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Nutritional advice is always relevant and for fans of diets, and for supporters of a healthy lifestyle, and for those who love to eat out. Today the most popular questions about nutrition specifically for women’s website responsible dietician medical center “Emerita Olga Perevalova.

The interest of our readers extends from diets and vegetarianism to healthy food for the whole family.

Vegetarianism and diet: how are they useful?

“Whether vegetarianism is good for health? How can you be healthy not eating meat? Yuliya

Julia, many do not eat meat, but eat poultry, fish, milk. It is also one of the types of vegetarianism — the refusal of black meat.

There are 5 varieties of vegetarianism. Veganism — a strict rejection of all animal food, least favorite nutritionists. Don’t advise children.

Periodic rejection of animal products useful — 240 days a year in the Orthodox calendar fasting.

“What do You think about fructarians? I read the reviews about it on the Internet – it’s amazing: the weight is reduced and the skin is cleansed, and your energy increases…. Michael”

Michael! You can try for 3-6 days as fasting days. Eat systematically can not be too unbalanced.

Man needs protein, and in fruits it is not as fat. On some carbs you can not live. Proven science, it will lead to serious health problems. So I do not advise.

“Attack if You, as a dietitian, questions about newfangled diets and weight loss systems? ))) Actually You are obliged as professionals to get acquainted with all this? And if so, in Your opinion, what are the diet and system weight loss useful and will really help you to lose weight? Irina

Yeah, attack. Is a popular questions to the nutritionists. Diets the world over 28,000. This means that there is no one universal: many people — so many diets. We each choose a diet personally. That is the job of a nutritionist. Of the latest fad diets can be called “Aromatic” and “Diet Beverly hills”.

As for Your last question, Irina, it is beneficial not diet and proper balanced diet: ie, to eat, without struggling of diets on the list fashion, and daily eating quality and nutritious foods 5-6 times a day in small portions. And drink 6-8 glasses of water and healthy drinks.

The only way to go!! Be healthy!!

How to organize the right food for the family?

“Most working women only seven in the evening, gets home and starts to cook dinner for the family. How can you not eat itself. Can I eat in the evening (after 18 hours) and what? Oksana

Oksana that is evening possible and necessary. A proper dinner is not heavy, but useful: poultry without skin, grilled or boiled vegetables, steamed fish with vegetables and herbs, eggs, vegetables, dairy products low-fat, if very late.

NOT recommended fat, high-calorie food: cakes, fried potatoes with meat, dumplings, sausage, pizza, pasta with meat, pancakes, pastries, pickles, beer, alcohol, salty snack, hearty dinner for the night.

“I’m on a diet, but in the evening I cook for the whole family not too light meals. How then can you not break?? Masha”.

Mary, teach the family to eat properly, then don’t take it out. So do all the smart women. You don’t want to be alone or to care for sick children and a husband?!

Care more about them than about yourself. Success!!

“How realistic is it harmful sausage and hot dogs? Often buy a home, choose from trusted manufacturers, top grade, low-fat sausage or ham. But still tormented conscience. I would like to know the opinion of a specialist. In addition to the sausages in the diet from meat is chicken. Xenia”.

Xenia, ham sausages better. Chicken rolls, breast rabbit, “kalinda” (roulade of rabbit meat and Turkey), eggs, venison, beef, liver, veal, Turkey, Guinea fowl — these foods are less fatty and most importantly — natural. What goes on a sausage — no one knows. The label is rarely true.

How to eat to be healthy?

“What sweets and how much you can afford, if I really like them, but there is a tendency to the appearance of excess weight. And diabetes scary to make, my grandmother on the mother of not achrestic diabetes. I’m 34. Natalia”.

Natalia, there are sweet treats without the fat: dried fruits, marshmallows, candy, jellies, soufflés. There are treats with no sugars (important for You): nuts, seeds, dark chocolate (95% or more cocoa). But the sweets you must eat after the main meal when You are full.

Otherwise it will turn into an eternal delicacy and the figure will lose their beautiful shape. This is a common mistake of all sweets.

“As nutritionists refer to coffee and how much of it you can drink a healthy person that is not a health problems? Marina”.

Marina, nutritionists advise women not more than 3 men – no more than 5 cups of coffee a day. Otherwise there may be problems with the heart, blood vessels, nervous system.

“How to take care of your liver — whether prophylactically to take medications or simply to adjust the diet? If Yes, then what to eliminate from the diet? Alexander.

Alexander, You are right, the liver needs attention constantly. Good preventive teas with herbs: Helichrysum, tansy, St. Johns wort, yarrow, chamomile, milk Thistle, peppermint, coriander, leaves currants. From meals it is advisable to remove fatty and fried foods, alcohol and beer, and diet — often, fractional and gradually.

So the liver will stay healthy.

Recall that questions from our readers about tasty and healthy food answered, dietician medical center “Emerita” Olga Perevalova.
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