Diet pills: effective, safe and inexpensive

More than 30% of the world population — people with excess weight. If reliable diet pills existed, then these statistics would look very different. The reality is: while the account failed to create safe fat burning drug with proven 100% efficiency. However, dreaming about the ideal forms, people continue to look for effective and affordable diet pills. And demand creates supply in pharmacies is presented with their wide choice of drugs “to reduce weight”. How they work, are they harmful and will the “plummet”?

Galina Konkina 27 Sep 2017114

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    • 1.1 Blockers fats and carbohydrates
    • 1.2 Anorectic
    • 1.3 Buds
  • 2 effect on the body
  • 3 “Pills” that work 100%
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Just note that the world health organization and the American Association for combating obesity is not recommended to use the pill to treat obesity for cosmetic purposes and if weight reduction can be drug-free ways.

A contraindication to receiving any of the diet pills are pregnancy and lactation. Can’t drink these drugs to people with mental disorders, decompensated cardiovascular disease and uncontrolled hypertension.

What sold diet pills

If you do decide to buy drugs for the weight loss, then definitely do not take them from individuals and representatives of network marketing. And avoid tubes, to which there are no Russian-language instructions.
Pharmaceutical preparations are marketed by manufacturers as a means to effective weight loss, and are divided into several groups depending on the composition and mechanism of effects on the body. If you do not consider seriously the pill with diuretic and laxative effects, the basic list of pills for quick weight loss includes following three groups of drugs.

Blockers fats and carbohydrates

There is a modest list of the medicines which the doctors admit with difficulty in the complex of therapeutic measures in the treatment of patients with obesity. This includes some blockers metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

  • Blockers fat. For example, glioblastoma drugs based on the orlistat — “xenical” (Italy), “Tea” and “Listat” (Russia). The active ingredient prevents the breakdown of fats coming from food in the body. That is, the fat is not absorbed and immediately excreted. For reviews, sometimes this process is uncontrolled and can lead to complicated and unpleasant situations.
  • The carb blockers. The same principle applies to the French “Glucophage”, but he aims to block absorption of carbohydrates. The main ingredient in the composition of acts Metformin. Most of these tablets are prescribed for the treatment of obesity in diabetes. Weight loss, according to the manufacturer, is due to the decrease in levels of glucose, insulin, and stabilize metabolism. Uglevodorody prohibited in diseases of the digestive tract. Constant intake of these drugs creates a deficiency of vitamin D and calcium.

Due to the large number of possible side effects the drugs of this group are appointed in exceptional cases and must be sold by prescription. Nevertheless, people still manage to buy them and without the document from the doctor. It is very risky. Because the justified use of such drugs is considered only when the following five conditions.

  • The diagnosis set by the doctor. “Obesity” and “couple extra pounds” — two different things. In the first case we are talking about a serious disease that reduces the patient’s quality of life and impairs the function of internal organs and systems. If you just want to become slimmer before vacation, forget about these drugs.
  • The appointment was made by the doctor. These drugs cannot be “discharged” himself. An ordinary person does not possess sufficient qualifications to objectively assess their health, determine safe dosage and to suggest possible reactions to the reception of blockers.
  • The treatment is controlled by the physician. Not one. It is important to consult an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and nutritionist who collectively decide how to take the pills for weight loss in each case.
  • The drug is combined with diet. It is a prerequisite. The menu paints a physician.
  • The drug is combined with exercise. Without exercise, even these strong drugs do not provide lasting results.
  • Anorectic

    Anorectic affect the Central nervous system. Promote weight loss by reducing appetite through action on the center of the brain responsible for the feeling of satiety. Reviews about drugs for weight loss group of anorectics highlight the following popular tools.

    • “Goldline”. The Indian drug production. It is based on the substance sibutramine-specific regulators of appetite. In response, the drug gives plummet from 3 to 10 kg in a month. However, after stopping the appetite returns, therefore, a strong effect is possible only with regular use of pills.
    • “Reduksin”. Russian drug. Indicated for the treatment of obesity to reduce body mass and improve metabolism. The active substance of these tablets also acts as sibutramine. Auxiliary component in the composition is microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), which swells in the stomach and provides a feeling of satiety.
    • “Meridia”. The medicine of German production. Also applies to sibutraminum drugs. According to the instructions shown in obesity (if your body mass index exceeds 30 units) and diabetes (if BMI more than 27).
    • “Fluoxetine”. This is a Russian anti-depressant, which dulls the sense of hunger. The main component is the substance fluoxetine.

    According to the doctors, anorectic unsafe. Uncontrolled use of these pills may cause anorexia, as well as dependence on the drug. Remember that these drugs — prescription.

