pumpkin porridge with brown rice;
salad with cucumbers and greens
LunchNuts forest (hazelnut)
DinnerBaked salmon fillets;
zucchini, carrots grill;
fresh leafy greens
ThursdayBreakfastThe pearl-barley porridge with soy milk, raisins;
tea from hawthorn
Second BreakfastPineapple
LunchMushrooms braised with leeks, carrots;
rye bread
LunchPine nuts
DinnerPike boiled;
green peas boiled;
pickled Collard greens with onions and herbs
FridayBreakfastOat porridge;
yogurt dairy
Second BreakfastCherries or grapes
LunchChicken fillet boiled;
pickled vegetables
LunchPeanut kernels
DinnerTrout baked;
soya beans;
salad turnips with greens
SaturdayBreakfastCottage cheese with prunes;
a loaf of rye;
cherry juice
Second BreakfastBerries (gooseberries or raspberries)
LunchSeafood cocktail, onion;
salad carrot-Apple
LunchPumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds
DinnerHerring baked;
salad of radish and cucumber with greens
SundayBreakfastOat flakes, soy milk;
rye bread;
jelly fruit
Second BreakfastPeach or nectarine
LunchChicken baked with zucchini and onions;
mashed beans;
fresh herbs
DinnerBaked salmon fillets;
lentils boiled;
pickled cauliflower with snow peas

Choose from the menu any valid and neutral vegetables, which will allow to diversify the diet daily.

Diet for 3 blood

The appearance of people with third blood group is associated with the era of settlement of humanity and attempts to develop new territories. People began to roam, to wander the planet, which changed their nature and needs. Carriers of this group called “the Wanderers” or “nomads”, the number today is up to twenty percent of the population.

Within the diet for 3 blood types the author identified the following strengths and weaknesses of its carriers:

  • a strong immune system;
  • high flexibility and ability to adapt to any environment, including a new food;
  • a strong nervous system;
  • the stability of immunity in maintaining the balance in the diet;
  • the tendency of immunity to autoimmune processes in case of violation of balance of power.

Food diet for the third blood group are especially diverse, because nomads can’t have any priorities in food. Such people are omnivores, they can eat meat and dairy products, eggs and cereals, legumes, almost all types of vegetables and fruits.

To keep the body in good shape is recommended moderate physical exercise for example Cycling, walking or intense Hiking, swimming, tennis, yoga.

Features of eating behavior

The author of the diet notes that the media has the blood of the third group or type as on the international classification no inclination to disturbances in the enzyme systems or acidity of gastric juice. They can effectively absorb products with various structure, including protein, carbohydrate. In the intestine high alkaline environment, which creates protection against negative processes in the use of large amounts of protein and fatty foods.

However, the possibility “is all and in any quantity” plays with “nomads” is a cruel joke. Abuse of unlimited food cause accumulation of toxins in the intestines and unpleasant processes in the digestive system. “Keep your diet, and your digestion will return to normal,” advises Peter D’adamo.

Here are some of the main principles of nutrition that you should know.

  • Eat meat a few times a week. Choose quality farm meat, eat small to medium portions. A protein required to saturate the body with energy. Eat juicy meat, or medium rare.
  • Eat fatty fish. Use it as a source of valuable, useful fat, which is able to fight inflammation in the body and improve metabolism.
  • In the diet include dairy products. If you are not used to eat them constantly, start with milk yoghurt, kefir.
  • Enrich meals with spices with enzyme activity. Your digestion will help ginger, peppermint, parsley. They tone the muscles of the stomach and stimulate the production of gastric juice.

“Nomads” are rarely suffer from the additional weight, therefore, to convince them of the need of dieting is not easy. To appreciate the importance of proper nutrition, they can only in case, if you regularly experience discomfort on the part of the digestive system or suffer from allergic reactions.

The selection of products

Strict recommendations on food choices there. Is products any and all groups. You should only avoid some:

  • chicken as uncharacteristic for nomads meat;
  • peanuts, and lentils;
  • tomatoes;
  • buckwheat.

