Dishwasher Candy: Italian quality at Russian prices

Model Candy CDCF 6 and Candy CDP 4609 — the most popular among visitors to E-Katalog dishwasher. These reliable, high-quality and functional units are important for the Russian market advantage — very nice price.

Experts electronic catalog descriptions and prices E-Katalog analyzed the activity of visitors, choosing a dishwasher. Based on these data was compiled the ratings of the most popular brands and models. The most popular manufacturer of dishwashers has become the Italian brand Candy, which garnered 23% of the preferences. This allowed her to get ahead of Bosch, Hansa, Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston and other companies. Production Candy is a leader in TOP-10 popular models: the dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 and Candy CDP 4609 with rates of 15.6 % and 6.3 % took two top positions in the ranking. What these models have gained popularity of people who have decided it is profitable to buy a dishwasher on Try to understand.

Candy CDCF 6

The size of the dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 isn’t much bigger than the average microwave. Dimensions 44 × 55 × 50 cm make it easy to place the device even in a small kitchen. Though compact, this dishwasher is very roomy: for the cycle it is able to wash up to six sets of dishes, spending only 8 l of water. Class wash the model (the maximum).

Due to the presence of six washing programmes, among which intense, rapid and cold water, dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 can be easily adapted to wash any kitchen utensils, considering the type and degree of contamination.

Candy CDCF 6 has a built-in timer that allows you to delay the start of cleaning. If you are irritated by excess noise, use the timer and the unit will wash the dishes in the time when you are not home.

Another advantage of this model is a powerful condensation dryer (drying class — A), quickly removes the remaining moisture from the washed dishes.

Popular online product catalog shows: the minimum price of the dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 in online shops — about 15,9 thousand RUB Yes, this is one of the most affordable models of dishwashers in the domestic market!

Candy CDP 4609

Dishwasher Candy CDP 4609 is intended for outdoor installation. While its width is only 45 cm (the minimal index for dishwashers). This narrow unit will fit even in a small niche.

In one cycle Candy CDP 4609 able to wash 9 sets of dishes. Users who need to save, will delight low rate of water consumption (13 litres per cycle) and high energy class is A+. The dishwasher Candy CDP 4609 classes has a maximum drying (A) wash (A).

The unit has 5 wash programmes and timer delay start. Also the dishwasher Candy CDP 4609 received useful function of protection against children. Locking the appliance door, you’ll protect overly curious child from burns and injuries, and the dishwasher from the possible problems.

Price Candy CDP 4609 in the online stores ranges from 18 to 22 thousand.

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