Dissatisfaction with women: who and what threatens

Angry at the whole world, aggressive and eternally dissatisfied with everything and everyone, what could be worse than unsatisfied women? Only a woman unsatisfied right on all counts: marriage, work, sex, etc.

Female site ToKnow365.top today seed examines the notion of “dissatisfaction with women” and trying to understand what and who the last faces.

Frustration: what it is

Somehow the concept of “frustration” is associated only with sexual overtones. But, you see, the concept is far beyond the intimate life.

Dissatisfaction with the husband, kids, work – the reasons for disappointment every woman can be arbitrarily. Husband has not justified the hopes assigned to him, the children spoilt, the work does not bring moral satisfaction, life is bland and devoid of colors. As a result of deep dissatisfaction with himself, family and all around.

Another thingthat most of the discontent legs women grow out of sexual frustration. After all, satisfied with their intimate life woman, usually cheerful, bouncy and happy (think of it, stupid head/unruly child/not mother-in-law, but as convenient to get to the office/what a wonderful son hearing/what the father-in-law Golden hands), all she got on, argued and done and her marriage is happy and stable.

So, I think, it is proper to proceed with the insidious and ambiguous dissatisfaction of female sexual. And, perhaps, having dealt with her, we have a gun will no longer need to deal with the rest ?


Women sexual frustration…

I’m sure I will not surprise anyone, writing that harmony in family life is largely determined by the richness of sexual life of both spouses.

Take, for example, the average married couple. It may differ enviable well-being and prosperity, well-behaved toddler and adequate relatives (i.e. almost completely eliminated the reason to quarrel), but the husband and wife will constantly complain and arrange a debriefing. And all because of their dissatisfaction with one spouse (and perhaps both) transfers from bed to daily life.

So, let’s be honest ? We women, because of their nature (well, can’t we just remain silent, and our orgasms, unlike men, are not programmed by nature) in this sin more often than men, and just because it’s a female site, then, for the sake of justice we will consider women’s sexual dissatisfaction.

In fact it can become the overriding concern in each of our lives.

Judge for yourself: the woman will receive less or have not received is just what I wanted/what was used/what it deserves from its legitimate partner becomes tense and even aggressive, harsh, grumpy and unhappy with everything around. And there is nothing surprising – as our heroine is understandable! Her body asks, no, demands it, what is needed and what is not getting full sexual discharge.

That is lack thereof makes in her soul to accumulate resentment, aggression and anger (well, how, pray tell, to smile when he happy and satisfied, the next morning after a night of “love” out of tune humming motive really filthy songs and did not even realize that You are angry and pick on him not because You have a grumpy character, or PMS??!!!).

Dissatisfaction with women in sex: what to do?

And yet — what of our lady? To continue to be silent and hope for a “miracle”: man suddenly want to guess, or accidentally tap/Pat/spank THERE and the way SHE needs? Or to collect my things and rush into the arms of more experienced and knowledgeable lover (well, let unloved, but the orgasm with it like the bayonet and on schedule)? Maybe you should sit down, think and try to understand?

After all, if you eliminate impotence and banal unwillingness of the spouse to make love (tired – forgive and make a relaxing massage, just doesn’t want… for the second consecutive month – a kick up the backside and remember the name!), reason her sexual frustration will be not so much. To be precise, one is the usual ignorance of the man her body and desires.

And then it’s time to figure out why the man of our heroine still does not know that he loves his beloved half?

Come to mind by the following reasons:

  • He’s very lazy.
  • He’s selfish.
  • He’s married to insecure/shy/afraid to admit their sexual preference the person.
  • And if the consequences of the first two to understand quite easily

    • we love and know that it’s worth it – to retrain, leading to a specialist, persuading, blackmailing and seeking his still – ?
    • don’t like and, most importantly, understand that he does not like – gain strength and banish him, for spending his precious life on a man unworthy and are tailored to only their needs – it’s bad and not appropriate for a Beautiful, Happy and Successful!).

    … with the consequences of a third (the most terrible and criminal, according to sympaty.net!), coping will be Oh so easy!

    After all, as experience shows (read the article: “what women are silent in bed”), many of the women prefer to remain silent about their desires (only I hadn’t left, if only the person was good, everything else will follow) and unrealized sexual fantasies.

    But we still do not cease to hope that among our readers there are girls conscious and dreaming of a full sexual satisfaction and harmony in the family.

    Can advise you ToKnow365.top:

  • Talk with your partner – before, during, and after sex doesn’t matter. It is important not to remain silent (remember the saying: “silence gives consent”? So men perceive it literally!). Because at this stage can solve all your intimate problems! Maybe he didn’t know that you like to be on top, and the missionary has become boring you ad nauseam? Maybe he never thought that after the birth of your erogenous zones has shifted by exactly 90 degrees? You are silent about it !
  • Show me what you like and what not. If he touches your breast, and you want to feel the touch in a different place – tell him about it directly! Believe me, no man has not read a single female thoughts, and your reaction can be so ambiguous that you can read it right couldn’t and most skilled physiognomist, well, or organizmami ?
  • Don’t be fooled by it. The simulation of orgasm’s never made anyone happy.
  • Don’t be afraid to be misunderstood. Only a fool will not understand, only a fool would condemn. But such instances you do not need, right?
  • Love him and his orgasms. Even if they don’t lead to your/are not accompanied by your don’t need to be mad at a man just because he is a man ? and be satisfied, not applying to this special effort.
  • Do not reproach him, do not make scandals from scratch. Believe me, he really has no idea that you are bad in bed if you are silent after moan in time! And patience had not rubber, and may burst.
  • Understand yourself. Why you can’t reach orgasm (especially if libido and erogenous zones all right)? Maybe the man is nothing, maybe you need to consult a specialist (psychologist, sexologist, etc.) or a thorough General cleaning of the brain and baiting of cockroaches in the head?
  • Well, with the main theoretical dissatisfaction over women (at least within this opus).

    What do we have?

    Sad but true – largely in their sexual frustration is to blame women themselves (silent, lying, shy, afraid of offending, choosing the wrong men, etc.).

    Who suffers?

    Suffer everything from women, to men, relatives and neighbors.

    How to be?

    Love yourself, respect your man, believe in my happy future and satisfied to do all of the above, in order to realize the dream of a happy and “rich” life now.


    If you have any dissatisfaction, then you can adopt the tips sympaty.net (not a favorite and not bringing joy work – either to change it or change yourself, and then — by analogy ? ).

    Always yours, Beautiful, Satisfied and Successful.

    Author – Yulia Maximenko, website www.sympaty.net – Beautiful and Successful


    Dissatisfaction with women: who and what threatens

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