Download the table “Food for 3 the blood.”

Alcohol is not recommended in any group, but here the author especially emphasizes the danger of its use. A strong digestive system “nomads” normally metabolizes alcohol, and even in large quantities it causes not traditional “side effects”. This creates the illusion of safe alcohol consumption, with attendant liver disease and cardiovascular system.


Table — Sample menu for 3 blood

Day of the weekMealFoods and dishes
MondayBreakfast2 eggs;
homemade cheese with raisins;
wheat bread
Second BreakfastApple
LunchLamb, stewed with rice;
salad of sweet potatoes with olive oil
DinnerBaked flounder;
grilled vegetables
TuesdayBreakfastMilk soup with pasta of durum wheat;
pineapple juice
Second BreakfastOrange
LunchRabbit meat stewed in sour cream;
puree of green peas;
salad from fresh cabbage with carrots
oatmeal cookies diet;
EnvironmentBreakfastCottage cheese casserole with egg, sour cream;
salad with fresh cucumber and herbs
Second BreakfastCherry
LunchSoup-puree with champignons;
cabbage salad krasnokochannoy with herbs;
bread wheat;
LunchYogurt with fruit
DinnerHake baked;
ThursdayBreakfastCheesecakes from whole cottage cheese with sour cream;
half an orange;
wheat bread
Second BreakfastBanana
LunchFillet of beef boiled;
white beans boiled;
juice carrot-Apple
LunchYogurt with berries
DinnerMackerel baked;
salad from carrots, Apple, walnuts
FridayBreakfastOmelet of two eggs;
bread wheat;
Second BreakfastRaisins and dried apricots
LunchSoup with offal of turkeys;
yogurt with fruit
DinnerTrout boiled;
steamed vegetables (zucchini, carrots, onions);
fresh herbs
SaturdayBreakfastCereal with milk;
bread wheat;
Second BreakfastPear
LunchFish soup with halibut;
boiled rice;
salad of cucumber and greens
DinnerCabbage rolls with ground beef;
the cauliflower salad
SundayBreakfastTwo fried eggs;
natural yoghurt;
bread wheat
Second BreakfastCarrot juice
LunchVeal baked with grilled vegetables;
the Chinese cabbage salad and greens
DinnerCod baked;
soy beans;
salad with sweet potato

The menu is diverse and allows to combine in one meal different products. Cooking technique is also different, but is preferably a quick roasting without additional fat, boiling, stewing and baking.

Diet for 4 blood

Owners of the fourth group of blood (according to the international classification of AV) is less likely, not more than eight percent of the population of the planet. This is the type of young person, age not more than fifteen centuries. He is also the most controversial, as it combines the features of two almost opposite kinds of people with blood groups A and B.

Inherent strengths and weaknesses of the bearers of the two oldest groups:

  • the sensitivity of the immune system;
  • the ability of the digestive system to adapt to different types of food;
  • the sensitivity of the digestive system to the “alien” products;
  • responsiveness of immunity to error in the formation of a diet with a high propensity to microbial infections.

Diet for 4 blood should be moderately mixed, i.e. combining products for groups A and B. Possible problems, which are the people, “the husbandmen”: a reduced level of gastric acidity and the inability to effective digestion. Moderate physical activity: brisk walking, swimming, tennis.

Features of eating behavior

To form the diet that are most beneficial to the body, should be based on several principles.

  • Discard the chicken and minimize the consumption of red meat. Features of the enzymatic system do not allow your body to effectively digest and absorb these products. And their residues cause intoxication and metabolic disorders.
  • Eat fish and soy products. They should be your main source of protein.
  • Substitute fresh dairy products dairy. Latest eat in small quantities.
  • Include in the diet of fermented foods. These include dairy yogurt, kefir, pickled vegetables. These products contain lactic acid bacteria, essential for maintaining correct operation of the digestive system and immunity.
  • Eat sea fish. Fish from cold seas contribute to the normalization of metabolism.
  • Include in the diet foods with vitamin A. Among them are broccoli, spinach, carrots. These products are essential to normalize the enzymatic functions of the body and improve digestion.