    Dietary supplements

    More or less safe pills for weight loss is dietary supplements. The basis of these drugs are natural ingredients with fat burning properties (e.g., seaweed). Composed of a large number of vitamins and minerals. Supposedly, due to their balance and their beneficial effects on the body and is weight loss. They are over-the-counter. However, nutritionists do not consider seriously these “drugs” and called cases where people shed their weight after taking the dietary Supplements, the placebo effect. Also, “plumb” is due to the diuretic and laxative properties of drugs. In high demand among such tablets are the following.

    • “Bilayt”. According to the manufacturers (China), these tablets help control food cravings, stimulate thermogenesis and burn excess fat. The basis of the drug is b-complex derived from plant extracts. Analogue can be considered as “effervescent” tablets “Eco slim”.
    • “Modelform”. According to the instructions, this Russian preparation is able to reduce cravings for starchy and sweet, which helps to control appetite and reduce sugar intake. The composition of tablets is a complex of plant extracts such as bitter orange, Pueraria, medlar and MOMORDICA.
    • “Magic beans”. This Chinese diet pills. They are named so due to the fact that the form of capsules similar to beans. In the drug — L-carnitine, Garcinia extract, konwalie sea, chitin, cellulose and collagen.
    • “Herbalife”. The products of the American company. Available in the form of multivitamin complexes, cocktails, drinks and bars. The manufacturer indicates in the instructions that the drug promote weight loss, tone, increase metabolism and absorption of sugar. The basis can be the vitamins and extracts, like green tea and Yerba mate.
    • “Turboslim.” This Russian drug belongs to the category of dietary Supplements, but he is also able to block the absorption of carbohydrates. Pills are produced by a series of means: “Turboslim Day” and “Turboslim Night”. There are also tea and coffee “Turboslim.” They are the extracts of plants. According to the manual, “the Drug” helps to improve the digestive tract and strengthen the nervous system.

    Selection of dietary Supplements there’s for every budget. For example, 96 capsules “Bilayt” sell for 2300 rubles. A pack of “Turboslim coffee” (10 sachets) worth 276 rubles. (Data to September 2017).

    Hormonal pills it is worth noting separately. They are aimed primarily at equalization of hormonal levels in patients with appropriate pathologies. The fact that the weight goes — it is the result of treatment of the underlying disease. Such funds are absolutely contraindicated in cases when a person is all right with the hormones, and the “saggy side” — a consequence of poor lifestyle and disorders diet.

    Effect on the body

    Pills, even free in the sale is the easy but dangerous way to lose weight. After taking many of them appear serious consequences. This is especially true of Korean and Thai of drugs includes phentermine, fenfluramine, and poly-4-styrelseledamot sodium. These substances are addictive like drugs. Against this background, starts flaking skin, hair loss, loss of sleep. Some patients have found lesions of the heart valves. Effects from taking (especially if overdosed) other diet pills:

    • insomnia;
    • the increase in pressure;
    • palpitations;
    • allergies;
    • the development of depression;
    • exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive system;
    • the overstimulation of the nervous system.

    If a healthy person artificially to provoke deficit of carbohydrates, the thyroid gland increases the production of thyroid hormones T3 and T4. The result:

    • metabolism slows down;
    • adipose tissue is accumulated in even greater numbers;
    • disrupted thyroid.

    At constant lack of fat in the diet, on the contrary, there is a sharp slowdown in the production of happy hormones. In women, it leads to such consequences:

    • early menopause;
    • hot flashes;
    • headache;
    • temperature rise;
    • bleeding;
    • blockage of the blood vessels;
    • stroke;
    • a rise in pressure;
    • the destruction of the vessels of the brain.

    Pills that work 100%

    Taking diet pills, you can cause irreparable harm to the body. In addition, almost all of the user to such drugs indicate that the use of the pills must be combined with diet and exercise. Otherwise the effect will be negligible, and after completing the course of “treatment” the weight will come back.

    Therefore, the most effective drugs for weight loss is a physical activity and proper nutrition. It is sufficient to follow a few simple rules:

    • there is a little bit four or five times a day;
    • to limit the consumption of sweet, fatty, fried, salted and smoked;
    • to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, cereals;
    • do not eat for three to four hours before bedtime;
    • to drink per day 1.5-2 liters of clean water;
    • to give up alcohol;
    • once a week to arrange fasting day;
    • limit salt;
    • to exercise three to five times a week for 30-60 minutes;
    • to walk more instead of the Elevator, use the stairs;
    • sleeping seven or eight hours a day;
    • be sure to eat Breakfast;
    • not to starve;
    • to cook food by steaming, stewing or boiling.

    After two weeks of compliance with such rules, you will notice a positive result. For healthy weight loss person lose up to 1 kg a week. To make the process more interesting, you can start a food diary in which to record not only their menu, but the results.

