Dietary salads: 11 recipes for weight loss with vegetables, chicken, tuna, no Mayo

Women dream about a beautiful and toned figure. But not all are able to regularly visit the fitness room, carefully control your diet, maintain a correct way of life. If only there was a way to eat tasty food and lose weight… It is for this and developed recipes of diet salads.

10 min 2 servings. Easy to prepare

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The content of the article

  • 1 Recommendations for selection and preparation products
    • 1.1 6 rules of good nutrition
  • 2 Recipes of diet salads with meat, fish, fruit and vegetables
    • 2.1 Chicken
    • 2.2 Corn
    • 2.3 Metelka
    • 2.4 “nice”
    • 2.5 seafood
    • 2.6 “Graciosa”
    • 2.7 Meat
    • 2.8 Hepatic
    • 2.9 Fish
    • 2.10 Pineapple
    • 2.11 Mushroom

Light salads that have received the status of diet, prepare from low-calorie products. It is not only delicious but also very healthy meals. Due to the low caloric content, they promote weight loss, help to keep the figure slender.

Recommendations on the selection and preparation products

Nutritionists have developed various salads for weight loss. Among this diversity you can easily pick up the meals. In addition, it is possible to use not only ready-made recipes of diet salads for weight loss, but also to create their own. Of course, if you know the basic principles of cooking such dishes.

Dietary salads contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements. They saturate the body with beneficial fats, fiber. Due to such structure meals not only provide weight loss, but also conducive to recovery.6 rules of good nutrition

What foods classified as low calorie, how do they differ from the usual? What principles should we follow to make a diet salad at home? Dietitians give six recommendations.

  • The right vegetables. For diet salads use vegetables, which contain up to 6% carbohydrates. It is green peas, cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant. And foods containing more than 20% carbohydrates, absolutely do not want to use in the dishes intended for weight loss. It is not recommended to include in salads, potatoes, rice, corn.
  • Light dressing. Dietary salads prepared without mayonnaise. He’s too fat, greatly increases the caloric value of the dish. It is best to fill dishes with light sauces of their own making, vegetable oils: olive, sunflower, soy.
  • Fish or meat. In the diet salads, you can add or fish, or meat. But to combine these products in one dish should not be, otherwise the salad immediately cease to be easy and especially low-calorie. Be sure to select lean meat or fish products. The most suitable products are considered red fish and chicken breast (without skins). Observe another recommendation. Protein products (fish, meat) should be no more than 30% of the volume of the salad.
  • Useful cheese. Recipe easy diet salad may include such an ingredient, like cheese. A product containing milk protein and calcium, very beneficial to the body. However, you need to choose those varieties of cheese which have a fat content of up to 40%. Most suitable cheese think cheese (10%), tofu (10-14%), Adyghe (20%), feta (10-16%), ricotta (12-13%), mozzarella (20-22%), pork (24%).
  • The fruit salads. Do not overuse these options. Fruits are high in carbohydrates. Nutritionists believe that in the day you can eat 250 grams of fruit salad. Meals cook from Mandarin oranges, grapefruit, pineapples, strawberries, plums, sour apples. And from the use of sweet bananas, grapes, dates, raisins should be abandoned.
  • Raw salads. Preferred those recipes diet vegetable salads that do not require heat treatment. Vegetables, fruits, raw and retain more nutrients. And in the process of mechanical action, even in power saving mode, the amount of vitamins and minerals is lost.
  • In compiling dietary menu, look for a list of useful and forbidden foods, presented in the table.

    Table – low carbohydrate and high carbohydrate foods

    UsefulNot recommended
    NameCarbohydrates, 100 gNameCarbohydrates, 100 g
    Zucchini4,6Dried apricots51
    Brussels sprouts3,1Mango15
    Red cabbage5,1Papaya10,8
    Savoy cabbage6Pomelo9,6
    Cilantro3.7 VBeets8,8
    Cranberry3.7 VDrain9,6
    Watercress5,5Black currant7,3
    Lemon3Jerusalem artichoke12,8
    Green onions3,2Feijoa15,2
    Bell pepper4,9Blueberries7,6
    Celery greens2,1Sweet apples9,8

    A dietary salads containing rough cellulose. It is useful for the body, but in the presence diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can provoke exacerbation of the disease. Therefore, people suffering from digestive disorders, a doctor should be consulted.Recipes of diet salads with meat, fish, fruit and vegetables

    So, if you’re so inclined, say a firm “No” to harmful snacks sandwiches, hot dogs or pizza, and to replace at least one meal diet salad, then you will need the following recipes.