According to the author of the concept, proper food diet for the fourth group of blood will help to avoid problems with digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, low immunity and instability of the nervous system.

The selection of products

Low gastric acidity, inherent for people of type AB, does not properly digest animal protein. To raise the acidity allow supplements: gastric balms, herbal tinctures on the basis of the great yellow gentian, betaine.

For the normalization of the bowel it is important to add into the diet foods that contain polysaccharides. It can be supplements or natural sources: marine brown algae and kelp.

In the list of dangerous products included:

  • chicken;
  • river white fish;
  • the varieties of Lima beans, kidney;
  • cereals buckwheat, corn.

Download the table “Food 4 blood group”. It will help you to clarify the list of permitted and prohibited foods.Menu

Table — Sample menu for 4 blood

Day of the weekMealFoods and dishes
MondayBreakfastSheep’s cheese;
yogurt with fresh cherries;
rye bread
Second BreakfastApple
LunchLiver braised with onions;
speckled kidney beans boiled;
green tea with ginseng
DinnerSturgeon fillet baked;
a mix of cabbage (broccoli, sheet, color);
the cucumber salad and watercress with olive oil
TuesdayBreakfastCottage cheese with raisins;
wafer rice;
fresh herbs
Second BreakfastGrapefruit
LunchSoup of pike-perch with onion and carrots;
puree of lentils;
celery salad and leaf beet
DinnerLamb, stewed with vegetables;
soy beans
EnvironmentBreakfastOmelet of two eggs and milk;
rye bread
Second BreakfastFresh berries (cranberry, gooseberry)
LunchTurkey fillet stewed with zucchini, onions, herbs;
salad of red cabbage and carrots
LunchNuts almond
DinnerFillet of sea bass grill;
boiled potatoes;
salad from tomatoes and cucumbers with greens
ThursdayBreakfastHomemade cheese with prunes, raisins;
rye bread
Second BreakfastFruits (peach, nectarine)
LunchVegetable soup;
fillet of cod fried;
salad turnips with greens
LunchPine nuts
DinnerRabbit meat stewed in tomato sauce;
salad of kohlrabi with fresh herbs
FridayBreakfast2 eggs;
a loaf of rye;
drink from hips
Second BreakfastApples
LunchBaked trout fillet with lemon juice;
mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, braised cabbage, broccoli and carrots;
cucumbers pickled
DinnerFillet catfish;
cabbage salad broccoli, peppers
SaturdayBreakfastTwo fried eggs;
rye bread;
half a grapefruit
Second BreakfastFresh berries (raspberries, currants)
LunchVegetable soup with beans;
herring fillet baked;
mixed salad with green peas, asparagus leaves, cress
LunchPistachio nuts
DinnerLamb stew;
brown rice;
salad of roasted beets with garlic and prunes
SundayBreakfastNatural yoghurt with berries;
rye bread;
Second BreakfastOrange
LunchTurkey fillet boiled;
pumpkin porridge with brown rice;
cucumber salad and greens;
LunchNuts forest (hazelnut)
DinnerBaked salmon fillets;
zucchini, carrots grill;
fresh leafy greens

A detailed description of the diet allows you to independently generate the menu from a fairly large list of products.

Reviews nutritionists

Power system Dr. D’adamo has gained immense popularity in the United States. She repeatedly became the object of study of doctors, none of which has confirmed its effectiveness.

In 2011 in the UK carried out a study involving fourteen thousand women, who offered food, in accordance with the principles of Peter D Adamo. According to the results of the link between blood group and main factors of health risks have not been identified. In 2014 a new study organized in Canada. It was attended by fifteen hundred people. And again — no relationship with blood group and pronounced slimming effect.