    Remember: the “best” diet pills do not exist. The person who is healthy, not worth it at all just use any drugs. If the excess weight led to serious problems, for the purpose of treatment is necessary to consult a specialist.

    Reviews experienced

    Want to lose weight? you like at all? then bilayt( pump can can (( and if you’re young then pohudeti pounds by 15 for 2 packs (( cost about 2 thousand 2 packs with the shipment( but the pressure already is not normal and tachycardia, and in General Ko Phi Phi iance(((( not much softer miaozi(( but also drugs golimy( tachycardia( sweating ( dehydrated such that after minatsu after mug of water you think you drink a week))(((( lose weight 10 kg in a month(( cost about 2 thousand 2 packages of shipment(( meridia— sold by the pharmacy for recipes( great stuff but although not terrible the doctors say when you will be bad(( weight loss of 10 kg in a month( you can only drink if healthy heart and kidney( but only with doctor consult need(( xenical lose weight 3 kg in a month( since priests will always flow the liquid an oil and smelly(( it is necessary gasket( acts as a reaction to the fat you have eaten( eaten vegetables are not drink( eaten a piece of bacon or butter drink(( named product of the year among the means of weight loss)) is not harmful!!! costs about 800 RUB plate) and how much you eat fatty you to decide) MKC— microcellulose ) suppresses hunger) useful ) you can drink 2 months) worth a penny at the pharmacy) want to eat? 3-4 tablets and a glass of water)) 2=4 hours you well-fed) Turboslim 3 days__ === laxative and diuretic effect(( 1-2 kg for 3 days will reset but this is water( little chest)____+++ food for a week( the most delicious Mediterranean menu)) per week for 2-3 kg but need to follow exactly) weight loss due to kalloriynostyu) minus= very much himi(


    I’m 18 pounds lighter. Took orsoten slim. Here since September, stopped taking, and started to go to yoga. In food do not limit yourself not now, not when taking the capsules — the weight is not returned, but doesn’t drop more.


    Girls, take their health — Reduxine all narmalno countries have already banned, probably only in Russia and sell. A straight road to heart attack,stroke. I’m not against drugs,but you need to choose a proven, safe. She lost Xenical, took 4 months,but took more than 18kg. Old clothes I never wear — size large already) the First week or two is not very fast was the result, but then very effectively. The main meals more or less stabilized.


    Turboslim I do not recommend, very dangerous drug. Never hurt the kidneys, and after taking these tablets the pain in the lumbar region to bed the General could not, in the morning on face and limbs began to appear characteristic swelling.

    Elena Nikulina,

    Took the gold Line is just awful depression for 2 months, but after only 2 weeks, headaches, feel drugged terribly much on the last day was going to go out, afraid, in General, g*UPE, and this despite the fact that there is no weight loss! then tried a cocktail of natural Balance from Orifleim3 times before food and normally weight slowly shifted….and tasty, and side effects. and the gold line contains is banned worldwide and in Russia, too, the drug sibutramine, like the way in regular Reduxine and Lida! and then I read that he even thought about suicide cause I didn’t have, but depression is awful, and everyone thought tales!and 6 years ago from Lida this effect was, and even hands and feet pours out in small pustules! so decide for yourself! but I do not advise, better slowly but surely!

    Elena Aleinikov,

    And I weighed 85 kg with height of 173 cm was quite large. Got here( to the forum), I have been reading about all sorts of pills, decided to try it. Asked my husband, he bought me xenical. Began to search for something about it in the Internet, here been reading a lot of horror, but the drink still was. The result: during 7 days (ate 3 times a day, plus light snacks): — 4 kg. very Happy. And about the fact that go and suddenly, Bang, suddenly the whole butt is wet — it is time to laugh!!! The first day began to drink capsules nothing has changed, on the second day “process has gone”. In General: to the toilet really really want. Despite the fact that the desire narostaet to maximum in about an hour. Once, instead of the feces begins to separate pure fat (by the way, literally, a stream), then all the rest.
    Another girl wrote here that was walking down the street and suddenly,the fat itself came out, and all wet… it can only say one thing: fat can really stand out in unlimited quantities if you pass gas… So cute girl, nothing to spoil the air in the middle of the street!!!


    Hi all .. I never took pills ,but then decided to take the Turbo slim (night) cutting cycle.. But besides that, I no longer forced myself not to eat after 18.00 and drink chilled water-1 Cup and half of lemon squeeze.. I weighed when height 176 cm, 75 kg.. Boca ass wow.. well after 2 months I dropped to 67 kg and continue to lose weight out of hips and ass:))) .. I Can sometimes drink strong after 18.00,or to sharpen a grapefruit:))) do not take pills… stretch under a drive NIA aerobics so you need to the gym and in the pool:))go.. soon the summer is great took myself, I want to ride:))

    The Movement Of Life


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