    Features. This recipe diet chicken salad is ideal for a hypocaloric diet. The dish, due to the chicken, quite nutritious. It may be able to replace dinner.


    • tomatoes — five pieces;
    • chicken – 160 g;
    • cheese – 15 g;
    • lettuce – 180 g;
    • olive oil – 40-50 ml.

    How to cook

  • Initially cook the chicken fillet in salted water.
  • Cool it, cut.
  • Salad tear.
  • Tomatoes, cut into quarters.
  • Mix ingredients and season with olive.
  • On top sprinkle the dish with grated cheese.
  • The thrill of the taste can you recommend balsamic. Quite a few drops to the dish acquired specific urgency.Corn

    Features. This salad is from the Greek cuisine. And it is famous not only excellent taste, but also easy dishes. So most of them are included dieticians in weight loss programs.


    • chicken – 240 g;
    • cucumber – two;
    • celery (large stalk) – one;
    • corn (canned) – 120g;
    • red onion – one head;
    • salad 180 g;
    • yogurt (natural) – four tablespoons;
    • dill – beam.

    How to cook

  • Chop onions and dill.
  • The greens put in a bowl, pour the yogurt.
  • Thoroughly mix the dressing, if necessary add a pinch of sea salt.
  • Cooked chicken cut into cubes.
  • Chop the cucumber, celery, and tear up the lettuce.
  • All connect, add corn.
  • Pour the salad is prepared sauce and mix.
  • Metelka

    Features. The salad is not for nothing called “Whisk”. It contains a lot of fiber, which “sweeps” the digestive tract of all harmful components. That is why the salad is recommended as an effective cleansing dish for fasting days. But don’t overuse them – should not be over-loaded digestive tract.


    • cabbage – 120 g;
    • Apple (sour) – 120 g;
    • carrot – 120 g;
    • sea cabbage – 120 g;
    • raw beet – 120 g;
    • prune two to three pieces;
    • Oliva – tablespoon;
    • lemon juice five drops.

    How to cook

  • Start with chopping the cabbage.
  • Fold it into a bowl, add the grated carrots.
  • A little add salt, remember hands.
  • Grate the beets and add to salad.
  • As did the apples.
  • Mix all, pour the squeezed lemon juice.
  • The prunes a pre-soak in cool water, so he’s a bit swelled, and then cut into thin strips.
  • Add dried fruit, seaweed, season with olive.
  • “Nice”

    Features. Want to enjoy delicious and very helpful diet salad? Then prepare the dish of tuna. It is a lean fish, which is allowed to include in any diet. The following step-by-step recipe diet tuna salad will help you to cook one of the delicious dishes.


    • onion – one head;
    • canned tuna – 240 g;
    • boiled eggs – two pieces;
    • olive oil – two or three tablespoons;
    • tomatoes – three of fruit;
    • olives – 70 g;
    • greens;
    • cucumbers – two-three.

    How to cook

  • Onion slice and pickle in vinegar-water solution (both liquid and take in equal amounts).
  • Tuna fish divide it into pieces.
  • Slice cucumbers and tomatoes, add to the tuna.
  • Porametee eggs and greens.
  • Olives cut into halves.
  • All the ingredients join, add pickled onions, season with olive.
  • Seafood

    Features. This salad contains three types of seafood, which gives the dish it’s extraordinary flavor. Despite the content of many components, the dish belongs to the category of low-calorie. Another significant advantage is that the salad be prepared easily and quickly.


    • crab sticks – 120 g;
    • frozen shrimp – 120 g;
    • squid – 210 g;
    • tomato two fruits;
    • cucumber – one;
    • olive oil – tbsp;
    • cheese – 60 g;
    • bell pepper – one;
    • lemon juice to ten drops.

    How to cook

  • Cook the squid in salted water, dropping the carcass in boiling water for literally ten seconds. Do not overcook or they will become rubber.
  • The cooled carcasses cut into rings.
  • Tomatoes cut into cubes, cucumber strips.
  • Chop crab sticks.
  • Peel the pepper, chop it into strips.
  • Shrimp pour boiling water and peel.
  • Combine all of the ingredients.
  • Drizzle with olive, sprinkle with fresh lemon juice.
  • Mix.
  • Grate cheese on a grater and sprinkle on salad.
  • “Graciosa”

    Features. Want to fill in the body a deficiency of minerals and vitamins? Prepare the salad “Graciosa”. Be sure to indulge yourself with this tasty and healthy dish in spring, when the time comes of beriberi.