Lyudmila Denisenko: “Blood does not recognize a protein”

“Until now the connection between blood type and propensity to obesity has not been confirmed, says dietician Ludmila Denisenko. — In addition, this division is too arbitrary, because there is also RH factor”. According to experts, positive and negative blood types also have to be considered in the preparation of diets, if it is given such high importance in the formation of hereditary characteristics.

“Diet is based on the judgment that in the body there is a conflict between the protein substances of food and their own antibodies human blood therefore some products are possible and others are not, — continues Lyudmila Denisenko. — But proteins, vegetable or animal, does not enter the bloodstream intact. The digestive system breaks down them to the chains of molecules — amino acids, and recognize the nature of the new connections is the body simply can not.”

In addition it is absolutely impossible to recommend people similar food rules if their lifestyle is different dramatically. For example, carriers of the second group can live in the far North and on the equator. And diet, and access to certain products these people absolutely different. They can’t eat the same food.

According to Ludmila Denisenko, the diet has several advantages:

  • easy to apply without having to count calories;
  • the rejection of fast carbohydrates like sugar, sweets and muffins, which is a major factor in weight loss;
  • recommendations for physical activity that also allows you to lose weight;
  • a balanced diet for each blood group.

“The undisputed benefits of power system Dr. D’adamo is that you can lose weight, abandoning the sweet and doing sports — says the doctor. Is one of the few diets that will not harm your body”.

Galina Anokhin: “Adequate power system”

“Indeed, the formation of four blood groups occurred as a result of evolution, not a one — says the doctor of medical Sciences, nutritionist Galina Anokhin. — To date, formed four groups of people, the metabolism which is different.”

For example, the people of Greenland for energy consume large amounts of protein and fat, and South Africa — plant foods, i.e. carbs. “Imagine what would happen if you force these people to eat the blood, — says the expert. — What will become of the eskimo with the second group of blood, if he’ll eat one plant-based diet? He probably will not survive in its environment.”

According to Galina Anokhina, scientific base theory of nutrition according to blood group has not. But cons her a bit. “Food choices out of common sense she has, says the doctor. — The diet of each group has a set of key nutrients, vitamins. Due to the duration of the diet the effect of it will be slow, but steady.”

Irina Gromova: “Listen to your body”

Reviews and results of this diet demonstrate a similar tendency. People significantly lose weight that happens gradually. “Partly triggered by the placebo effect, says dietician Irina Gromova. — From the diet leave junk food, and planning teaches us to be more organized. We do not allow excesses in food, aimed at a good result.”

But have diet and minus the risk to reduce the consumption of certain foods, and create shortages of certain substances in the body. “It is highly probable that people with first blood is not to be missed fiber, the protein, — says Irina Gromova. Therefore, in the formation of the diet, it is important to listen to your body”.

The doctor recommends to respect the General principles of diet for each group, but not eliminate completely banned products and reduce their consumption. For example, with the second group of blood can not be completely excluded from the diet meat, you want to replace fat varieties lean chicken or rabbit.

Rimma moysenko: “Diet does not fit all”

“Diet could be considered perfect if not for the important fact, — says the doctor of the highest category, a nutritionist Rimma moysenko. — Even healthy people metabolize the same food. And what about the sick? How to be a “farmer” with gluten intolerance? Or “hunter” with joint disease, and gout?”.

But overall it is good, because no one the author advises not to eat sugar, alcohol, coffee, fatty foods. Such dietary restrictions are reasonable and they do lead to weight reduction. There are even people that Dr. D’adamo has helped to lose weight and maintain it at a normal level. But there are some.

“The effect of diet exaggerated, — says Rimma moysenko. — Usually it is three to five pounds, so the hype around it gradually subside”.

Diet for blood group — one of the trendy, modern techniques of weight loss. It is based on the formation of the diet of the allowed and neutral products and exclusion of prohibited. Full refusal of sugar, bad carbohydrates, alcohol, defining requirements for physical activity in each of the groups of people leads to a gradual weight loss and its maintenance at a stable level. But the scientific confirmation of the theory of Peter D’adamo is not found.

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