    • Bulgarian pepper (red) or two of fruit;
    • celery – root of two;
    • green pepper or two of fruit;
    • apples (sour-sweet) – three of the fruit;
    • sunflower (or olive) oil – 50 ml.

    How to cook

  • Slice the celery into strips.
  • Oblong strips cut the green pepper.
  • Apples chop cubes.
  • Cut into thin half-rings and red peppers.
  • Mix all the foods, dress the salad with oil.
  • Meat

    Features. This salad also refers to dietary meals. However, it does not provide fat burning, and therefore does not lead to weight loss. But does not allow to gain extra pounds. Sometimes it is possible to deviate from the diet and treat yourself to a tasty meat salad.


    • beef – 300 g;
    • boiled eggs – three pieces;
    • beans – 75 g;
    • mayonnaise – two to three tablespoons.

    How to cook

  • Lean beef cut into small pieces, boil in salted water.
  • Cold meat cut in small cubes.
  • Boil beans in salt water.
  • Eggs chop.
  • All products mix with mayonnaise.
  • Liver

    Features. With the liver, too, can prepare healthy and tasty salad. But diet it will only be the case if you pick up a major component correctly. The least calorie have pork, beef and chicken liver. A goose, Turkey or duck surpass their caloric value is almost three times, so preparing dietary meals these by-products are not used.


    • liver – 350 g;
    • olive oil – tbsp;
    • onion – one head;
    • honey – a teaspoon;
    • water – 75 ml;
    • vinegar – 30 ml.

    How to cook

  • Make a marinade for the onions, mix water with vinegar, adding honey.
  • Posetite onion half rings and put in a prepared marinade.
  • Now boil the liver in lightly salted water.
  • When the by-product has cooled, cut into oblong strips.
  • Remove the onion from the marinade, strain the excess liquid.
  • Connect it with the liver, season with olive.
  • For decoration use parsley.
  • Fish

    Features. Boiled fish combined with seaweed – a very useful tandem. It is the main source of iodine, without which the thyroid gland is not able to function properly.


    • fish fillet (boiled) – 350g;
    • sea Kale – 220 g;
    • boiled eggs – two pieces;
    • olive oil – 75 ml;
    • onion – one head.

    How to cook

  • Fish boil in salted and a little podporchennoy water.
  • When the fillet has cooled, slice it.
  • Press the cabbage, drain the excess brine.
  • Chop onion and eggs.
  • Connect the products and mix with the olive.
  • Pineapple

    Features. Pineapple – juicy and flavorful product, capable of any dish to turn into a real treat. And nutritionists absolutely not against this ingredient, because it helps burn fat. Therefore, those who want to lose weight, you can safely eat flavored pineapple salad.


    • chicken breast (boiled) – 240 g;
    • Apple two fruits;
    • pineapple – one medium fruit;
    • salad 210 g;
    • greens – bunch;
    • yogurt four tablespoons.

    How to cook

  • Fresh pineapple peel, cut into small slices.
  • Tear the salad greens and posetite.
  • Chicken and apples cut into cubes.
  • Connect the components with yogurt, stir.
  • The core of the pineapple contains specific stiffness. However, it is concentrated the largest number of substances to burn fats. So be sure to add the juice in a dietary meal, if your goal is weight loss.Mushroom

    Features. Diet salad with mushrooms, due to the content of nutrients, will become one of the favorite dishes in the spring, when the body is exhausted after the winter frosts and requires vitamins.


    • mushrooms – 300 g;
    • sorrel – beam;
    • spinach four pieces;
    • tomatoes – two to three of fruit;
    • quail eggs – four pieces;
    • radish – 100 g;
    • Oliva – 50 ml;
    • balsamic vinegar;
    • green onions – beam.

    How to cook

  • Make a marinade by mixing olive with vinegar.
  • Marinate it in chopped mushrooms.
  • Radish cut into circles.
  • Tear spinach, watercress.
  • Slice the tomatoes.
  • Mix all the ingredients together with the mushrooms and marinade.
  • From top to decorate the dish cut into two pieces quail eggs, chives.
  • If you want to create a simple recipe, diet salad, then consider another tip. The dish is designed for weight loss, may not contain such high-calorie ingredients such as croutons, smoked sausage and nuts.

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